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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    For the love of God alllow me to play the stupid Yogg and the Shudderwock combo in wild casual. All day I'm trying to gather all of the pieces and then play several Shudderwocks with the Yogg battlecry on the same turn and my opponents won't let me.

    Today I mostly faced aggro. In the cases, when I didn't - my opponents thought that I ran the boring mosquito TTK combo and conceded prematurely. How the fuck did no one notice the inclusion of Elise Starseeker? Did this seriously didn't ring a bell? You will never see a greedy card in an OTK/TTK deck, which just dilutes it. All I wanted was to play my Yogg for good old times sake. I really miss those fireworks.

    Still, I would like to thank 2-3 of my opponents, who actually sat there and allowed this to happen. But since this is the salt thread - fucking tempo mages in wild casual and also in general. How the fuck do they always play the Wyrm on turn 1. I lost several games because of that stupid 1-drop and their secrets. I'm never lucky guessing them correctly. Explosive runes denies me from developing a minion, counterspell denies my spell and both take away my mana crystals. How the fuck do you expect me to play a cheap spell into a counterspell and follow up with the main one, when I don't always have a cheap spell to sacrifice? Sometimes I'm obligated to take a risk and blindly play a spell, which eats most of my mana crystals. It feels really bad, when it gets countered and mage player just sits there and emotes "Oh, you made a mistake". No, I didn't, I didn;t have the possibility to answer your secret adequately and I'm just punished because of it. I just lose my whole turn and the game because of it.

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    Well, I personally try to hit legend, when I want to gather some statistics and showcase a deck.

    Other than that - I try to grind for legend only when the meta is interesting enough and I want to have fun w/ my deck. If it's stale, then I play casual decks in wild instead and I only bother reaching r.5 like the rest of us.

    Like you said it in the OP, the rewards aren't worth for this time-consuming activity.

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    posted a message on MY JADES THAT BITE, MY JADES THAT CATCH!

    I was going to advise to to use more appropriate titles with less clickbait.

    Then I saw the following text:

    Winning in fatigue against Fatigue Warlock:


    Fatigue Warlock? Your opponent resembled a niche* combo deck (inspired by Hysteria), which just added deathlords and an N'Zoth in addition to a strong demon package. So name your matches better, dude.

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    I know that this thread will be locked soon, because it's a duplicate one, but I would like to mention the following things:

    No, shudderwock shaman is far from being OP or an issue. Imho quest mage had a lot better and a smoother play-style than this one for several reasons:

    - better draws;
    - better stall tools;
    - less combo pieces?

    Look, shaman lost a lot of their removals and board clears and are left only with Lightning Storm (very weak in comparison to Defile, Duskbreaker + the overload drawback), Volcano and the nerfed Hex. There's also Hagatha the Witch, but she only does 3 dmg and to friendly minions as well. Before the rotation mage had Ice Block - aka the ultimate stall tool - not to mention, that it still has a nice variety of freeze spells. Regarding the draw - Coldlight Oracles, Arcane Intellect, Acolyte of Pain (mage can benefit from it a lot more thx to their HP) and the normal Gnomish Inventor. All of those are cards, which draw multiple ones from a single resource. Shaman's draws come slower and shaman as a class gives enough opportunities for other decks to counter it. It's slow, clunky and kinda weak. The only reason why we are having trouble beating it is because it's a combo deck, for which we don't have the right tech yet (Dirty Rat). Other than that - it's easily counterable.

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    posted a message on Golden pack opening!!

    300 dust. Nothing worth mentioning.

    I can feel that Blood elf https://youtu.be/sQb46Kyh-xA?t=39 

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    posted a message on Most Gruesome / Bloodiest Card

    I think most of them are either in warrior or in warlock:


    Bouncing Blade:


    Nightmare Amalgam (because innocent creatures being merged into an abomination is just messed up):

    Резултат с изображение за nightmare amalgam

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    I haven't posted here for a very long time, but now I have pepper for you guys.

    So we all know the shudderwock shammy deck. I decided to craft the last missing piece (grumble), I tried the TTK deck in standard - it was ok I guess. But today I wanted to have some fun - so I copied dane's deck and included few cards of my own (elise starseeker, healbot, acolyte). And the result? - almost the same experience as with pre-nerfed yogg. I really enjoyed the tons of fireworks.

    I strongly recommend dane's deck for those, who just want to goof around and have fun.

    Shudder-Yogg Shaman
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    Minion (12) Ability (18)
    Loading Collection

    Note: I also wanted to share the pic. The number says a lot.

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    posted a message on Will Shudderwock ever be nerfed?
    Quote from DiamondDM13 >>

    I would like to add a third point - shaman doesn't have the nice arsenal of tools in dealing with minions, which (highlander) priest had back in the days.

    Shamans only have 2x Lightning Storm, 2x Volcano, 2x Hex and Hagatha the Witch, while (highlander) priest had Potion of Madness, Pint-Size Potion + Shadow Word: Horror, Dragonfire Potion.

