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    Carnival of Carnage

    The adventure goes through the pve team quest arenas located in world of warcraft. These include Thunderdrome in Tanaris, Ring of Blood in Nagrand, Amphitheater of Anguish in Zul'drak and Crucible of Carnage in Twilight Highlands. Similar way to League of Explorers, not all the bosses encountered are going to be exactly the same ones as in the quests, they will include iconic zone bosses from the area such as Doctor Weavil in Tanaris, Durn the Hungerer in Nagrand, Thrym in Zul'drak and many others!

    The host in the tournament is a charming goblin female, Ellie Tinker and every now and then the big boss Hoswix Snoweye himself will pop up to congratulate you (or to mock you for your failures). After completing the four arenas, player will be invited into the grand finals located in the Pleasure Palace of Trade Prince Gallywix and there they will face the hardest bosses of their lifetime and finally the grand Blackfuse company annihilator boss that is rumoured to be indestructible.

    As you can expect, taking down the indestructible doomsday robot is NOT what was planned to happen since that would mean they need to acually reward the winner! Nobody has ever succeeded in that before so it is clear the player must have cheated! Therefore the plans change and the final boss is the big boss Hoswix himself!

    The boss fight:

    Phase 1 Hero Power:

    Hoswix' deck is full of big, sturdy minions like Blackfuse Bodyguards and Hoswix will make sure that opponent stays undertoe the whole match, abusing the spells and bombs that he inheritet from the deceased Siegecrafter Helix Blackfuse. Phase 1 lasts until player has managed to get rid of Hoswix' armor. After that Hoswix will yell he quits, ending players turn. Of course it was just a trap and Hoswix will deciminate all minions from opponent's side and swap his hero power, unleashing what remains from the heart of Y'shaarj:

    Phase 2 Hero Power:

    After that the fight become a tactical climax where player must use alternative sources to draw cards. In the normal version Ellie (the host) will join the fight and grant the player alternative card draw mechanics until after few turns Hoswix throws Ellie into the battle as well to fight and draw cards for himself.


    The adventure does not have a new mechanic such as Discover. Instead it promotes the mechanics that require killing minions on the board, fitting into the arena theme. The current examples of similar cards are for example Flesheating Ghoul and Cult Master. The cards below will give a brief taste what kind of minions and spells to expect:

    Example Cards:


    I cannot wait to show you what secrets and twists lie within the adventure! Do you think the recipe for the victory is being powerful, tactical, cunning... or just good looking? Whatever is the way you decide to go, Ellie has some final words for you!

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    Flavor Text: Why did Lei Shen's boat sink? It was overloaded!


    Hey everyone! It's a new season and I am back again. :)

    Gonna introduce a twist that uses Overload mechanism and shapes the game unlike any card before.

    Playing Lei Shen requires an absolutely new kind of a control shaman deck that uses cards that have higher Overload, than the mana cost itself. The curretly existing cards are Dust Devil, Forked Lightning and Elemental Destruction. In addition Far Sight benefits Lei Shen as well. The pros of Lei Shen are an absolutely mana dominance in the late game but the cons are that playing Lei Shen requires at least 3 card combo and in addition the following turn you will have all (or all except 1) mana crystals Overloaded. I would be super excited to see an extreme mechanic like this in the game! :)

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    Golden adventure cards can be only obtained by crafting them. Completing heroic mode does not award any of them.

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    Handlock lost Antique Healbot when GvG cycled out and WotG didn't really bring up any efficient healing minions. In addition Molten Giant, which was one of the key minions in the deck, was nerfed unplayable. The "modern" version is the reno lock but the old school one was buried along the molten giant. As a player who got 500 ranked wins as a handlock, I tried to get it to work in wotg but the loss of the key cards hit it just too hard. :/

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    Quote from Blizzard

    Not sure if it can Freeze a Frozen target twice, would also make a big difference.
    probably can. It's sad. I wish it froze an Unfrozen enemy.
    It will not try to freeze a frozen character, FYI.


    I think this clarification makes the card way more interesting and effective. You can shut down your opponent's whole board with it.

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    iPad Hearthstone uses app store and app store uses the payment option set for it. Therefore it will use the payment option your brother has set for himself and the credit on it.

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    Interesting and versative alternative to Mage's Frost Nova. The spell swarms your opponent's board with Ravens that possibly prevent the opponent from playing any minion in the following turn. Cons are that you must clear your opponent's board to gain value with the spell. In addition the spell is vulnerable against such spells as Savage Roar and Bloodlust. Also opponent may gain superior beast synergy with cards like Timber Wolf, Houndmaster, Ram Wrangler or Druid of the Fang. Still potentially far more interesting and potential spell than Frost Nova or Blizzard and can provides great comboes with cards like Flesheating Ghoul, Mind Control Tech or Sea Giant!

