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    posted a message on First time legend with Handbuff Paladin
    Quote from yepapapepeap >>

    playing tier 1 decks and getting legend is not impressive 

     When people make comments like this it makes me think you're the type of person who sends friend requests just to tell them that you wish their mother dies of cancer.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Log in to play the first games of the season, and I queue into 5 paladins and 1 priest who ropes literally every turn from turn 4 onward. I alt + f4'd the moment I saw the 5th paladin.

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    posted a message on Duplicate protection is bugged

    I don't think duplicate protection works on commons, does it?

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    posted a message on Cards in urgent need of a nerf
    Quote from fabjx71>>


    Refreshing Spring Water

    I guess this one doesn't need any explanation. Mage has at the moment the highest draw potential ever. THEY DON'T NEED THIS OP CARD

    Are you saying mage has the best draw of all the classes right now or that mages draw now is the best it's ever been? On both accounts you're wrong, druid, DH, warlock and even warrior can burn through their decks very quickly right now. And mages draw was at its best when they had Aluneth.



    In this new setting, this card is WAAAAAAY too busted.

     What? Avenge is not what makes secret paladin good right now, it's certainly a very good for a paladin secret but not in desperate need of a nerf.


    For me the strongest/most oppressive cards right now are:

    Deck of Lunacy this became way to consistent after the rotation and core set and meme card that become top tier are often sent to the chopping blocks.

    Tickatus Another meme card that has made its way into an incredibly powerful deck, Warlock already has the best control tools right now, so throwing tickatus in there as well just blows every other control deck away. Also pretty terrible to play against since there's no real counter to it.

    Pen Flinger So much damage/value from this 1 card.

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    posted a message on Developer Interview - Battlegrounds, No 10 Gold For 3 Wins, Next Patch & More

    What are you on about? 

    Nomi is not very good, you need him very, very, very early and certainly a 2nd one to actually close out lobbies. Rag is slightly better, but again you'll likely need a couple of them and rag is NOT an elemental exclusive, in fact it's better to have some menagerie units with him, hydra, foe reaper, deflect-o ect.

    Pirates have arguably the best and quickest scaling in the game, when they hit, but they are the hardest to hit since you ideally need 4 hoggers to pull it off. The scallywag/eliza build is a bit of a meme but can do work and has considerably stats when it goes off properly.

    Dragons, they are undeniably the best tribe in the game right now, you have excellent scaling with kaly and you get a board of divine shields thanks to nadina, which no other tribe can get.

    Murlocs, poisons give them infinite attack and there's seer and bagurgyl that give HP scaling to the entire board, obviously you want brann with murlocs for very high scaling.

    Beast/mech/demons are probably worse than elementals for late game scaling since they all have lower ceilings, but elementals are a long way from being op.

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    posted a message on Is control dying? Serious question...

    I feel like aggro decks right now are too good, they've become so efficient across the board and the anti-aggro tools have not kept up with the power creeps, so it can be really tough to handle the insane early board states or the utterly ridiculous amount of burn the soul fragment DH deck can put out.

    I think that Blade Dance is a really broken card right now, it makes it so hard to get a decent board when DH's can easily deal 8+ damage to 3 minions and also push the same damage to face. 

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    posted a message on Is control dying? Serious question...
    Quote from Poghy >>

    I have climbed to legend with this deck:


    Clown druid is not control, there's nothing even remotely "controlling" about the archetype, it's more of a combo deck. For the most part you just ignore what your opponent does so you can ramp/draw into your clown then get a board state that they cannot interact with.

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    posted a message on XP per Game/Length/Winn/Loss/Concede/
    Quote from Dinosaur69X >>

    i tested solo adventures and u get 60exp for 30min so 120exp per hour its low compared with ladder but u can do it afk

     Did you afk for 30mins then finish the fight and got the exp? If so maybe you can leave it afk over night and collect 8 hours of exp at once, could be a reasonable way to lazily farm exp.

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    posted a message on Does Chef Nomi buff ALL Elementals

    For future reference when something says "in bob's tavern" it only applies to the minions bob is selling, your minions are not part of his tavern.

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    posted a message on Pen Flinger Shadowstep Bug

    Not sure about your specific example you mentioned, but there are times when the pen flinger loses the spell burst icon but the effect will still trigger, as in it's just a visual bug. 

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    posted a message on So the Bullies of this season are Druid, mage, and Paladin?
    Quote from Murl0c_Slayer >>

     Do you have any blue print for good deck?

    I add some single target removals for pala and super board clears for druids with any deck i create works like magic but then i queue against warriors all times and lose.

     If you look at his account he recently posted a generic pre-SA gala rogue, I'm guessing that was the deck he 'created' that nobody else was good enough to.

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    posted a message on So the Bullies of this season are Druid, mage, and Paladin?

    Druid is doing some very broken things, the pure paladins are just solid right now, but far from being nerf worthy or "bullying" people. 

    Mage though? I've tried to make otk mage a lot and it feels terrible, it's too slow and you can't really build it any faster because there's limited draw. Maybe you're talking about some tempo mage deck with mana giants? Those decks do seem better than any otk mages but still mediocre at best.

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    posted a message on Your favorite game of all time?

    Starting from when I first fell in love with a game:


    Need for Speed Most Wanted

    Guild Wars 1

    Path of Exile

    Nier Automata


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    posted a message on What do you hope the new game mode will be??

    I know it won't be, but turbo mode - no animations and 20 sec per turn.

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