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    Wait...didn't they say charge was problematic and wouldn't support it again?

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    Very interesting approach for a shield!! I'm really eager to see this in play!! 

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    Yes!! Please?!

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    I would give you a more simple advice. Start playing with your standard deck(s) and get to know what is the flow of games in wild (they are completely different than standard, like aggro is much more fast, control needs strong wincon and disrupt tools, combo finishes you by round 8-10) and in this way you'll also experience other decks (played by your opponents) that you might like. Then you can craft one or two decks with wild cards for yourself. This last expansion brought so many powerful cards that even some standard decks are doing well in wild.

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    Quote from Pacific_Onion >>

    We have decks now running multiple Elusive/Evasive minions now, spamming these types of minions even. Kind of weird it isn't its own keyword.

     This is too complex for new players to understand...

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    Even paladin? Does it still exist?

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    posted a message on why is rogue NEVER bad?


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    Quote from Jantrax >>

    Lately more different decks show up in wild (I'm playing rank 5-1). And I guess the wild meta might change a bit again now that the nerfs are here. For me the mode is still interesting enough to play.

     Or maybe the Pirate Warriors, Secret Mage and Mech Paladins have already got to Legend...


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    posted a message on Wild in the 15-10 area is Priest Hell

    Dude, unfortunatelly, people playing ranked will always play the most OP/broken stuff... You either need to adapt (I know, that sucks if you don't like Pirate Warrior, Secret Mage or other supper aggro/burn deck), or play casual and with your friends...

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    If iceblock was in standard you can bet a secret removal would be offered, no matter how much mana you'd have left!! Zephrys is less reliable in wild

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    posted a message on Is it time to revert nerfed Wild cards?

    Yes, please!!! Take this suggestion to Reddit, then it would be more vocal!!

    I agree with people here. Un-nerfing only wild cards that were creeped when standard would be awesome, since wild is so powerful anyway. And I also agree that some problematic cards that were nerfed already when in Wild should be left untouched, since those usually led to broken combos that disrupted the main engine of the game (rock, paper l, scissors).

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    posted a message on Mental Health / Gaming / Getting Help

    Great post!

    As some people are not aware, I'd also like to add some stuff:

    1 - Depression is NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS! It is a psychiatric disease that has internal predisposition an is commonly triggered by environmental factors like bullying, parental abuse and social (media) pressure.

    2 - it is frequently associated to addictions like alcohol, gambling and video games 

    3 - Minor signs shouldn't be ignored by close relatives/friends. As soon as it is spotted, it is strongly advised to seek medical attention, since most people affected by this disease won't get better just by friendly emotes and kind words. It is lethal!! Also, remember that denial is really common. Don't be negligent to a depressed person.

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    How about a new life?

    I'm also a big fan of Shudderwock decks. 

    What are your experiences with Faceless Corruptor + Barista Lynchen? I know she is really slow in Wild, but the same applies to the classic version of Doppelgangster and Grumble/Zola. At least, in this new combo, you have two cards there are don't have horrible stats (I.e. Dopplegangster without evolve)...

    Also, do you guys run Dirty Rat or just let it go, regarding other faster combo decks?

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    Quote from SlydE >>

     On wild, things get more tricky due to the evergreen nature, which favors the extremes (I.e. aggro and combo).

    I am not sure if aggro and combo decks are that favoured. It matters the most who has the most broken synergies.

    Odd rogue and odd paladin are tempo decks.

    Even Shaman is mid-range, going faster in most recent versions.

    Jade druid and big priest are control

    And they have all been very good in the format some time during the last year. Valdris Felgorge is just a bonkers card in the format, so slower warlocks have just gotten a huuuge boost.

     I understand your point, but in my post, I only considered the 3 basic archetypes: aggro, control and combo

    In this way: odd rogue, odd pally, even shaman - aggro (nowadays, odd pally is a joke next to mech paladin); big priest can be considered a combo deck since it's best matchups are against control decks (remember that combo decks are not only OTK/TTK ones, but also those that need an specific combination of cards to fulfill its role, in this case, you need your minions to die in order to resurrect them, flooding the board with big minions). Jade druid is the only control deck in here - and it sucks nowadays. 

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    posted a message on Wild Sucks cuz Open the Weebgate...
    Quote from TheGnegno >>

    If you meet the morons that play that garbage Solitaire deck you are just unlucky, but probably if you are playing control you have an easier time than them on ladder, because they get stomped very hard by aggro. It doesn't really need nerfs. Face is the place.

    If anything, Secret Mage is braindead ********, and much more popular.
    I think Kabal Crystal Runner (Make it like Thing from Below), Explosive Runes (reduce damage to 5) and/or Arcanologist (make it a 1/3) need a nerf (mild ones as I suggested, to open for more counterplay but without killing it).

    And yes, Mecha'cthun is very strong. If the meta slows down and it becomes popular I swear I will at least try Saboteur Quest Shaman ahahah. CATACLYSM!

    Right now Wild is in such a better state than Standard, there are so many viable and fun decks, the healthy aggro decks cured the Big Priest cancer that now infests Standard with Deathrattle Rogue.

     This. (Except for the part regarding secret mage, which is annoying, overpowered, but not broken, just another good aggro deck).

    I get the frustration to be defeated by a combo deck. But that's the spirit of the game. Combo defeats control that defeats aggro. On wild, things get more tricky due to the evergreen nature, which favors the extremes (I.e. aggro and combo).

    Anyway, OP, I think you are experienced enough to know that... sometimes playing an aggro deck to smorc your opponent makes you fell better. You should try it! ;)


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