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Miracle Rogue *FULL GUIDE*

  • Last updated Nov 12, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Miracle Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 12840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/7/2017 (Evergreen Nerfs)
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0. Prologue

Miracle Rogue was always one of my favourite archetypes. I'm playing this deck for a few weeks and I made several changes through the time, but in my opinion it's almost reached the final form.

This deck is pretty decent in the current meta, my win rate is around 66-68%.
If you're new to Miracle: In my opinion this type of Rogue is one of the hardest archetypes in Hearthstone, but not unlearnable. You have to practice much!

I hope you will enjoy my guide, have fun!

1. About the cards

- the interesting ones

Preparation: In most cases it gives you a very cheap removal.

Hallucination: It's a cheap spell and gives you value.

Razorpetal Lasher: This smelly flower thing gives you a little board and a cheap spell that deals damage.

Eviscerate: It's a great finisher if you can save Bloodmage Thalnos and one strike. Never be very greedy with your removals!
But I have to say that it's more a removal than a finisher.

Mimic Pod: Most of the times all draws are great, and it doubles it! How can it be bad?

Shadowblade: Guarantees 3 extra damage to you while you can't be hit. In my point of view you have enough value, but removal is never enough in the current meta.

1) Makes the board empty, especially after you played Valeera the Hollow.
2) It has a great synergy with Arcane Giant after you played Valeera the Hollow and you attacked with them. Gives you an extra giant.

Pirate pack: A little pressure at the beginning of the game and 2x Swashburglar gives you value.

Prince Valanar: Against aggro it let's you take a breath. Against control it gives you enough hp to survive until the end-game or just dies from a removal, which is always good.

Leeroy Jenkins: The best finisher with Shadow Reflection.

Valeera the Hollow: Guarantees you more Arcane Giants and if you save your Vanish and at least one of them is still on the board, you can make more of them (mostly after you attacked!). Also usefull with Leeroy Jenkins. Eh, the hero power (Shadow Reflection) gives you awesome value.

2. Generally about the playing style

To play Miracle Rogue is easy. To play Miracle Rogue awesomely is almost the hardest thing in the game.

You have to save your resources until the time when it's really needed and you have to see that point many rounds earlier. You mustn't waste your resources for silly moves because it will be punished. Always think about the consequences.

In our case you have to live until your end-game, where the match will be finishable with Arcane Giants and Leeroy Jenkins. You not just have to survive, you really should force your opponent to play many of his removals.
If your opponent is around 10-12 health before your dragonlover dude, you win. It's simple, but reaching that point is hard and it takes a while until you can do it "easily".

You have all the cards to reach that mentioned time. Of course there are a few very bad matchups, but I can say that this deck does well in the current meta, so use it wisely :).

3. Mulligan Guide

- most of the time

Almost every time keep:
1x Swashburglar, 1x Backstab, 1x Preparation

Think about it:
Counterfeit Coin: If you draw Edwin VanCleef when you've The Coin and you'd like to push.

Razorpetal Lasher: It's a good choice if you know that your opponent will play many early game minions.

Fan of Knives: In my opinion Razorpetal Lasher is a better choice, but don't drop this aoe+draw, if that ugly flower is still in your deck.

Eviscerate: If you're sure that you need an early removal.

Edwin VanCleef: If you can make a big minion from him in the 2nd or 3rd round, it's not a bad idea to keep him.

4. Matchups

Big Priest:
Your only job is to use your removals wisely. If you don't let your opponent to recieve infinite value to it's hand, you will have many chance to win.
After you started your end-game in the perfect time, it will be hard to lose. Just survive until that point.

Highlander Priest:
In my opinion that deck is defeatable with this one. You have to pressure your opponent to use it's Kazakus Potion and Shadowreaper Anduin before your end-game. After that, your many Arcane Giants gives you a decent board and Leeroy Jenkins will do his job.
If there was no Kazakus until end-game, then it's easier.

Preferred starting hand: 1x Swashburglar, 1x Backstab, 1x Razorpetal Lasher
It's a hard one if your opponent can play his Prince Keleseth at the beginning of the match. In this case you have to draw like a god and reach the end-phase fast.
If it's buffer prince is not played fastly, you don't have to draw like a god, but you still have to be fast. Play minions when you can.

