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    If the second Choose One option is chosen:

    The legendary king of Gilneas is maybe the best choice as a Choose One minion outside the Druid class. When the damage option is chosen, Greymane remains in his human form, using his gun as a weaponand enters the battlefield as a slightly weaker Fire Elemental. But because Rogue has an access to cards like Shadowstep, they benefit from the effect more than Shamans and can reuse it several times. Actually with a legendary like this Anub'ar Ambusher could actually become useful in a Rogue deck.

    In case the second option is chosen, Greymane transforms into his Worgen form and works as a legendary 6 mana version of Worgen Infiltrator and can be used as a powerful finisher. The interesting note is that as long as he remains in his human form, he can reuse the choose one ability if returned back into the hand. But if the worgen form Greymane is returned to the hand, he stays in the worgen form forever, fitting greatly into his lore of how he avoids letting go to his anger or his worgen form might consume his heart. Hope you enjoy! :)



    Lord Genn Greymane is the king of the nation and kingdom of Gilneas. He is a brawny warrior who must be in his seventies, and has ruled Gilneas for decades.

    Time and again, King Genn Greymane has been forced to make difficult decisions to sustain Gilneas’s well-being and autonomy. Following the Second War, he ordered the construction of the seemingly impenetrable Greymane Wall to protect his people from outside threats, effectively closing off the nation from the world and its petty conflicts. For years the wall did as intended, but when the worgen curse spread into Gilneas, the enormous barrier began to resemble the gateway to a prison rather than a sanctuary. Now, with Forsaken in nearby Silverpine Forest and the worgen curse poised to destroy everything that Genn and his forebears had labored to build, Gilneas’s proud king must do everything in his power to save his kingdom. Due to his anger over the dire situation, however, Genn’s most arduous trial ahead might be subduing his own fury before it consumes him entirely.

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    Good luck on round three everyone! And a huge thanks for everyone who voted me here too! :)

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    After a long-ass week, your favourite Plumber has returned!





    As a quick recap of the class:

    Plumber is an enchanter class focusing on creating several smaller minions on the board and avoiding to take direct damage itself. The class introduces a new keyword Boost that is triggered when targeted by a Power-Up tribe spell. (Using the Power-Up at this point the competition was okay because the Power-Up is the tribe of the spell, not a keyword. Compare it to how Hero Power also has a special "tribe" bold in its explanation.)

    Basic Cards

    The token created by Mystery Box if you have no Power-Up spells left in your deck to draw:

    Mystery Box functions as Sense Demons but provides you Power-Up cards instead. This is a keycard to the class that relies heavily on having buff cards ready to use.

    Lakitu is a Basic Set minion that provides both players a Power-Up card. The Power-Up card will be more valuable to you though because it will be used to trigger the Boost effect your future minions will have. Therefore Lakitu gives both players equally something but you are more equal than the opponent!

    Baby Yoshi is the cute little fella who shows the way Power-Up cards aid your class without even having to cast them. Just wait till you see what a grown up Yoshi will do!

    Remaining Basic set:

     The Tokens created by Goomba Squad and Royal Goomba:


    Mamma Mia! Cheers! :)

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    Quote from theDeivore >>

    Hey all, just submitted my entry:

    This seemed kind of hard to evaluate without actually playtesting with it. Do you guys think this needs to be s 2/4, or a 5 mana 3/5?

     I would increase the mana cost to 5 for 3/5 stats. As a 4-mana drop the stats should be as low as 4/3 or 3/3. The main issue is the card can be abused to activate Sylvanas Windrunner's or Sneed's Old Shredder's Deathrattles without even needing to play them. Compare it to Feign Death or Reincarnate, which do almost the same effect, while the minion is on the board, for 2-mana.
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     Flavor Text: They hear voices in their head. They whisper mrglglrglglglglrglglgl!

    Since Paladin and Shaman  got their own class Murlocs, it is time for Warlock, which is the original Murloc class, to have their own as well.

    Blindlight Psychic can be used to provide Murlocs to the Warlock with Dark Peddler, Jeweled Scarab or [card] Sir Finley Mrrgglton[/card]. This also opens up the possibility that the card could be used outside the Murloc decks aswell to boost the small Discover effects that would no longer benefit you at that part of the game.

