About Me

I'm an author that spends too much time playing games, especially Hearthstone. I think my deck building skills go alright. Check them out, if you'd like. I like quick games. Dislike control (absolutely hate counterspells in MtG). Folk who fondle ropes give me the willies.

Started playing shortly after Witchwood release. Very occasionally I climb the ladder--rank 6 is my best so far--but I usually just play janky casual stuff and happily sit at rank 20.

More than anything, I want janky casual modes in Hearthstone: MtG style 2HG, EDH, or Planechase in Hearthstone would make me a very happy fella.

Oh yeah, I probably should be writing books rather than playing Hearthstone. If you're interested in reading a fast-paced story set in fantasy world, The Holtur Enigma ebook is available for free.


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