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RoS: Day 2 Token Druid

  • Last updated Apr 12, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 6 Minions
  • 24 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Token Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 5960
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/11/2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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Token Druid is really aggressive and can easily out-aggro the other aggro decks if it has perfect draw. Control matchups can get rough. No worries, tokens can still come out on top.

A perfect mulligan will see Acornbearer, Crystalsong Portal or EVIL Cable Rat, and Wispering Woods in your hand. Wrath is also incredibly handy to deal with early aggression.

Basically, you want to make your hand big for a turn 4 (or 3, with the coin and the perfect situation) Wispering Woods into 7 minions. If you don't have the card, simply build the widest board you can. Most opponents will notice the threat immediately, and will deal with your minions as quickly as possible. If you're left with a nice board, ideally, you want to pump up big with Blessing of the Ancients, Power of the Wild, or Savage Roar and strike face. If you fail to have any of those, or know you won't survive, Soul of the Forest is one magical card. It's basically a second chance.

The Forest's Aid is an insane backup late in control matchups. How good is twinspell? While there's not as much board wipes as there were pre-rotation, warrior, shaman, and mage have a couple of spells (so 4 in most decks, plus possible creation spells) that can be a right pain. If the game goes long enough, you should be able to build a board. With the Deathknights all rotated from standard, the end-game isn't as powerfully dominated by hero upgrades. Warrior still has Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, which, if he is summoned, will most likely see this deck lose unless you can swing for lethal the next turn.

Really fun and effective deck. I'm excited to see how it evolves as the meta settles

I've seen people ask if EVIL Cable Rat is worth running. In my opinion, yes. The reasoning lies in the hand. You can play the 2 drop then immediately replace its spot in your hand. This helps Wispering Woods be the best turn 4 play that it can be. The lackey battlecry can be quite handy, and adds another body to your board if you need it. Some prefer Hench-Clan Hogsteed. Effectively, it's better value for 2 mana, but it doesn't help fatten that hand. Also, lackeys are rad.