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Hadronox Infinite Druid [80% Win Rate]

  • Last updated Dec 23, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Taunt Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 9140
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/20/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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The deck is based on ramping and crushing enemies with board full of taunt and deathrattle minions thanks to Astral Tiger, Hadronox and N'Zoth, the Corruptor. It has around 80% winrate in Rank 10 and above and around  65% win rate in ranks below Rank 10.

This deck is great against large board clear Classes such as Warlock or Priest.

Card Changes:
1x Plated Beetle and 1x Greedy Sprite -> 2x Plated Beetle or 2x Greedy Sprite

You can also change Plated Beetle and Greedy Sprite for Dirty Rat. Then consider using them with Master Oakheart as the recruited 2 attack minion

Crypt Lord -> Ironwood Golem  <- Not recommended!
or keeping Crypt Lord and changing Druid of the Claw  to Ironwood Golem 

Nourish -> Lunar Visions
It can be good for the extra minion discounts

The Lich King -> Master Oakheart
The Lich King is in this deck because of its taunt, does synergyses very well with Hadronox
If you use Master Oakheart, also consider using Ironwood Golem and 2x Plated Beetle

The Lich King or Spreading Plague -> Cairne Bloodhoof for the deathrattle

General card discusions:
Plated Beetle - The main use for this card is to upgrade Lesser Jasper Spellstone or gain aditional armor

Crypt Lord - A nice card against aggro cards: Patches the PirateSouthsea DeckhandFire Fly...

Druid of the Claw - Main use of this card besides the taunt is the 4/4 charge which can be helpful in some situations

Carnivorous Cube - The Dream of this deck is to play Hadronox and then killing it the very next turn with Carnivorous Cube and summoning 6 taunt minions! The seventh being Carnivorous Cube with a deathrattle "Summon 2x Hadronox"

Lesser Jasper SpellstonePlated BeetleCrypt LordOaken Summons

Wild Growth, Crypt Lord,Tar CreeperOaken Summons

Wild GrowthGreedy SpriteAstral TigerMalfurion the Pestilent

If its an mirror archetype matchup, the winrate is almost always gona be around 50%
Mostly depends on what archetype of druid your up against
Against a Jade Druid try playing with turn 3 Crypt Lord and buffing it the next with either Astral Tiger or Oaken Summons

Against a Hunter your main objective is to flood the board with taunts so mana ramp isn't such a bad idea. A good card that can save you in the early game is Plated Beetle for the additional armor and or an upgraded Lesser Jasper Spellstone or Greedy Sprite and Wild Growth for ramping mana. Against a pure face Hunter you need to focus on early low mana cost taunts e.g Crypt Lord and Tar Creeper so you can save either for a better recruit card or Hadronox or N'Zoth, the Corruptor

You won't have problems with any mage archetype except Quest Mage and the spell Polymorph
Recruit Druid is very very slow in ramping(Like a parabola) so when a Quest Mage completes his quest..You are pretty much screwd..
Try controling the board, in which case the mage will have to spend his core abilities of control e.g Secrets, Water ElementalFirelands Portal...

The main concerne with this deck is the early stages of a game with nothing much apart from Plated Beetle or Oaken Summons mabey, so aggro paladin shines untile you hit the 8 or more Mana mark. That's when you start to shine!
The best way to counter this class is to ramp as much armor and mana, for the sustain so you can kill of your taunts to resumon them. Keep as much presence of Grizzled Guardian since it can have a dramatic effect on your board presence

This deck is a beauty against Priest, any kind of priest can concede before the muligan is eveon over... His KEY cards of board clear like Dragonfire Potion and Holy Nova don't simply work.. Cause if you clear a board full of taunts, thew next turn you wil fill them right back up cause of Grizled GuardianHadronox in some cases, Carnivorous Cube...
Shadowreaper Anduin doesent even work, like honestly. The only thing that it can kill is N'Zoth, the Corruptor and The Lich King nothing more..
The only thing that can harm you is silence but if you play it right you can still win it no problem

The only rogue archetypes i played against were a rush kingsbane rogue and mill rogue. And let me tel ya! They can't do anything against a board full of taunts except maybe Vanish but you will still have a somewhat half full board of taunts or deathrattles. Mill rogue won't be able to mill you obviusly cause of Astral Tiger, and if you need more of them you have N'Zoth, the Corruptor to keep you company

Don't go there. Evolve can be a pain in the gut sometimes, and when you are by some miracle ahead the shamas says "oh let me just Devolve you" and you basicly lost the game cause you wont have any deathrattles or taunts that died...

It's just an easy win basically.
He doesen't have any of the key cards of board clear to use like Cataclysm or DOOM! so he can't sudenly be ahead of you.
And if your opponent even by some miracle summons a full board of strong demons with Bloodreaver Gul'dan you are still gona win cause the demons need to hit your face first to have any effect.

The other thing that this deck sometimes strugles with is buffed minions, for instance Pirate Warrior. Very hard to beat cause by 7 Mana you will be well below 30HP.
The one card i could think of that could help in this situation against a Pirate Warrior is Crypt Lord to protect you from a late Patches the Pirate or some other aggro card.
Dead Man's Hand Warrior, can't mill you obviously cause of Astral Tiger

Thank you!