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    I love how versative card Captain Blackbeard is and how it synergies with several cards, not only with Captain's Parrot. For example if Rogue comboed Blackbeard with Gang Up, they could play the pirate on its own and still secure Captain's Parrot draws him (or them) later with the buff. (With Shadowstep, parrot could even draw several Ganged Up Captains). Interesting! :)

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    Flavor Text: Everyone like presents. Unless they are from a rogue.


    A very versative spell which suits every currently existing rogue deck.

    Allows you to draw 2 cards for 1 less mana than Arcane Intellect but you have to use them the same turn or your opponent gains them. Are you willing to take the risk opponent gains your end game minion or do you build a low mana cost deck that always benefits from the effect?

    On the other hand the spell benefits a mill rogue even if you don't use the cards you drew. In addition cards like Blade Flurry and Deadly Poison would be dead cards for most opponents although these too might turn against you.

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    Quote from nurgling13 >>

    Also, I'm not sure I understand Hasty Ogre. It seems like the effect is a pure downside, but it's only a 4 mana 4/4? When the effects triggers, does it get played for 4 mana, or the mana cost of the spell you just cast?

     Hey, let me clarify the effect here. If you play a 1 mana card and the effect triggers, Hasty Ogre will jump in for the 1 mana and the card you wanted to play will remain in your hand. Hasty Ogre has a chance to replace any card you wanted to play and if it does, it will be played in for the mana cost of the card you intended to play. 4 mana cost in the card itself is paid if you play the Hasty Ogre itself on the board without caring about the effect.
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    Quote from aaro54 >>
    Quote from aaro54 >>

    Here's my current draft for the card.

    Sorry for the potato quality image. I wanted a card that the players bounce back and forth until one of them fumbles and fails to throw it (or chooses not to when it would be for the players benefit). if played when your opponent is ahead on the board, they may be forced to use the mana to get rid of this or have a minion take damage, and if they do play it, you can throw it back or not play it to have the effect trigger. It's a bit wordy right now but I'm not sure how to make the wording shorter.

    Does anyone know where I could find better art for this?

     I don't think anyone has reviewed this yet. I might change it to 1 mana so you can play it on turn 1. And I still need better art for this, but I can't find any. 
     I think 2 mana is fine. You could use this site to find the better artwork for the bomb: https://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/contests/2014/hearthstone/?offset=72. I found several good bomb artworks just by scrolling few lines there. Think you will find the artwork you are looking for from there! :)
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    Hey guys! Plumber Class and Luigi have returned! Mamma Mia what a week it has been. Wait till you see what we got for you today! The class is:


    and the hero is the one and only; LUIGI!

    Hero and Hero Power:

    The token card created by the hero power:

    Summary of the class:

    Plumber is an enchanter class focusing on creating several smaller minions on the board and avoiding to take direct damage itself. The class introduces a new keyword Boost that is triggered when targeted by a Power-Up tribe spell, creating a significant impact on the board.

    The basic set from Phase II:

    Basic Cards

    The token created by Mystery Box if you have no Power-Up spells left in your deck to draw:

    Mystery Box functions as Sense Demons but provides you Power-Up cards instead. This is a keycard to the class that relies heavily on having buff cards ready to use.

    Lakitu is a Basic Set minion that provides both players a Power-Up card. The Power-Up card will be more valuable to you though because it will be used to trigger the Boost effect your future minions will have. Therefore Lakitu gives both players equally something but you are more equal than the opponent!

    Baby Yoshi is the cute little fella who shows the way Power-Up cards aid your class without even having to cast them. Just wait till you see what a grown up Yoshi will do!

    Remaining Basic set:

     The Tokens created by Goomba Squad and Royal Goomba:

     Example Cards for Classic set:

    The token created by Goomba:

     Monstrous Piranha Plant:

    Explanation for Example Cards:

    Super Star: The mighty Power-Up which can be cast even to the hero. Works similar to Bestial Wrath except it is not limited to a specific minion type. Very devastation when used on some stronger Boost minion such as Magikoopa or Kamek.

    Goomba: The basic Boost minion that can fast swarm the board if left alive. Imagine the scenario where you play the Goomba on turn 2 and turn 3 you hero power and cast the 1-Up Mushroom to Goomba. Result is a 3/3 and a 2/2 for 5 mana! Unlike most 2-drops, this minions works even in the late game if your hand is full of Power-Up cards!

