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Eggro Forest 2.0

  • Last updated Nov 4, 2015 (Warsong Nerf)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 2480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/5/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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**UPDATES as of 11/4**

Been playing around with a new build for this using Sea Giant and Clockwork Giant that has been working great!!  Still not a Tier 1 deck by any means, but it feels much more competitive while retaining all the fun/surprise factor.  Game play is still basically the same, except you have 4 8/8 dudes to drop early on, similar to hand-lock, but in reverse :)


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This is a really fun to play temp deck that's had some decent success for me when I happen to play ladder.  It's pure tempo and card draw.  Soul of the Forest actually works really well.  Give it a shot and let me know if you think of any improvements.

Goal of the deck is to drop as many hard to kill minions as possible, then around turn 4 begin the buffing via Power of the Wild and Soul of the Forest.  I like to drop Coldlight as soon as possible to increase the odds of the combos going off.  Between Coldlight and Naturalize, the opponent almost never draws cards off of Jeeves.  Save the Naturalize for annoying blockers, otherwise just keep going for face and you'll quickly outpace anything.

Latest Update:  Current build is 27 wins - 8 losses - Streamlined it into a fun-house of minions.  Seems to be working for me from Rank 14->9.  Give it a try! :D  Remember, drop your hand and keep digging until you get the combos going.

Thanks to asdir for taking the time to put together a guide on how to play the deck. (pasting below) I haven't had the time myself to play in a while, but am definitely looking forward to seeing what the next expansion will add...

So courtesy of asdir here's the deck guide:


Generally, you want to be able to play minions on curve for at least 3 turns; the more minions, the better. Since Eggro Forest is an aggressive deck, mulligans are not dependent on match-ups. Having said that, against face hunter it might be wortwhile to run a higher risk to fetch at least one egg, ideally the nerubian (makes mad scientist/explosive trap unplayable early on).

Ideal hand: Dragon Egg, Nerubian Egg, Coldlight Oracle (i.e. two very sticky creatures and card draw in case you fail to get a good third turn or activator); or Dragon Egg, Nerubian Egg, Coldlight Oracle, Coin, Abusive Sergeant. 

Do not keep: Jeeves, Soul of the Forest, Power of the Wild, Savage Roar, Naturalize; all are exclusively useful for plays in the mid- and later game (Power of the Wild might have rare exceptions)

Always keep: The eggs (do not keep doubles unless you have Power of the Wild also); 1 drops and 2 drops so that you are sure to play a minion in both first turns.

Conditional keeps: Abusive Sergeant (as cheap egg-activator), Innervate (if you have a chance to play a first turn 2/4, you might want to take it)

Changes for coin: If you start second, you have the ability to adjust the curve. The Abusive Sergeant should definitely be kept, since the coin makes sure that playing him does not mess up your curve, even if he's not played as activator and just as normal buff. Sometimes coin also opens up the possibility for a possible turn 2 or 3 Power of the Wild.


Card draw: Every card that has the word "draw" on it is part of one big combo (for want of a better term). Those four different cards in the deck include draws for your opponent. But since they come in such a big mass, the individual negative impact of each one of them is diminished; in the case of Jeeves often eradicated even. The card draw will give your opponent more choice, but the benefit of each addtional choice becomes smaller with each card drawn, since he (unlike you) likely cannot play all of them at the same time. And even the drawback of an isolated Coldlight Oracle is small here since you will usually be quicker in playing the drawn cards than your opponent (firstly, because in the early game it matters that your opponent likely drew more costly cards than you and, secondly, because your cards do not very much depend on the board state, as long as you have any minions [see Buffs], while the opponent's drawn cards might).

Buffs: This is the part of the deck that creates the value on which it carries the win home. The stickiness of the creatures together with their high numbers courtesy of the card draw mechanics creates board states which are necessary for the universal buffs (Power of the Wild, Savage Roar, Soul of the Forest) to get consistent and high value. To some degree this extends to Dire Wolf Alpha, which with skilled placement serves more than just the minions on either side. In the case of Soul of the Forest, the buff mechanic of the deck is even self-perpetuating. Your opponent will find himself in situations in which the most powerful weapon against Eggro Forest, i.e. mass removal like holy nova, consecration or hellfire, becomes utterly impotent. And that makes your victory just that much sweeter.

Possible misplays:

  • Be aware of the turn your opponent can play his mass removal for the first time and play around it as best you can. In most cases this shouldn't be hard. It might even be advantageous to let your opponent think that he can get value out of his mass removal and shortly before he can play his spell, play Nerubian Eggs or Soul of the Forest, messing up the mass-removal turn of your opponent.
  • Do not be too greedy with Soul of the Forest timing. It looks like a huge cost to play it on turn 4 (often the turn before your opponent's potential mass removal) instead of the additional 2 minions, but you always have to keep in mind that it might cost you a lot of board presence. You'll have to weigh the risk of losing some of your board against the chance of getting 1-3 more treants.
  • The egg and Dire Wolf Alpha Placement is worth noting. Since the dragons of the Dragon Egg will always pop out on the right of it, but you want to keep the egg activated in case it survives, the doggy has to be on the left of the Dragon Egg. Consequently the Nerubian Egg has to be left of the dog to also be activated. So, even if the dog is not on the board yet, mind the egg placement. Always put the Nerubian Egg directly left of the Dragon Egg, so that the doggy can go in between later. Further minions should be placed outside of the eggs, respectively on the side that you think your opponent will take care of first, so that once the eggs are gone, the doggy still buffs other minions. This might sound as trivial as it sounds pedantic, but you will see quickly that it is just good practice and takes a while to become habit.
  • Playing Jeeves can be tricky. When you hold Jeeves and another value card like Savage Roar, it often is right to play the other card even in less than perfect circumstances just to make space for Jeeves-draws. On the other hand, you don't need to wait for your hand to be completely empty to play Jeeves; just do it even if you draw only 2, or, if Jeeves is well protected, just 1 card.
  • Do not use the hero ability if you could play a minion instead (there might be rare exceptions). IF you use the hero ability, however, do not be afraid to be liberal with your life total. It is ok to forfeit 7 HP if it means keeping a 1/1. Most of the time, if you cannot spare the 7, you are losing already anyway. But sparing a 1/1 could make a decisive difference with a Savage Roar around the corner.

Posted a video of a few games with this build.  The warrior match up at 12:55 was particularly fun :)