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Illidan's Demonology

  • Last updated Aug 20, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 9260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/4/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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             -HOW TO REKT PPL WITH DEMONS 101- 


!!!!-Remastered against new metas 20.08.2015-!!!!

Core Strategies:

  1. Mistress of Pain: 2 mana cost 1-4 demon is just fantastic. And they are healing half of life tap's dmg when she attacks or attacked. Against early aggro decks, use Demonfire on her and your 3-6 demon will hold much longer plus +3 heal when she attacks or attacked again ofcourse.
  2. Flame Imp(If you use it): This demon also has huge board control at the begining of the game. 3-2 is just great and you can still use Demonfire on it if necessary. Plus you can buff your Floating Watchers.
  3. Voidwalker: 1-3 tank with 1 mana, 3-5 with Demonfire... this guys will protect you at the begining of the game which is obvious. But the thing people doesnt know is your Mal'Ganis and your Lord Jaraxxus are 9 mana. When you use this big guys, you want a tank infront of you. With Mal'Ganis your Voidwalker is now 3-5 tank. Its pretty good 10 mana combo.
  4. Imp Gang Boss: This minion has good early board control which what you need most against aggros. By any chance, if you can use Demonfire on it. You may see lots of Imps on the board.
  1. Direct damage against Sylvanas Windrunner and Emperor Thaurissan to deal with them easily.
  2. With Demonheart and Sunfury Protector, Mistress of Pain gives you the heal and protection you need against aggros. Most likely autowin if you manage to do this combo somehow.
  3. It makes your Voidcaller a 8-9 minion to deal with giants and survive after hit.
  4. Mal'Ganis, Lord Jaraxxus and Illidan Stormrage evolve to a titan.
  1. When you have no minion on the board. And you have to kill and summon some minions. Thats when this guys are show up. Imp-losion can literally destroy a minion with 4-hp and summon 4x 1-1 demon. But sometimes it cant, thats when you will use your Bane of Doom on the same minion. With that, you can take your board control again. And do not forget... Imps are fuckin demons, with a little bit luck your Voidcaller can calls Mal'Ganis
  2. After Bane of Doom buff. Now you can summon 21 different demons. 10 of them are stronger then 5 mana minions. other 3 minions are almost equal and other 8 minions are a little bit weaker. It has become really imba card with this buff. Use it and a wild Mal'Ganis will appear soon or later. :)

  1. Ehm ? how about coz he is op in that deck? Well probably you dont believe me do ya? Well just wait for your Voidcaller to summon him and watch your opponent's desperate moves to destroy a 0 mana cost minion with Big Game HunterFireball etc... Even if that happens and illidan dies.. You still have bunch of 2-1 Flame of Azzinoth on the board.
  1. Floating Watcher or Ancient of Lore... almost same thing. 6-6 minion 1x card, 5-5 minion 2x card. But Floating Watcher is a "must be killed card" for opponent coz next turn he has to deal with 8-8 minion or  maybe even worst. And do not forget, its a demon.
  1. Same reason with handlock. You got 1x Shadowflame for desperate moments to detonate one of your giants. Use them wisely.  (You have now 2x Shadowflame)
  2. Use your Sunfury Protector if you need them desperatly to survive. But i recommend for you to wait until Molten Giant and Lord Jaraxxus's Infernals.
  1. Rekt Enemy Lord Jaraxxus. Priest can steal from you with ThoughtstealUnstable Portal can summon it, or simply another handlock can use it. All of them gonna be get rekt.
  2. Priest can use Mind Control on Mal'Ganis or on other demons.., punish him.
  3. Sacrifice one of Imp-losion's Imp (Imp Gang Boss's Imp now) when you need hp.
  4. Sacrifice Voidcaller if you need Mal'Ganis for fast burst or survival.
  5. Destroy Doomguard,Imp Gang Boss or Flame Imp when you play against zoo warlock.
  6. If a mage use secret, probably it is a Mirror Entity. So if you have Sacrificial Pact on your hand, you can play any demon you wanted and gain easy 5hp.

Blackrock Mountain Expansion Updates:

  1. -1 Flame Imp, -1 Dread Infernal, +2 Imp Gang Boss
  2. -1 Mortal Coil, +1 Demonwrath


Possible Changes:

Both are great, But i strongly recommend Bane of Doom. However Demonheart is more certain. You can kill 5hp minion or buff one of your minions as hell.

I recommend Sylvanas Windrunner, however you can use Loatheb if you dont have her. Sometimes loatheb can save you from burst spells or aoe board cleaner spells and it is cheaper.

You may choose to add Power Overwhelming in to your deck if you dont want to sacrifice a gaint or something when you are using Shadowflame. It may also can be used for burst and you can use Sacrifice pact on that doomed demon to gain 5hp.

More aoe if you want... but i dont recommend it since you already got Demonwrath+Shadowflame on the deck.

Demonheart on Voidwalker and mistress of pain grants you more protection against aggros.

 Note: I did try Demonwrath, not working well on this deck.


Mill druid + charge hunter