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    I was spinning around ideas what the EVIL guys could do. What do you think about this idea? It is basically both revealing you up to 3 cards from your opponent's hand and also potentially giving you a card. Should I select some other character since Lazul may get a real reveal some time soon or does it make the card even more interesting?

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    I'm going to try something different and give my personal review of the finalist cards this week. I haven't done this before so sorry if I am too harsh or too soft on some cards. Overall I am positively surprised how different designs people managed to create this week!

    Romeo & Juliet by biggerbossman

    I think this is quite a neat design although in a real game this would never work. But let's imagine a shenanigan in which they exist. Basically, to pull this out, the rogue needs to be facing a priest. But if a priest faces a rogue running Romeo in their deck, they will be able to pull this combo off.  So, there is a nice “if the opponent tries to pull this off, I can pull this off” shenanigan.

    However, it would more balance the effects and create a cool reference to the original story if both effects were Deathrattles such as “If both Romeo and Juliet died this turn, destroy the enemy hero”. Last note; Romulo and Julianne are the Warcraft allusions of Romeo and Juliet. Using those names had tied them better to Warcraft.

    Multishot Huntress & Travelling Cleric by linkblade91

    I like this design and it’s well balanced. However, the idea itself is not too exciting. I think this is one of those obvious card designs someone was guaranteed to make. I'm glad it made it to the finals though!

     Sadistic Succubus & Martyr’s Mace by Wailor

    I like how differently this idea plays between 2 completely different classes. For a warlock, the effect protects from taking damage from you own hero power and other damaging cards while the paladin is protected when attacking a minion.  Very clever! However, the wording could have been tweaked from “heal it instead” to “restore that much Health instead” as with currently existing cards.

     Cryptic Lantern & Wreathed Wisperer by Phoenixfeather

    I really like the flavour of this one. As a Shaman you keep breaking lanterns to release the wisps inside while rogue summons the spirits from dying minions. Balance wise it works as well. Neat!

     Candle Guardian & Soul-consuming Ethereal by whatTheHeck

    This is another card where the design is nice and well balanced, but someone was guaranteed to eventually make this design. It's still a simple but nice design!

     Annoy-o-horn & Annoy-o-warper by n1ckW

    Balance wise this looks ok. However, the idea and the difference between class identities don’t really stand out with this one.

     Underbelly Infiltrator & Violet Hold Infiltrator by Lathy

    I would love to have these cards in game! I think the stats themselves could be upped to 4/4 and 6/6 so that they would potentially turn the effect against the user if they need to swap the cards with an useless enemy minion.  This is one of the designs that got my vote! 😊

     Pack Hunter & Silver Hand Captain by CaptainDG

    I like the flavour in this one! The card names fit the card mechanic well too. However, since it’s not the battlecry, gaining +1 health whenever a 1/1 minion is summoned could cause some balancing problems especially with the Silver Hand Captain and I would have increased the mana cost by 1.

     Sir Annoy-o’s Hooter & Helpless Fledgeling by Kovachut

    This is my favourite card of the week! I love how differently this effect fits 2 completely different classes and how it’s perfectly tied with the cards. This one got my vote.

     Quest Completed! & Guild Treasure Room by Spearminty

    It’s smart that the coins are added to the hand at the end of the turn, preventing potentially infinite loops with Quest Completed! I am not too sure how Echo fits to the Guild Treasure Room but the flavour of it is neat and the card itself is well balanced!

     Novice Oracle & Daring Scout by MysterEase

    I think the flavor and the artwork work well with both these cards. Priest’s oracle can vision the card while rogue’s scout will spy it. Neat!

     Mind Numb & Snow Shaping by Screwjank

    Well balanced. Effect fits well both mage and shaman. I don’t have much to say about this card other than that it’s a very COOL design. 😊


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    For a mage, offers powerful spells in form of a minion but the opponent can react to it and trigger the Deathrattle on their turn. Weak to bounce, silence and transform effects.

    Rogue one offers weaker spells but the opponent is more forced to play around the spell unless they have an access to a weapon removal.

    Edit: improved the artwork. Added the italic font.