    + the standard Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing Shadow Word: PainShadow Word: Death, Spirit Lash, Shadow Visions (tutor for spells), Twilight Acolyte and Duskbreaker (more synergy with Netherspite Historian), Holy Nova (weak, but still worth a mention), Psychic ScreamShadowreaper Anduin.

    And yeah - imho shudder shaman isn't that problematic. It's pretty easy to counter.

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    posted a message on BEST WAY TO NERF ODD WARRIOR!

    Is this a troll thread?

    - Nerfing odd warr? Well, this is something new. Why would you want to nerf it? - they make a big sacrifice regarding their consistency.

    - You do realize that Baku will become an even card and this change will affect other decks as well, right?

    - Again, is there any reason why we should look at this deck as a problematic one?

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    posted a message on Do you think Big Priest should be nerfed?
    Quote from Kramnidorach >>

    The statue may be a bit more on the plus side, but imho its cost being 9 mana makes up for the effect.


    But regardless if its over-tuned or not, the card is still pretty slow (under normal circumstances). If the priest player wastes a whole turn playing a Statue and then the opponent just silences/transforms it, then they are totally screwed especially if their opponent plays a fast deck. Same thing goes for other hated cards such as Voidlord or Mal'Ganis (there was a complaint about him in the previous page). The real problem is how we manage to overcome their drawback easily and cheese them out earlier than we should. If this wasn't the case, then you wouldn't have to deal with a lifesteal, a minion killing taunt by turn 4-6, which will get resurrected multiple times; warlocks wouldn't be able to thin out their decks and summon voidlords, doomguards, mal'ganis by turn 6 (skull) or 7 (lackey + pact) and then multiply them with a cube. If those minions always presented their real drawbacks, then the priest/warlocks players would have been obligated to make some sacrifices.

    As we all can agree - the problem in those decks are the cards, which enable cheesing out powerful minions early on and ignoring their drawbacks (mana spent, discarding 2 cards etc etc). You also said it - you would be more than happy if you only faced the statues not until turn 9.

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    posted a message on Baba Yaga

    Last update

    I just want to mention some things very quickly:

    - Thank you all for the love and the great feedback. I had a blast playing this deck, updating its description and chatting with you guys.

    ! - This deck (the Glinda package) worked very well for me in the pre-nerf era, because there were a lot of tapping warlocks, a lot of aggro paladins and less of Burn and Combo decks to face. Right now I'm constantly facing Taunt Druid, Shudderwock, Even Warlock, Burn mage and the glinda package feels less and less helpful. So I'm going to give it a quits. I also got bored playing the same deck all over again, so I will finally try out other classes, which were ignored last season.

    Imho control warlock is still very strong. I could recommend you the list you see above, but replace the infinite combo with 2x mountain giants. Jainaishot also used Oakhearth for more consistency - yeah, he's really good if you build your deck appropriately. 

    So anyway, thanks all for the great time. See ya later.

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    posted a message on Patch 11.2 and how it effects HCT Seoul #SaveFr0zen
    Quote from hespbizkit >>

    Would someone explain the Shudderwock nerf with examples? I don’t think I got it. Thank you


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    posted a message on How to beat Stutterwock?
    Quote from scorpyon >>

    More importantly would Blizzard consider this an exploit and ban you? 

    Or could they even prove it intentional?

    That's the point. In no way can this be considered being intentional. It's not logical either - why would silencing a battlecry minion and thus countering Shudderwock be a feature? Imho if we use this knowledge in our favour, if we use this unintentional interaction too frequently, then someone will sanction us.

    Quote from NightCrawl3r >>

    Wow. Thanks for the info.

    [edit] As strange it might sound - I'm not really surprised about the transformation part. Another user made a post here in hearthpwn mentioning the last point you made and they talked about how faceless manipulator and similar copy cards currently work. So I'm not really surprised about those elemental synergies, but still - I can't believe that there are so many bugs caused by a single patch. It would be better just to revert the previous one imho.

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    posted a message on How to beat Stutterwock?

    Ok, I need a mod's opinion about this.

    Quote from Kovachut >>

    Is this considered as discussing and promoting exploits. If so - then someone pls delete my post.

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    posted a message on How to beat Stutterwock?
    Quote from GMAlon >>

    Since yesterday's patch the easiest way to beat them is simply silencing their Grumbles, for some weird reason if you silenced Grumbles before he died Shudderwock wont cast his battlecry when played.

    Blizzard™ great at patching stuffs.

     Huh? Are you serious? This is the first time I'm hearing about this. H-H-How and where did you get this info?

    [edit] https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/8ozvrq/shudderwock_bug_or_intended_interaction/

    I had to google it myself. Wow, Blizz screwed it big time, but big thanks for the info. It could be useful b4 it gets hotfixed.

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