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  • Last updated Aug 8, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 1140
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/4/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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Howdy! my name's Zeto and I'm proud to present my new Warlock deck that I have been working on for quite a while.

Follow me on twitch to watch me build decks, play arenas and climb the ladder: http://www.twitch.tv/zetostreams

So after the first couple of days of this season(S5), I got tired of the meta right away. I was simply facing the same old decks over and over again, sure they had a Naxx feel to them, but it just didn't feel fun playing ranked anymore. Out of nowhere, I decided to make a deck that would feel completely different from what I was facing, but that was still strong against the matchups I found to be annoying. With that being said, yes, this deck is very good against zoo.

What I wanted to achieve is simply maximum synergy between all cards and a constant board presence without running out of cards. However, with all this I also wanted it to work even if lategame hits. This means that the whole deck bases of balance.

Fun moment of the deck #1

 Alright, so the interesting thing about this deck is that there are so many cards you can keep when you mulligan. Lowering the chances of getting a poor starting hand. When I mulligan I like to focus on certain combos. The two main mulligan combos are:

The ragestarter: If you start with an Unstable Ghoul, the ideal combo is Acolyte of Pain or Raging Worgen. Along with these cards a Nerubian Egg, Flame Imp or Defender of Argus are all nice to start with.

The demonstarter: Starting with a Flame Imp and/or Voidwalker leads up for a perfect Demonfire. Along with these cards you want a 3 mana cost minion or another cheap minion. Examples of nice additions are Raging Worgen, Acolyte of Pain, Nerubian Egg, Unstable Ghoul.

In this spoiler there is a priority list when you mulligan, to get a feel of what to keep.

Main priority:

Voidwalker, Flame Imp, Unstable Ghoul, Acolyte of PainRaging Worgen


Secondary priority:

Demonfire, Nerubian Egg, Ironbeak Owl, Defender of Argus, Voidcaller, Void Terror, Power Overwhelming(Avoid if you do not have an Egg to use this on), Soulfire(Consider keeping this against druids incase of Innervate shenanigans)


Cards to avoid:

Dread Infernal, Doomguard, Sludge Belcher, Siphon SoulShadowflame

Check the spoiler below.

Soulfire - Not much to say about this card. It's simply a great way of removing annoying minions, securing strong board presence.


Flame Imp - Great 1 mana cost drop, giving you lots of early game pressure and it synergizes very well with Demonfire. Be careful not to use this if you feel that your healthpool is too little.


Power Overwhelming - Extremely flexible card. A very nice way to clear an annoying minion, aswell as hatching your eggs. This card is outstanding with an enraged Raging Worgen(Example of this under "About this deck").


Voidwalker - Great to counter early game pressure. Synergizes very well with Demonfire.


Demonfire - Flexible spell. Buffing possibility on many minions, hatches eggs, enrages Raging Worgen and clears enemy board if needed to.


Void Terror - Great way to hatch eggs and has capability of becoming a huge threat on board.


Shadowflame - Key card for removal. Synergizes well with Power Overwhelming for a huge board clear.


Voidcaller - A very nice way to get your heavy demons out earlier. Great synergy with Doomguard, and in some cases Flame Imp, Dread Infernal.


Doomguard - Very strong 5 drop due to it's big health pool. Functions as a way to keep control, aswell as a finisher. I only play one because I want to avoid the mass card discard chances 2x Doomguard can cause.


Dread Infernal - Extreme synergy with the deck. Card draw for the Acolyte of Pain, enrages Raging Worgen, can help kill off Nerubian Egg and can also finish off Bloodmage Thalnos for an extra card draw.


Siphon Soul - Great way to remove huge threats to your board/life.


Ironbeak Owl - A well needed silence in the current meta. Can be used against taunts and buffed minions, aswell as simply annoying targets.


Nerubian Egg - Synergy with alot of cards as mentioned above. Avoids enemy board clears, as it will give you a 4/4.


Unstable Ghoul - Great synergy with Raging Worgen and Acolyte of Pain. This card is a great card against aggresive decks. 


