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    Im working on a theory with hakkar rogue.

    The Idea is the anka hakkar and we can play multiple mechanics like shadows death/necriumvial/balwful etc. The plan is just we can span hakkar blood intoo decks, but we have myra to empty it or the better way is just academic to lower the draw chance. Ofc we can ehnace the pack with deathrattle package. 

    I know its just, but i wanna hear your opinion. 

     So happy to hear someone else is trying to make hakkar work. I've made countless hakkar decks in the past and none of them have worked, but I keep trying anyway. That anka plus extra deathrattle triggering sounds pretty legit though and you should definately give it a go

     If you play wild you may try a Heal Paladin with Hakkar

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    Are you having difficulties to kill your opponents' Springpaw?

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    The problem I have with Elekk is that you can't play it at the same time as Betrug, so you end up having to waste a Plot Twist to get extra cards. At least, that's what I've found from trying it in the deck. 

     If you have both Plot Twists in your hand when you use Elekk + Twist, you dont "waste" the Plot twist since you are getting another one. You could even go infinite if you also have the second Elekk in hand.

     Unfortunately, this "if" is an almost nonexistent condition...

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    Here you go. But note that this is a Wild deck.

    As you may notice, this is a shitty deck, but when it works, it's sure fun!


    Cult of Ra
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    Minion (19) Ability (10) Playable Hero (1)
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    Ps: the combo is as follows: must have both Cultists, both Enchanters, Glinda and Drak Pact in hand; play Thaurissan+one enchanter. Next round (with an empty board, of course) play 6 cultists, destroy glinda, play the last cultist then the second enchanter and enjoy the animation

    Credits to CalHobbes to create this combo https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1288184-highkeeper-ra-otk-combo-wild

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    I haven't seen a single one yet, is it a florist-maly-floop game plan or what do they do?

    I hope it does not become popular, because I find maly druid has always been super boring and repetitive, both playing with it and against it.

    It runs Elise (but is NOT a highlander deck).  You use Elise to generate extra Moonfire's (and possibly other good stuff).  You will often Florist first.  If Florist hits Maly, you can get a second 2-mana Maly by playing Elise (assuming of course you're not dead, and you really need the second one).  If Florist hits Floop, you play the Floop next turn (2nd chance to hit Maly).  If Florist hits Elise, you can play Elise for zero after playing a full cost Maly, or the turn after with Floop.

     I think this is an awful combo, just being experimented because of control warrior. I faced one with a homebrew highlander hunter and he had a tough time to hit me, even with bad draws (and plays) by me. 

    IMO, the current lists are bad and this deck will vanish. Maybe some other deck without the quest may be viable... but only time will tell

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    Leeeeeeerooooyyyyy Jenkins


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    posted a message on Help - Highlander is killing my love of the game

     If there weren't any sort of combo decks right now (which, IMO, are still weak in the current meta), you would be even more bored as facing even more control warriors (which I encounter much more frequently in my matche, compared to singleton decks).

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    Blizz seems to be building a base for a aggro priest, but to be honest, i don't know if even that is going to save the class on standard, but let's have some hope :)


     Not likely to happen since it would need drawing stuff, but they avoid creating cards with drawing capability for priest since they claim that it is not compatible with Priest's class identity....

    So, priest is doomed to control decks (aka, resurrect bulshitl)... 

    At least they could add more support for Shadow sub-archetype, which could move it away from control decks...

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    Whatever people say, it is still pretty hard to counter big priest as a non-aggro deck. I was running a Warrior deck with the 2/3 deathrattle which gives my opponent a 0/3 taunt, the 2/6 warrior taunt which spawns 3 raptors for my opponent and tinkmaster. Still I lost to many BigPriest. First of all Turn 3 Barnes is gg. And the 2/6 Archmage or Caterina Muerte is really frustrating to play against. I tried fucking up the rezz pool, I used more than 2 brawls but that guy kept resurrecting (I admit, he was lucky, pulling Vargoth into Caterina, or the other way around, was nuts). I am done with any non aggro deck in Wild, I will keep playing brainless murloc shaman because thats what Blizzard wants.

     That's the same conclusion I came to. Only aggro/face/burn decks are viable and have a consistent gameplan in Wild, sadly

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    Please try Octosari in every aggro deck and let me know what percent of games he wins you. My friends think that card is garbage, but I say it's meta defining!

