The Return of Anduin Wrynn

The Return of Anduin Wrynn

It's been quite a while since we've seen Priest being played to any rate of success in Hearthstone at all levels of play. Only the bravest of souls were taking it to tournaments (basically no one) and you couldn't go an hour without seeing a thread on the internets talking about how terrible the class was an how it was all Ben Brode's fault. (<3 Ben)

Then Purify happened and we were all thankful for this blessing Blizzard bestowed upon us. The pools of tears were endless and we waded through in hopes that the holy light would save us when it happened; People discovered Priest of the Feast is preeeettyyyy good and Onyx Bishop has a place at least for now.

If you're the slightly bit interested in Priest, you must see the revelation that is Resurrect Priest. Now, will this be the start of Anduin making his comeback or will we not even consider this gimmick a couple of weeks down the line?

How Resurrect Priest Works

Resurrecting your minions as Priest has been around since the Blackrock Mountain days thanks to the Resurrect spell, although the card was seldom used within Constructed play. The most notable deck that used the spell in the past was Kolento's Miracle Priest.

Thanks to this beauty and the lovable Injured Blademaster, you can get into some pretty crazy stuff!

The Resurrection Gang

You will be bringing back minions from the dead! All the targets in your deck are mid to late game minions so that RNG won't screw us over but that won't matter, we're  going to try to get these cards used after Injured Blademaster dies.

  • Resurrect - Only two mana, what a deal! Playable early on after your Blademaster has been slain or in combination with another card later into the game thanks to the low cost.
  • Onyx Bishop - The guaranteed 3/4 body that brings a friend along with it. A great way to get some board presence after your first Blademaster has been slain.

The Darkness of Heals

We've got a few options for heals in the deck and thanks to Auchenai Soulpriest.

  • Flash Heal - Heals up those Blademasters easily on the cheap or can take out beefy minions. Also useful on yourself if you've received large injuries but try to heal yourself back through other means first.
  • Circle of Healing - Full heal the board in a pinch or decimate everything, it just depends on what you need.
  • Priest of the Feast - Heal yourself from some of that damage you took earlier while healing/buffing up friendlies or annoying your opponent.

Clearing the Board

Resurrect Priest w/ N'Zoth & Barnes

[ONiK] Kevineter's Resurrect Priest
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Resurrect Priest w/ Forbidden Shaping & Thoughtsteal

Top 30 Legend [NA] Priest
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