Acolyte of Pain - Synergy with alot of cards as mentioned above.


Raging Worgen - Synergy with alot of cards as mentioned above. A very nice minion when it comes to value of trading.


Defender of Argus - Overall, a great card. Works very well with the Nerubian Egg.


Sludge Belcher - Maximum zoo counter. Overall a great card and it fills that last spot in the deck due to it's taunt capability.


Mulligan aggresively, for cheap mana cost minions. Unstable Ghoul is a great way to slow your opponent down. The biggest threats are Doomguard, making them the best target for Siphon Soul. Both the demonstarter and ragestarter is effective against this matchup, but demonstarter gives a bit more early pressure which makes it slightly stronger.


When trading, focus on what you gain value from. With other words, aslong as you are in control of the board, clearance might not be needed. In these situations you have to consider the enemy boards potential to become a threat to your board. Reason of this is because when a zoodeck gets slowed down, they are forced to trade in order to regain a strong board. Use Soulfire to clear any potential threats. A good example is the Knife Juggler.

If you have an unfortunate early game and the zoodeck has developed a strong board, Shadowflame is the solution. Aswell as Sludge Belcher to slow them down.

 Miracle Rogue

Early aggression is key against Miracle decks. The demonstarter works more effectively due to the Raging Worgen often not getting the chance to enrage. Keeping Soulfire when you mulligan is of great importance, due to how well it counters the Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Shadowflame is also an effective card, incase of the Auctioneer being stealthed using Conceal.


Always play aggresively and only make trades if threatened by death. The reason of this is because of the possibility to kill your opponent before he has enough mana for Leeroy Jenkins + Shadowstep + Shadowstep combos, and more.


Siphon Soul is a great counter if your opponent plays a heavily buffed Edwin VanCleef.

 Ramp Druid

Both the demonstarter and ragestarter works here, with a little twist ofcourse. Focus on getting 1x Nerubian Egg, to bait out silences. Incase they don't have a silence, you'll still avoid board clears. Shadowflame will be of importance once he has used Power of the Wild, or if he is simply starting to get a board that is too big of a threat.


Play aggresively and put pressure on the druid, force him to trade. Always be afraid of the Force of Nature + Savage Roar before turn 9. This combo deals 14 damage if he does not have another minion on his board, which means that you ideally want to stay above that number.


Siphon Soul is a great spell to use before the combo. To both clear his board and get as far away from comborange as possible.

Midrange Hunter

The ragestarter is great against the Midrange Hunter, but focus on getting atleast 1x Unstable Ghoul. Another nice card to start with is the Nerubian Egg, to prevent Explosive Trap. There are no huge threats to be afraid of in this deck and you should be able to take early game control with an aggressive playstyle. Don't hesitate with throwing the Unstable Ghoul out, but rather keep it until your opponent is in a nice spot to use Starving Buzzard + Unleash the Hounds combo.


Staying above 2 HP on your minions is ideal, which means enraging your Raging Worgen just for extra damage might not be the best choice. It is far more effective to keep it at 3 HP and buff it with Defender of Argus if possible. If not possible simply use it to trade minions. This does ofcourse not apply if you can lash out tons of damage with Power Overwhelming combos.


Some of these decks runs Maexxna, so a wise choice would be saving a Siphon Soul for this. A common foe you'll face is a buffed up beast. Ironbeak Owl is ideal for those situations.



Vs. Midrange Hunter and Freeze mage, by Kizaru1

Working on more matchups, aswell as videos fighting against every deck!

After a bit of testing, Bloodmage Thalnos has been replaced with a Voidcaller aswell as Mortal Coil being changed for an Ironbeak Owl.

Currently testing out running one less Acolyte of Pain, not yet sure what I will replace it with.

Need any more replacements? Please do comment below, and I'll make sure to reply with what I would replace with, aswell as add the replacement to the guide.

This is, by far, the funniest deck I've played in Hearthstone and I sincerely hope you have fun playing it too. I will actively answer all questions, aswell as optimize and update this thread for you.

Now go have fun crushing zoo and other decks!