    Sword of Zeal is a vanilla world drop that has a chance to grant its owner a burst of energy upon hitting an enemy.

    Ethereal Spellfilchers are infiltrators in Karazhan attempting to steal ancient knowledge from the old books. In combat, they have an ability called Spell Steal.

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    I was spinning around some ideas and was wondering if you guys think this idea is interesting enough to use. Basically for a priest this is a premium Injured Blademaster with a taunt but for a warlock, it is more interesting. Warlock will need to summon the demon on the board some specific ways to not trigger its battlecry or buff it in their hand before playing it. Do you think this idea is interesting enough or is it just another boring self damage trick?

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    Flavor Text: Many have heard tales of these heroes yet few have actually seen them. It's not easy being a gnome.

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    What do you guys think about this idea? Idea is that you use the legendary rogue dagger to recruit the king minion to your opponent and then slay it immediately. From the balancing perceptive I think that 4 or 5 is a fair cost considering you can technically keep summoning opponent's minions to be slaughtered without attacking with the dagger. But what do you think? :D

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    Flavor Text: It's now or nether.

    Note the spelling; the spell works like Forked Lightning and Multi-Shot . It will require that 6 minions actually exists on the battleground to become a valid spell unlike Greater Onyx Spellstone (which says up to 3) . This will balance the cost of spell and make it a very hard to use removal that can easily become a dead card in hand. The spell destroys any minions so it can be comboed with friendly cards like Possessed Lackey .

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    Flavor text: Before the rotation, this potion was known as Standardfire Potion.

    Remember that like with Blast Wave , the overkill effect can trigger from multiple minions at once meaning the potion and the explosion can generate several new explosions into the deck causing potentially wild and uncontrollable chain reactions.


    Potion of WIldfire is a volatile bottle of fire used in Of Their Own Design Quest. It is obtained from a Forsaken Herbalist and used to set the corpse of Bathran on fire.

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    A big issue with constructed game is that if you have maxed all the classes and you have done the dailies, losing the match means you wasted the entire match and the time spent for it to LOSE a star. This means you would have done better if you never started that match at all. For me this is a big reason I prefer arena over constructed these days and hope it would be addressed some way. 

    In addition, two quality of life features I wish are a possibility to rearrange the order of our decks and an option to randomize the card back you have in every game (this feature was mentioned over a year ago)

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    Flavor Text: You must be desperate if you hope a winged goblin will solve your love issues.

    Most of the time draws you a single card only but can do wonders when combined with cards like Pogo-Hopper and Lab Recruiter . Also a powerful arena card.

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    Was wondering would my valentine fitting entry count since it draws specific cards and therefore the number may vary?  Asking since all the example cards draw any kind of cards and are not tied to any specific types.

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    Flavor Text: They come to smash our kegs and then they throw us free brews.


    Coren Direbrew is a Dark Iron dwarf infamous for attacking the denizens of Azeroth during the ale-swilling festival Brewfest. Sending his Dark Iron troops to the surface in mole machines, it's never long before adventurers form a party to tackle Coren head-on, and take the fight to him in his lair in Blackrock Depths.

    When facing Coren Direbrew in combat, dark brewmaiden NPC tosses the players with the brew that causes them to disorient if not drank in time. This is what the item says while in your hand:

    " Drink this before the Brewmaiden throws you another.
    A Dark Brewmaiden has thrown you a mug of Dark Iron Ale. If you don't drink it she will clobber you with another mug, stunning you for 6 sec. "

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    Cycle both Forgotten Torches to draw the bigger ones and to delay fatigue. 2 x Roaring Torch + 1 x Frostbolt + 2 x Ice Lance is total of 23 damage. If you eventually poke the opponent to <=21 health, they will be forced to use Amara to survive your burst, especially if they are taking fatigue damage. Followup Alexstrasza will then secure your victory. :)

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    I swapped Cosmic Anomaly for Alexstrasza and been single handedly winning every match it with. With a priest you wanna hold on with Alex until they play their Amara, Warden of Hope and then finish them off with the fatigue and spell burst turn.

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    I love the idea behind Little Flower Shop. It's adorable, it self explains its idea and it would likely see play too.

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