     Maybe in standard this may be true. But this giant octopus still costs 8 mana and can be transformed/silenced.

    I hope you are right, cause I got a golden one as the gift in the mega-bundle... 

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    I think one of the key factors is that big priest is unironically the cheapest priest deck , and you may be thinking, how  is it the cheapest priest deck if it's loaded with legendaries? but hear me out, the bunch of Legendaries that BP uses are a ton of neutral legends that you want to use in many other decks anyways, chances are that many players already had those even before BP was a thing, things like Rag, Yharaaj and Barnes are all cards that had been used in competitive decks in the past by the time Eternal Servitude and Obsidian Statue got printed so many players were already likely to have the deck, not only that but those legends are fairly safe crafts, they're powerful, serviceable and fairly splashable, plus the class epics that bp uses are what would you call a "class neutral" card, they're  class cards that every deck of the class likes to use regardless of the archetype, think something like Backstab for rogue; all of Shadow Visions Obsidian Statue and the priest's AoE of choice in cards Mass Hysteria, Dragonfire Potion Lightbomb and Psychic Scream  are all cards that can be used in Prest decks outside big priests so they are cards that are good bang for your buck and enable you to play different archetypes, now contrast this with other Priest archetypes' legendaries and epics
    Twilight Acolyte is a seriously  crappy card outside of Dragon priest
    Raza the Chained cam only be used in highlander decks
    Prophet Velen only fits in very specific priest decks 
    And you cant use any of those cards outside of priest for obvious reasons

    TL;DR: Big priest is literally the cheapest priest deck around because other priest decks use massive amounts of  ridicolously niche epics and legendaries while BP uses cards you most likely have thanks to them being neutrals that you may use/ have used in other decks.

     Very interesting point

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    Quote from Gooaa >>

    I found a counter long ago=)

    I click Consede not to waste my time and spirit.

    Even so i used to climb to rank5 for a golden epic.

    ps: i play only control/combo and it takes soo long wih priest and result is way less than 50%, so it is easier just to find ANY other deck to play with.


    Basically, if you are playing any sort of slow control deck, eventually, they will spawn multiple copies with those stupid resurrections and you are finished. The only way to beat them is to kill them before they play these resurrections. Even multiple transformations are not enough since they can cheat their minions mot just with Barnes but with Shadow Essence that can also be cheated with Shadow Visions... In sum, they can summon, in theory, 5 minions before they play them actually, which would need you to run an specific that to counter them, which would be a shitty deck against anything else...

    But, back to your topic, only Plague of Murlocs would fill the proposal (but only in an early game)...

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    posted a message on Could putting Zephrys in a non-highlander deck work?

    It is quite possible, you just need to draw a lot or destroy most of your cards in your deck with things like Hemet, Jungle Hunter or Void Contract)

    There are some Mecha'thun decks in wild that run Reno Jackson because they can do both things above

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    If you are playing a control deck, Lash is better than ripple since you'll have few minions (if any) in your side, also, it has lifesteal, something indispensable for this sort of deck. As you wrote, shuffling stuff in your opponent's deck is really good, so why wouldn't Psychic Scream be bad? (I agree with TardisGreen - it is THE boardclearer!!!). The problem with the plague is its cost (thank God they made it that way!!!), at this point in the game, you would be more occupied playing (or resurrecting) your minions than trying to control the board.

    I think Shadow word Horror is really good (well, in my point of view, since I don't play control priest and when I face them, I always expect for this card on turn 4, which, when comes, completely ruins my game)

    About dragonfire potion, I also agree with you, lightbomb is more efficient, unless you're running a dragon deck...

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    posted a message on Poll - SoU Cards will change wild?

    After a few months with some fresh additions (sadly, to old broken decks, like Never Surrender! and Archmage Vargoth), a new set has arrived, with some cards that many people have linked to wild decks.

    Do you think it will refresh Wild mode?

    My opinion is that there will be a change to class popularity, but the Tier list will be stable. Many combo enabler/disablers (Elise the EnlightenedDinotamer BrannWild BloodstingerHigh Priest AmetAnka, the BuriedExpired MerchantMogu CultistBody WrapperBlatant Decoy, etc.), control tools (plagues in general), new quests, cards supporting old sub-archetypes (taunt warrior, even shaman, combo druid, highlander decks etc.) may change the wild environment, but the most powerful/broken decks will remain untouched.

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