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    Hey, I don't know if someone mentioned it before, but Dead Ringer can fetch Sn1p-Sn4p. If it wasn't for that aspect, the TTK combo would have been inconsistent and not that viable. 

    But now I kinda take my words back. I can see a priest deck, that runs a lot of card draw (for the 5 mama epic) and a good mech package to make sure one of the mechs actually survives.

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    Quote from Highwayman37 >>

    Damn.  Very interesting, buffs are long overdue imo.  Also love the fact that a few legendaries I have may become somewhat playable (Flark's Boom-Zooka, Luna's Pocket Galaxy).

    Also pogo hopper for 1 mana may create some shenanigans. 

    Yeah, in the news thread someone mentioned the synergy with Magic Carpet

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    It should. It's kinda logical imo.

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    Quote from C_A_W >>

    For Vargoth to carry, Priest needs to draw Essence before Vargoth and pull Vargoth from Essence at turn 6. Currently Vargoth feels like OP because Priest highrolls on turn 3 with Barnes and then follows it up with Essence into Vargoth on turn 6. Barnes to 6 mana will kill the deck and Shadow Essence can be nerfed to 7 mana just to be completely certain.

    Tbh very often I have lost to Big Priests as Jade Shaman only because I couldn't deal with Vargoth's provided value. SE can be fetched with Shadow Visions, so you don't have to draw the 6 mana spell before playing Vargoth. Also, if you highroll and SE lands on Vargoth, then you still get a free minion despite not drawing the 4-drop.

    Really, I don't always face Barnes on turn 4 and lose to him. In fact when I do, I'm super happy if the priest gets a statue, because I can handle that minion pretty well. As I said, in the past the problematic cards were obvious to me and I was aware of the perfect nerfs, but with each passing year the deck narrows down its weaknesses and it's not easy to fix. Anyway your nerf ideas seem reasonable to me.

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    Quick comment:

    • SN1P-SN4P - this might have some potential in mech hunter decks. I want to say that this will be included in greedy paladin mech decks too, but it has negative synergy with the legendary spell.
    • Necromechanic - 4 mana 3/6 is really good. I will gladly use it in my Reno N'zoth deck, but in standard this has potential too. I know that this is not a mech, but with multiple deathrattle cards (bombs, whelps) people might consider adding it in their decks.
    • Unexpected Results - some users might look at it as a weak card, but imho at 3 mana this shouldn't be ignored.
    • Luna's Pocket Galaxy - 2 mana discount? F*cking hell! I don't want to overhype it, because if murloc shaman and mech hunter decks become popular after the nerfs, then mage won't afford to run greedy cards, but imho mana cheating will give that archtype an edge over control opponents.
    • Crystology - OP OP in wild (combo decks).
    • Pogo-Hopper - better combo potential, worth noting.
    • Thunderhead - super good in overload shaman decks.

    The other buffs are either insignificant (Violet Haze) or interesting, but I can't think of any busted synergies (Spirit Bomb, Extra Arms). I'm interested in using the warlock spell in the future, because it offers a really cheap answer to 4-health minions, but warlock needs to get more healing tools to afford running it.

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    Support for Enrage Warrior.

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    posted a message on Card Balances Announced

    People actually believing that warriors will run Bankers/Pandas to combine them with The Coin. :D

    Oh, Leute. If a certain combo is not reliable, then serious players don't include it in their decks. They won't run a bad card just to win a 50% coin flip in the mirror. The bankers and the pandas are useless in every MU except in the control vs control ones, so you won't see them being played on the ladder.

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    Yeah, I knew it. I predicted the cost decrease will be reduced to 2.

    Well... the card is still useful, but unlike before it looks more like pre-nerfed Innervate for spells. I hope the devs give rogues more exciting and well-costed spells in the future, because we all agreed how Prep was limiting design space. Overcosted cards like WANTED! for example need a rework imho.

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    posted a message on ROGUES ARE GETTING NERFED! 4 Card Changes Coming May 22

    @ Crazeh

    Well, the devs have nerfed wild cards before. I don't know if you are doubting this would happen again, but in the previous Q&A the devs mentioned nerfing Barnes and Bloodbloom at some point (they still need more data to pick the right moment).

    In the past they have nerfed cards like Aviana, Dreadsteed and Shadowboxer. Other cards like Raza the Chained and Patches the Pirate were nerfed while being in standard (literally in the last expansion before the rotation), but they were more oppressive in wild back then.

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