Deck Spotlight: Beatings Available, Deck Spotlight: Midrange Pally, Card Design #18: Femme Fetale

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Deck Spotlight: Beatings Available (Mech Priest)

We're checking out Emogirly's Mech Priest deck tonight, a deck which he has taken up to Legend. Mileage may vary of course, and Mech Priest isn't necessarily the best class to play with Mechs, but Emogirly likes that value your minions can give you because of the Heal hero power, and being able to buff your minions with more health is also a huge win in the trading battle.

That said, bad draws early on can straight up ruin your game, and Handlock gives it some trouble.

This deck is pretty cheap to craft coming in at 3520 dust, with a heavy chunk of it from Dr. Boom. Head on over to the deck guide to learn more about the strategy behind this deck, and check out the deck below to start crafting.

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Deck Spotlight: Midrange Pally

Our second deck we're checking out tonight is a Midrange Paladin deck which comes from Julebrygd. Trade efficiently early on with your Shielded Minibot and Divine Shield thanks to CoghammerMustard For Battle early on to force some board clear or bad trades, and keep yourself from over-filling your board if you're wanting to do well with this style of deck. 

Not a whole lot different than your normal Midrange Paladin, but it's certainly a viable option on ladder if you're wanting to switch things up. 

This deck is on the high end of crafting costs coming in at 9140 dust. You can learn more about the strategies and cards over at the deck guide. Check out the deck below if you want to start crafting right away!

[S13+S14] Legendary midrange pala
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Card Design Competition #18: Femme Fatale

Week eighteen of our card design competition is live, and this week's theme is Femme Fatale. This week's competition involves creating a new card which is not only a female character, but also has the new made-up keyword "Fatality". Fatality is a short way of saying "Whenever this minion kills another minion, do something".

Winners get bragging rights, and a fancy avatar border on the site, so what are you waiting for? Go submit your card today! If you'd like to discuss this week's entries, head on over to the discussion thread. The contest is over on Wednesday, so get those entries in!

Last Week's Card Design Winner

Congratulations to Muatt88 for Quest Giver in last week's New Cards, Old Faces challenge. See more entries in last week's thread.



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