About Me

- Hello people! -

- I am a casual gamer from a little town in North Jutland, Denmark - 

- I love Hearthstone and everything about it - 

- Deckmaking is one of my great passions, which you can probably tell from all my uploads - 

- I'm definitely no pro, I just love to discover, discuss, create and develop all sorts of weird and wonderful decks to explore and enjoy for me and all my fellow hearthstone-players -

- All my decks are made from what I have and my card policy is to keep everything I loot except golden cards, with only golden legendaries spared, thus providing me with max amount of dust to create more and more and more great cards for my evergrowing collection, starting with creating all possible Common cards, then crafting all possible Rare cards, therefore making you always loot atleast +20 dust when you buy card-packs and have all Common and Rare in that particular expansion - 


- I play Hearthstone a lot, and I begun with my real-life brother Runehdk who also has a lot of great decks online, so our profiles, deck-uploads and comments are always interacting closely together - 


- Check out my stuff and feel free to leave a comment and perhaps an uprate on whichever deck of ours you choose to delve yourself into! -

- :o)


BattleTag Kunix#2700 Favorite Class Rogue Region EU