Quest Mage:
Play fast. If you can, and your opponent draws at least averagely, it's not a hard to win. Your deck is faster than Quest Mage's.

Preferred starting hand: 1x Eviscerate, 1x Backstab, 1x Razorpetal Lasher
(if you have The Coin, Fan of Knives can be a good choice)
Always answer to it's play, don't let any Beasts to be on the board.

Control Warlock:
It's a really hard one. That deck has many removals, you have to pressure your opponent to play them before your Arcane Giants.
Your job is to reduce his hp below at least 13 and you will be able to kill him with your Leeroy Jenkins combo.

Tempo Rogue:
Preferred starting hand: 1x Swashburglar, 1x Backstab, 1x Razorpetal Lasher
Just like Handbuffadin. If he plays Prince Keleseth at the beginning it's almost impossible to beat it.
Try to play your minions and trade all the time. If you survive until your end-game, it's winnable.

Evolve Shaman:
Preferred starting hand: 1x Swashburglar, 1x Backstab, 1x Razorpetal Lasher
Kill it's minions with all the removals you have. Always keep something on board, don't let your opponent to build his because it will be punished by an evolve. It's not a problem if you take some damage, just use your big removals wisely.
You should play your deck fast, Vanish, Valeera the Hollow and Arcane Giants will be needed if you survive until your end-game. Then it's easy to win after your Vanish. I suggest to use it when your dk is hitable. If you would like to play clever, never use it on unevolved minions. 

Jade Druid:
Try to kill your opponent's big Golems, don't let it to make a big board. After you played Valeera the Hollow, you will have the chance to win. After you used Vanish and Giants, that will be amazing.
Good to know: Don't give Taunt minions back to your opponent's hand.

5. Replacements

If your Collection is poor:
Edwin VanCleef: I have to say that if you're interested in Rogue you should craft this card, but Questing Adventurer is not bad instead of him.

Prince Valanar: Hard to replace him because it gives you hp and a little board clear, or your opponent plays a removal so your big minions will be in less danger. Sherazin, Corpse Flower is a good alternative, but SI:7 Agent isn't a bad choice, if you don't have that flower and tempo is needed.

Leeroy Jenkins: This charger man is the best finisher, you should really consider to craft him, because he fits in many decks. Let's do this!

Bloodmage Thalnos: It's a must have minion in most of the Rogue decks because sp+draw is important against all archetypes, but Loot Hoarder at least gives you a draw for the same mana cost. Hallucination is also an option because of value and it's a low cost spell.

Valeera the Hollow: Take Vanish out and add 2x Questing Adventurer (thanks to awashman)

Patches the Pirate: In my opinion he's neccessary on higher ranks, but you can still do well without the "AYAY" yell before you reach the ranks with full of aggro. You're right, you have to replace him with an early game minion, but it's impossible to find perfect replacement.
Mistress of MixturesFire FlyRazorpetal Lasher and Golakka Crawler are all good options if you really want to play the deck without the mentioned card, but I would really consider to craft it.
If you ask me I would recommend Fire Fly.

Possible decent changes:
- If you don't see many aggro decks on the ladder Sherazin, Corpse Flower can be a great card instead of Prince Valanar, but currently I think our 4-mana prince is a better choice.

- If you face against mostly pirates, Golakka Crawler is a good choice instead of Mimic Pod.

If you face against mostly aggro:
- Mimic Pod, Shadowblade, Sap
+ SI:7 Agent, Tar Creeper

6. Videos

 made a video, he played against a Highlander Priest:

7. Epilogue

Thanks for all your support :).

update log:
- 09. Oct: Mulligan, Replacements Guide, Videos
- 10. Oct: Matchups, Generally about the playing style, About the cards, KadakHS' video added to Videos
- 11. Oct: Evolve Shaman added to Matchups, Hunter preferred starting hand changed in Matchups (thanks to kotipies)
- 13. Oct: Jade Druid added to Matchups, Hunter updated in Matchups, Sherazin, Corpse Flower's paragraph extended in Replacements
- 01. Nov: A decent choice added to Replacements.
- 12. Nov: A video removed (due to Admin's will)

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to share with me and everybody in the comment section. Also if I missed something important out from the guide or wrote something stupidity.