    Interesting part is that Blindlight Psychic affects BOTH players and therefore it can also screw your opponent's important Discover plays, because instead of drawing something useful with Raven Idol, Jeweled Scarab, Ethereal Conjurer or other Discover cards, they are forced to select only murlocs and playing them in will likely benefit your board even more. :)

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    A question! My Class included 2 keywords; [b]Boost[/b] and [b]Power-Up[/b]. Power-Up is technically just a tribe for a spell to trigger the Boost effect in the future, but it had to be formatted as a keyword to make sense. Can I use the keyword/tribe Power-Up for my spells? The whole Class concept is based on it and without it, it's like a mage without spells.

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    A combo created by 2 legendary minions. The combo has a very low chance to happen but when it happens, it would provide 5/5 stat startup for a rogue similar to Thaddius heroic encounter in Naxdramas where Thaddius summons both Feugen and Stalagg on turn one for free. Tempo rogue has for a long time needed a powerful tempo start and this one would finally provide one. Balancewise the combo is actually just slightly more powerful than vanilla Defias Ringleader + The Coin combo. In addition even Mana Wyrm + Arcane Missiles combo would work as a counter.

    For those who are interested about the lore, Romulo and Julianne are the boss duo appearing in the Opera Event encounter in Karazhan. :)

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    Represented by the younger but not any lesser of the two Mario brothers;



    The concept behind the class is that Plumber is an enchanter class that relies on having minions on board ready to protect their hero, representing the scaredy-cat behaviour of Luigi and his attempts to avoid the combat himself. The class playstyle is to have high amount of cards and enchantment spells available when needed, providing usage for cards like Twilight Drake and Mountain Giant. In addition Questing Adventurer, Djinni of Zephyr, Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane would become more viable in constructed as well in the hands of Plumber. In addition trogg cards  Stonesplinter Trogg, Burly Rockjaw Trogg and Troggzor the Earthinator would rise in to the constructed game as Plumber counters.

    The Hero Power itself is very slow but can turn out to be very strong in the late game when you can choose which minion to buff instead of dealing damage or summoning a new minion.

    The new abilities in the Plumber class are Power-Up and Boost. When you target a Boost character with a Power-up, the Boost effect will trigger. In a nutcase the in-game explanation for the effects would be:

    Power-Up: "Triggers a Boost effect when targeted to a character with Boost."

    Boost: "Triggers whenever targeted by a Power-Up effect".

    Do note that when cast on a character without Boost, the Power-Up cards will simply work like normal cards, meaning the 1-Up Mushroom only gives a normal minion +1/+1 without anything more special.

    Example cards:

    Dry Bones is a prime example how the Power-Up cards can work in the practice. When you target Dry Bones with a Power-Up card, for example with 1-Up Mushroom, the Boost effect will trigger and deal 2 damage to a random enemy. This represents the way when powered up, Dry Bones learns how to throw bones and even fly! Some minions in the future might transform into something completely different when targeted by a Power-Up! Beware!

    In addition to 1-Up Mushrooms provided by Hero Power, Plumber has also unique class spells that enchant the characters. Super Star is the well know iconic item from Mario universe. Yet again as mention on top, these Power-Up spells can be cast on characters without Boost as well, providing just the spell effect without triggering any Boost effects. This Super Star spell can be cast upon the Hero as well making Luigi immune for the turn and giving him yet another way to flee from the battle. Yiheee!

    Finally, although Luigi tries to flee from the combat himself, Plumber class HAS weapons, but unlike other weapon classes in Hearthstone, these weapons are slightly less powerful and do not provide similar threat like Warrior or Rogue weapons. Luigi uses them to avoid direct damage or to summon new minions to protect himself. Peach's Umbrella is a prime example how far Luigi is ready to go to avoid getting damaged. Most classes prefer using weapons to take the damage themselves so that their minions would remain unharmed. Well, not Luigi! He is ready to even steal Peach's iconic umbrella and use it to flee from the battle, causing his minions to take the damage instead. Mamma mia, what a hero!


    Hope you liked the concept as much as I do! This was just a brief taste and can't wait to continue it forward and provide the army of Goombas, Boos, Thwomps and other iconic enemies from mario world and evolve the younger Plumber hero forward!

