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Wild Deathrattle Rogue

  • Last updated Jan 10, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: N'Zoth Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 10440
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/30/2016 (Karazhan)
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I’m Scarhound and I’ve been playing Hearthstone since the beta – I’m a big fan of interesting wild deck ideas. Who plays standard anyway?!? 0.o

Thanks for the upvotes so far - if you like the deck, please give it an upvote, it's the only way to get Wild decks up where they belong!


This deck has gone through a load of edits, adapting to the meta (-.-), but I won't bore you with all the changes. For a new (Jade Golem inclusive) take on this deck here: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/689023-wild-nzoth-jade-deathrattle-rogue



20 Second Summary

•    The Wild Rattle Rogue is a bastard mix of Aggro and Combo. It takes control early and never lets go.
•    There is no healing in this deck, as you Mulligan hard to set up, then take control quickly.
•    Heavy meat walls like Sludge Belcher provide a slowdown to the ultra quick shaman and hunters you’ll be facing in Wild mode. After that, your board will overwhelm them.
•    N’Zoth is the ultimate closer in this deck and there is a great curve to the play style.

wild n'zoth deathrattle rogue hearthstone decklist


Only keep mana three cards or below, preferably minions. Get bodies on the board.

Aggro and Zoo: Keep Fan of Knives
Druid, Shaman and Priest: Keep Sap

The standard mulligan should be for the perfect Myrrglton, Nerubian Egg, Unearthed Raptor. The Egg into Raptor combo is enough to hold most games down and if you start off with this, you’re on solid footing for the rest of the game.

Again, the rule of thumb is get bodies on the board.

Specific Class Matchups in Wild, **January 2017 currently being updated**

The mulligans below just have a couple of specific cards you should keep in your hand if you have the opportunity. It’s important not to get too swamped with reacting to the opponent – they should spend their game reacting to you. Be aggressive.

Druid (Jade or C’Thun Ramp): Go go go go go FAST verus Jade. Mulligan for Sap for the early big drops.

Hunter (Face, Beast or Midrange): Mulligan for Fan of Knives to counter early board presence.

Mage (Mech, Freeze or Flamewaker): Mulligan for Fan of Knives, Eater of Secrets, Eviscerate to hit the Spider Tank/Flamewaker. Depends what you think you’ll be up against.

Paladin (Murloc, Secrets, Handadin or Bubble Rush): Mulligan for Eater of Secrets, Sap, Fan of Knives.

Priest (Dragon, Control or C’Thun): Mulligan for Sap to pop back the enhanced Northshire Cleric.

Rogue (Mirror or Miracle): Mulligan for Eviscerate to pop the Azure Drake.

Shaman (Face, Totem or Midrange/Control): Mulligan for Sludge Belcher (i know i know) and earliest possible board control.

Warlock (Handlock or Zoo): Mulligan for Sap, Fan of Knives.

Warrior (Face, Pirate or C’Thun): Mulligan for Sap, Eviscerate.

The Beginning (Turns One, Two and Three)

Keep their side clear as possible and get a couple of rattle minions on the board. Don’t waste the Unearthed Raptor – try and save it for the Nerubian Egg in this early phase. If you’ve drawn nothing else, then drop the Raptor on turn three as a solid 3/4 body.

Use Abusive Sergeant to activate the Egg on turn three if you’ve no Raptor – pick your target or just slam face with it. Force them to deal with it or waste a silence. I used to run Cold Blood in this deck, but found that Abusive Sergeant did the job well enough and got a body on the board.

The Middle (Turns Four. Five and Six)

Playing Wild has the benefit of allowing the awesome Piloted Shredder back into the fold. He (or she) is the go-to turn four drop – brilliant board presence. Another option for four is to drop Baron Rivendare early in the game if you’re guaranteed a same turn deathrattle (Raptor with Egg rattle is just perfect and two 4/4 minions is a brutal power swing). Don’t drop him without a death rattle guarantee at this point.

Around this middle, if your opponent is slow, hit full face. If he is playing aggro, control the board. Play Sludge Belcher if you’re up against aggro, even if they have an empty board. Don’t let them get a hold.

Turn Six is the arrival of the big players, like Sylvanas Windrunner and Cairne Bloodhoof. Get these guys out now – you want them to pop back when you drop N’Zoth later on. Don’t be precious with Cairne, he’s excellent whenever. But Sylvanas needs a bit more of a sensitive approach, to get the most out of her award winning deathrattle.

wild n'zoth deathrattle rogue hearthstone

The End (Turns Seven, Eight and Nine)

If you have a Raptor left, drop it now to build board presence, hopefully copying a lonely egg or maybe even Sylvanas. Play out your hand and either continue to hit face, or keep their board clear. Don’t let any opposing combo minions survive a turn. This includes spellpowers – a single spellpower increase could destroy your board.

Drop Dr Boom if you want to fill out your deathrattle ranks with boom bots. If you’re facing aggro, then keep him for now and give the Sludge Belchers more of a chance to come back.

Use Sap and Eviscerate to remove big threats.

N’Zoth and Beyond (Turn Ten)

At this point, you should have played through a good few deathrattle minions – an N’Zoth drop will fill the board. So, it if highly recommended to clear your own board as much as possible on turn 10, before you drop him.

Don’t clear Baron Rivendare though, that would be an opportunity wasted.

It’s good to remember that N’Zoth resurrects minions in a random order. This is key to what you’ve been playing through the turns previously – keep in mind that your Sneaky Hucksters (if you've subbed them in for the Toad) and Boom Bots will be in the mix, so you have to plan for what’s to come. You’ll likely come out with either Sylvanas or Cairne and a Sludge Belcher. Nerubian Eggs are brilliant to come back out – most players will have an AoE of some kind waiting for this kind of drop and the Eggs make sure you emerge from the explosions and hit the ground running/skittering.

If you haven’t drawn N’Zoth, don’t panic. You’re probably on the road to victory anyway  Just play hard and use your rattles to control the board, smash face and if you need it, it will turn up.

Thanks for reading and please leave me comments! I’m always tinkering with the deck – sometimes a healbot sneaks in if I’m feeling vulnerable.

– Scarhound

Be sure to check out my site: www.reallywildhearthstonedecks.com