    Piranha Plant: This is a big Boost minion that unleashes the full use of a Boost effect. When a Power-Up is cast on this minion, it transforms into a monstrous version that is angry, deadly, savage and full of power. Also the transform effect resets the health and any spells or battlecries cast on this minion. (Yes, even the boost spell)

    Yoshi: The iconic dinosaur from the Mario world shows the other way to use the Power-Up cards besides the Boost effect. Yoshi can become devastating if the opponent has no way to deal small amount of damage and get you to discard your Power-Up cards. On the other hand Arcane Missiles kind spells will destroy Yoshi, cause you to discard your hand and then make Yoshi vulnerable against nearby anything! Big risk, big reward minion! :)

    Kamek: The big Magikoopa boss is the class legendary of the Plumber class. Where a normal Magikoopa (see below in the remaining cards of the classic set) casts the copy of the effect only on a single minion, Kamek buffs your entire board with the effect. Imagine giving a +1/+1 buff to a single minion for 1 mana. Fair deal. But then imagine giving the +1/+1 buff to every friendly minion for 1 mana? Now that's the game! Kamek is slower than any other Classic legendary, but the idea is similar to Archmage Antonidas that when used on turn 8-10 and combined with a bunch of spells, he will be the game finisher. (Do note that the copy of a spell does NOT trigger any Boost effects, because the effect requires that spell itself, not the copy, is cast on the minion. Therefore Kamek will not create an endless loop of Boost effects if on the board with another Kamek. That would be too crazy! :D)


    Remaining Classic Set:

    Explanation for the rest of the Classic set:

     Nabbit: The Plumber Class version of Mana Wyrm rewards you for keeping a spell card in your opening hand.

    Life Mushroom: The card works just the way Life Mushroom works in the Mario games. It heals you and gives you a short time time buff. The Health buff for the rest of the turn basically allows you to take 3 more damage that turn for free on the minion. You have seen how a temporary health increase effect works for example when used with a card like Stormwind Champion.

    Monty Mole: Funny little mole that secures its way on the battlefield. The main issue of Plumber class is that the minions are slightly underpowered the turn they are played in. Monty Mole is one of the minions that avoids the issue and secures you the way to get a minion on the board for the beginning of your turn.

    Firebug:  A mini version of Grim Patron. Plumber class will not have a permanent way to Stealth a minion so therefore Firebug is super vulnerable on the first turn. On the other hand if managed to kept alive, it starts to spread exponentally and can possess a threat. Especially when one of the Firebugs is buffed with Power-Ups to keep itself alive longer.

    Magikoopa: One of the key minions of the class. Magikoopa's Boost effect is like reserved Djinni of Zephyrs. It gives your Power-Up cards way bigger impact than they would have on their own. Magikoopa is practically like Azure Drake for Rogue and Mage. A must have minion.

    Toad:  Useful minion to have both a body on the battlefield and later a power-up card to buff a minion. 2 at once!

    Shy Guy: This is most likely the cutest thing I've ever created. Shy Guy is too shy and cannot fight on the board alone. If there is nobody with him, he hides in the shadows until someone comes to assist him! Poor fella :(

    Thwomp: Pit Lord of Plumber class. A big 4 mana drop that works the best when played on an empty board. Otherwise there is a chance some Shy Guys or Toads might get crushed! Oh my!

    Mega Mole: Big brother of Monty Mole. Bigger, badder and very dangerous since it will secure its way on the board and cannot be killed by anyone else except Ragnaros the Firelord before your turn starts.

    Power Horn: The biggest removal plumber class is going to have. If opponent has 1 minion, it is simply deal 1 damage to 1 minion. If 2, deal 2 damage to 2 and so on. On average opponent needs to have at least 4 minions to make it useful. And 4 minions on board is technically what Blizzard considers as overboarding so therefor this spell punishes recklessness like that! :)


    Also here is the link to the complete album on Imgur:



    Hope you enjoyed our show today! What next? What could Plumber possibly face in the undead necropolis? Anyone remember Luigi's Mansion? I believe the gang of Boos and the terrifying Dry Bones are waiting just around the corner! What? You wanna have a taste of the incoming GvG? Oh boy, if you thought Boost-Ups could only buff your minions, here's a twist; they can buff enemy minions with Boost as well. We haven't seen any Bob-omps in action yet have we? I believe an explosion surprise will be waiting for you! And about the Blackrock Mountain... I believe it's finally time to meet the mighty king koopa that puts any dragon beneath his shadow. He has been waiting for this whoooooole time. And he does not like waiting... You know who am I talking about, don't you? ;)

    Until the next time! Mamma Mia!

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    Since it's almost the anniversary of my first weekly design competition, I'm rebooting my favourite submission, which fits perfectly into this week's theme.

    Hasty Ogre works like Misty's Psyduck in Pokemon. When you play a card, there's a chance this ogre "jumps" on the way and gets played instead, pushing the card you wanted to play back into your hand. It's awesome if he replaces a low mana cost minion in the early game but in the late game his interfering might cost you the game. Just like Psyduck did to Misty in Pokemon! :D

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    It warms my heart to see my entry lost with one vote to Holy Cow, a joke pun card, which advanced to the final. :)

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    Muster is ok the way it is. You equip Light's Justice for 1 mana and summon three 1/1's for 2 mana. I think the devil card is Knife Juggler. In my opinion Knife Juggler should be 2 mana 2/2 since the damage he provides is far greater than what other 2 mana 3/2's or 2/3's provide.

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