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    posted a message on Expansion Teaser - Announcement Tomorrow July 14

    The casual announcement of an announcement lol

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    posted a message on If the new expansion is Scholomance, do you think we will finally see a graveyard mechanic?
    Quote from Trevolock2 >>


    just some speculation. Based on WoW lore, Scholomance turns into a school of necromancy. This might mean we get something similar to a graveyard; it’s an excellent fit. I just hope they don’t go overboard with it for priest because wild wild implode.

     As unlikely as it seems, I also would like a graveyard mechanic. Though my hope is more cards which interact with the graveyard, which would include cards which interfere with it it as well. Maybe a card which would "exorcise" or purge a the graveyard lol. 

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    posted a message on Forever stuck on Gold 9-8 for 2-3 Month now
    Quote from Inzan1ty >>
    MQuote from BoiledFrog >>

    If you're stuck at gold playing a DH deck I think you're doing something wrong

     Not sure if the case here, but if you stop playing for an entire month, you'll immediately lose ALL of your Bonus Stars, at which point you are pretty much out of the ranked playing picture, as its virtually impossible to get back to Diamond 5 / Legend while starting without any Star booster at Bronze.


    I don't think this is the case. At least for missing a month. Please see post below. Additionally, my cousin missed a month of playing and returned with the same rank multiplier he left with, so I would say the article is accurate. It looks like it will take months of not playing for your stars to decay to 1.

    Source: https://www.hearthpwn.com/news/7375-ranked-mode-overhaul-matchmaking-frequently-asked

    Q: Will the value of my previous season’s MMR be exactly same as the new season?

    A: Technically no, although the change will be very small and the “value order” will be kept (Player A whose MMR is larger than player B in the last season will still be ordered as such). Mathematically, a re-normalization process takes place at the start of each season to keep the distribution in a nice bell-shaped curve.

    Q: If I missed one season, will I lose my star bonuses when I return?

    A: No, you won’t.

    Q: If I missed multiple seasons, will I lose star bonuses when I return?

    A: Based on how long you are absent, there will be some small decay applied to your MMR. Therefore, you may (or may not) lose some star bonuses.


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    posted a message on The Meta is sooooooo stale and boring right now

    Meta is already stale.

    I hope they hurry up with the expansion announcement so we can begin the reveal season. 

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    posted a message on Year of the Phoenix - New Game Mode Speculation!

    My hope is a game mode (much like wild or standard) that rotates different sets monthly.

    For example:

    • August Season - GvG, TFT, DoD, Boomsday
    • September Season - BRM, JtU, SoU, Old gods
    • etc.

    This way the meta shifts every month (reduces staleness) and we get to play our old favorite cards that have already rotated.

    My current problem with wild is the power level is too vast and you get to cherry pick the 30 best cards in the history of HS. A rotating set solves this. This will also incentive people to purchase wild cards which increases Blizz's revenue.

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    posted a message on Should I DE the new mage quest?

    It's a tough call, I'd say weigh the pros and cons.

    Pros (to disenchant):

    • It's a rarely used card in the current standard meta
    • It's golden so its equal to a legendary card of your choice
    • It already exhausted more than half it's lifespan
    • I don't think it's (currently) an essential card in wild meta


    • There are 2 expansions left. It might become a strong card, but we don't know at this point.
    • With the new system, if you dust the card, you can never unpack it again until you get all legionaries from the set. This fact can be a good or bad thing.
    • Hurts your collection if you are a collector

    Bottom line it's your call. If you don't urgently need the 1600 dust, I'd say hold on to it for now. If 1600 dust is the only thing missing from you crafting a must have deck, then dust it.

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    posted a message on Is Rise of Shadows rotating out?

    All 3 sets of the year rotate at the same time.

    So around April of next year, Rise of Shadows, Saviors of Uldum, and Descent of Dragons + Adventure will rotate out.

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    posted a message on Not being able to craft adventure cards is BS
    Quote from Skyi101 >>


    OP most decks can have a variance of cards, you either submit or grind. Thus is the life of F2P.


    There are 2 ways to pay to play this game, either pay with time or pay with money.

    If you don't want to pay, you have to grind. If you think the time spent isn't worth it, take that time to do something else that will earn you money (i.e. part-time, overtime) and then buy the adventure.

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    posted a message on The nerf to Albatross - thoughts
    Quote from thebitterfig >>

    I think it's important to recognise what the nerf did: it took a tech card that was also a premium-stat 3-drop, and made it so that it was no longer an acceptable tempo play when you didn't need the tech aspect.  That's good.  Archetype-thwarting tech cards shouldn't also be strong tempo plays.  If folks really want to stop Spell Mage and Highlander decks, they can, but won't do it automatically by just playing a totally-reasonable 3-mana 4/3.

    Quote from rasmusm20 >>

    It was a good nerf, since now its a tech card, but you wont see it as anything else. As it should be

     Agree with both these sentiments. The nerf made it more situational and niche.

    I honestly don't mind if they doubled down on what its trying to do (shut down highlander decks, give more bad draws).
    Drop the attack by 1, but increase the number Albatrosses shuffled by 1.

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    posted a message on Crafting pool - Which legendary should I craft now?

    Depends on your goal:

    • Laddering - as others have mentioned, Highlander hunter is the way to go of the 3. A fairly fast tier 1 deck.
    • Casino - if you want a highroll-y deck that can scam wins, Reno is your choice. High variance tier 2 deck though. Fun if you are a lucky person who likes RNG. Also Kobold Stickyfinger is a very niche tech card, I honestly think you should save your dust.
    • Long Grindy games - if you like long grindy games, then Murozond. Tier 2 deck that is favored against warrior but unfavored against the other tier 1 decks.
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    posted a message on Deck tracker broken?
    Quote from MomoUk >>
    Quote from LordNelson >>

    Yes, I've messaged them on Facebook about it, and the answer was: "Hi there, today's Hearthstone patch made HDT break. We're working on an update that will fix it to be released as soon as possible!".

     Can't ask for more than that for a free program. Troopers

    Not entirely free, we do pay with our game data.
    In turn, they use that data to create statistics which they sell as premium content.

    That said, not a bad trade-off.

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    posted a message on Should Blizzard unnerf these cards?

    The cards (Frog, Zentimo, Electra) that made Invocation of Frost broken have already rotated, so I think it's ok to revert the nerf to it.

    As for the other 2, I think they are fine as is.

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    posted a message on Tips to play Spell Druid

    You could try using the lists the pros used in GM week 3. They used lists that week that are tech'ed towards an aggressive meta.

    For example, Monsanto's list which tech'ed in BEEEES!!! to have better chance of surviving the early aggression.

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide
    Quote from SlydE >>

    No. Maiev is a clear cut tier 1 how this guide is intended, currently played in over 6% of all decks. She sees play with several classes and the best ones have great winrates. Neutrals are also smarter crafts.

     I disagree with her value being a staple in the current meta (quite possibly in future metas but not currently) but fair enough. 

    Though I still cannot justify Reliquary of Souls as tier 1 (Staple).

    Aside from the points in my previous post, filtering HS replay by the last 7 days, Legend rank, and class cards only, it is only used in 0.9% of decks. Even Below your ranked Tier 2 Akama (1.5%) , Tier 2 Kanrethad Ebonlocke (1.3%), Tier 2 Keli'dan the Breaker (1.2%), and Tier 3 Kargath Bladefist (2.4%). Even another priest card, tier 4 card Mindflayer Kaahrj (5.8%) is used more.

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    posted a message on Is demon hunter keeping all cards next Year?

    I personally don't think any will be new. Just cards released from the initiate set and the 3 expansion sets this year.

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