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    posted a message on Save the Date: Hearthstone Fall Reveal, Coming October 22!

    Here we go, the announcement of the announcement!

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    posted a message on friending: grace vs arrogance

    I have never accepted a random friend request and prolly never will. There are too many bad apples-- too many sore winners and sore losers.



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    posted a message on Scholar Jaina and Horseman Uther skins getting unique voicelines in a new patch soon!


    Just for reference.

    EDIT: Nvm, found it.


    We wanted to update everyone regarding our new hero skins, particularly Scholar Jaina and Horseman Uther. We are planning to add unique voice lines, start of game voice lines, and a couple other special voice lines to both Scholar Jaina and Horseman Uther in a future patch. We’ve taken feedback on board regarding emotes for those and upcoming hero skins. The next skin, which will be released shortly, has new emotes for all 6 regular board interactions and a few other commonly played lines as well. There will be hero skins in the next expansions associated with their corresponding Book of Heroes chapters that will not have unique lines at launch, but we plan to add them as soon as VO recording allows. Stay tuned for updates here.

    Adding context as to how we got here: We started out with the idea of adding skins for our classic heroes that allowed us to get more options for visual customization into the hands of our players at a much quicker than normal pace. We’re confident in the idea behind these skins and they’re already seeing a lot of use within the game. However, we missed here on painting a clear picture of the difference between these skins and the alternate heroes we’ve done in the past, that include all sorts of unique audio and visual effects. That’s something we should have gotten across better and want to ensure that we address in the future.

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    posted a message on Is Soulshard Lapidary as strong as Leeroy Jenkins?

    The problem was with Leroy, it was a neutral card that can fit in many decks across multiple classes (i.e. top end finisher for aggro, combo piece for control/combo, etc.).

    In contrast, Lapidary can only exist in a Demon Hunter AND soul shard deck.

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    posted a message on New secret quest

    Complete a Secret Quest

    After a thorough examination of garments in our lost and found cupboard, Transfer Student has embarked on a laborious journey to find the perfect costume for the Masquerade Ball! We’ve identified an itinerary in the dormitory that outlines an intention to visit Dalaran, Uldum, Dragonblight, and the Black Temple. Scribbled on the back is mention of playing Rexxar’s tale in Hearthstone Book of Heroes, and at least one match in both Battlegrounds and Arena.

    Retrace their steps and you’ll be rewarded with two golden copies of Transfer Student! Good luck!

    Above is the blizzard quote.

    So my guess is:

    • Complete past adventures?
    • Finish rexxar's book of heroes
    • Play 1 match of arena and battle grounds.
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    posted a message on Best counter for bomb warrior
    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    I had an interesting game against a Big Demon Warlock. I had put a few bombs into his deck and was getting ready for a big Blastmaster Boom turn and then....he played Arch-Villain Rafaam, quite an interesting counter;)

     You should see Cheonsu's lineup for GM lol. He tried to hard counter bomb warrior by teching in the standard stuff (like Acidic Swamp Ooze, Kobold Stickyfinger), plus cards you wouldn't even think about using-- Archivist Elysiana, Sphere of Sapience, and even the never seen Wyrmrest Purifier.

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    posted a message on Heroic Brawzelium

    Honestly, I suggest you skip the event if you are a new player.


    1. The price of entry is very high. So, though you may win a lot, the chances of losing is much higher. As a new player, you don't have as much resources as the older players.
    2. Experience. The older players have an inherent advantage here, whether in prep (i.e. meta reading, deck building, etc.) or in the actual match.

    That said, if you want the challenge and can afford to lose the resources, I suggest:

    1. Practicing a lot in ladder to get a better feel of the Meta.
    2. Find a deck that has a decent win rates across all meta decks. Looking a statistics sites like HSReplay and VS, are a good starting point.
    3. Play a lot so, you get experience in different situations, you can react more correctly.
    4. Finally, pray to the RNG gods for a safe journey.
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    posted a message on Watching Hearthstone Championships

    Roping in tournaments is perfectly acceptable and the norm.

    1. As others have mentioned, you don't want to give away info on your hand. Ending your turn quickly can telegraph to your opponent that you have no cards to play. If you rope. you give the possibility to your opponent that you are thinking of making plays but decided to hold back.
    2. You think about plays ahead, not just your current turn. 
    3. The stakes are higher. In ladder, you play for MMR. In tournaments, you play for thousands of dollars. Misplaying can cause you to lose a lot of money. Try watching pros outside of tournaments, they rope much less as losses mean less.


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    posted a message on Legendaries should not be discoverable
    Quote from Magier1 >>

    Legendaries are balanced around the fact that they usually will be played only once per game. So discovering them multiple times kinda breaks a core aspect of the game in a sense.

     I agree with this.

    I believe legendaries should be one-ofs in your deck as they are designed to be and considering their impact. 

    I think lowering their chance to be discovered compared to other rarities is a valid compromise. So game like Evocation to Evocation to Evocation when the mage has an empty hand happens less often.

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    posted a message on Expansion Teaser - Announcement Tomorrow July 14

    The casual announcement of an announcement lol

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