    Thanks for your time! Cheers! :)

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    Battletag: Sinthuja#2137

    Region: EU
    Usual Play Times: Varies, best time after 6.00pm (UTC +2.00)
    Level of Experience: Advanced. Made it to the legend the last month. Aiming into at least rank 5 each season. Got arena result 12-0 once as a Paladin and once as a Rogue.
    Preferred Heroes: Warlock for constructed. Paladin or Rogue for arena.
    I’m Looking For: Friends, chat buddies, duel friends, friends to stalk in arena, students (I enjoy guiding people in arena and helping them with the draft using Skype)
    Tell us something about you: 

    I'm a 23 years old Finnish player who has been playing Hearthstone since it went live. Aiming into rank 5 or higher each month to get a golden epic card reward. Had finally time and motivation to reach legendary the last month (I suffer from ladder anxiety after higher ranks). Prefer arena over constructed. Reached 12-0 in arena as a Paladin and as a Rogue. Best shot with Warlock and Mage has been 12-1. Only classes I haven't reached 12 wins with are Warrior and Priest. I enjoy being social and prefer chatty friends! I can also assist in arena, especially with the draft. Can also use Skype for that! :) see you in game!

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    Quote from Jaws98 >>

     Should i disenchant Vol'jin. Is it a good card? Does it fit in this meta?

     Vol'Jin is an excellent minion. Not everyone run him, but he is a solid minion to add into both dragon and control priest. I would not recommend disenchanting him.
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    Quote from DeaThrash >>

    Should I craft Baron Geddon or Harrison? what would fit best in this meta?

     Baron Geddon is only run by Control Warrior and does not do too well in the current meta. On the other hand Harrison Jones suits into several midrange and control decks and both aggro shaman and secret paladin run weapons worth destroying. Crafting Harrison Jones over Baron Geddon is way better option in this meta. :)
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    I, CARD


    Theme: Ever wanted to be a Hearthstone card yourself? What kind would you be? Now is your chance to show us! Your job is to create a legendary class minion card that represents yourself!


    Your card must be a legendary class minion.

    Your card must be named after your Hearthpwn username, your Battle.net username or after one your World of Warcraft character names.

    • You can slightly edit your name as long as it fits the theme and the name can be recognized.
    • Removing the numbers in your username is recommended. (For example MadHatter123, EpicDoombringer666 or Lamb69Slaughterer should be named as "Mad Hatter", "Epic Doombringer" or "Lamb Slaughterer".
    • You can add yourself a specific title after your name. For example Ragnaros is called Ragnaros the Firelord.
    • If you name your card after your battle.net name, provide it in the post, unless it's shown in your user information.
    • If you name your card after your World of Warcraft character, provide the link to your Armory page in the post.

    Your card cannot create tokens that do not exist in Hearthstone.

    If you chose to create the card after your World of Warcraft character, you can use high quality screenshot as a card picture if you want. This is not a requirement though.


    I created an example after my World of Warcraft character and Hearthpwn username Sinthuja! :)



    Edit: Removed extra examples


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    Thanks a lot for the great deck! Started to play this on rank 3 and reached legendary for the first time! Took about three hours. The only change I made was - 1 x Keeper of Uldaman, + 1 x Loatheb. Loatheb pretty much seals the game when played a turn before or after Mysterious Challenger! :)

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    I really like Saboteur's attack sound: Hahaha, sneak attack!

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    Quote from FlavioRFS >>


    I'm not sure what the mana cost for this card should be. Sure, if you summon a 7 mana Dr. Boom this card is completely OP, but in the other hand it could summon Shielded Minibot or Aldor Peacekeeper and you'd be sad...

     I suggest increasing the mana cost to 5. If you compare it to Mindgames, MG gives you a random minion from your opponent's deck without any additional effect. Getting a random minion from your opponent's deck is less good than getting a minion from your own deck, since you know what you might summon and can time the use of the spell better. In addition you grant the minion divine shield as well which is already worth the 1 extra mana.
    Also if you wanna use similar wording as the cards in game use (Mindgames and Deathlord), you could change the card text to: "Put a random minion from your deck into the battlefield and give it Divine Shield." :)
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