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    posted a message on Agressive Galkrond Warlock slays @Legend 68%after 34 games!!!!!
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    Chaos gazer can't corrupt unplayable cards, so dropping in on turn 2-3 won't corrupt bogspine, soul mirror nor c'thun pieces. At best it changes a bit opponent's play but not by much. Definitely not worth running. 

     you are wrong buddy. get educated before u spout theories and ideas. 

     Hes right tho

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    posted a message on Standard deck recommendation
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    I find Evolve shaman extremely boring. There are no decisions involved when playing this deck. You either get the weapon and good rolls or not. With Paladin the gameplay is more engaging in my opinion and there are more options for tech cards to have some variance.

     Although enjoyment of a deck all comes down to personal preference, evolve shaman (more so the jambre list than the aggro list) is actually a quite skill intensive deck to play. Like any deck it can be ruined (or saved) by rng, but there are quite a lot of decisions to make in the midgame

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    posted a message on Totem shaman?
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    For this deck, Thing from Below, I only run Totem Cruncher in Even Shaman. 

     How good is windshear stormcaller? Is it worth to craft it along with vessina?

     Windshear stormcaller is terrible, don't craft it. Vessina is a pretty good card, but with the existence of Diligent Notetaker and copying Totemic Surge Vessina is certainly not necessary and possibly not optimal. 

    Also totem cruncher is awful, even in even shaman 

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    posted a message on Genn - C'Thun, the Shattered bug

    Seems like a bug to me. 

    Anyway for clarification: if you have odd cost cards in your deck and get them all in the mulligan, genn will NOT trigger. This is easily tested by playing a quest in an otherwise even cost deck. 

    Anyone telling you otherwise is mistaken about this interaction 

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    posted a message on please tell me Tickatus is a bad and late april fools joke
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    Same shit whenever expansion cards are revealed. Have you not learned anything from Glide, Platebreaker, Mojomaster Jihi, and all other crap?

     When paladin play a 11/11 for 2 manas or rogue give you 20 damage before turn 6 with steath package or druid can play 40 manas spells in turn 6 cards like Glide is really bad.

    If the game become more combo/control then a card like Glide is a top tier, call Glide crap is the same call Harrison/Ooze crap because a weaponless meta.

     People keep saying this about glide, but I'm willing to bet the card is just trash. I feel fairly confident that its a terrible card and will never see play, no matter what meta exists

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    posted a message on Il'gynoth seems incredibly powerful

    I think I'm the minority here, but I'm of the opinion the card sucks. At the end of the day it's a 4 mana 2/6 that does probably 4 free damage to face. I'm not putting that in any deck, especially not one so cohesive and focused on synergy (attack buffs). The only card that synergies with it is warblades, and its not 'free damage' because you miss out on the healing. Still super strong with a 10 attack weapon, but it isn't as good as 'doubling the attack' like some people are saying. To make it work you also gotta hold a charge (spending 7 mana to equip it on the same turn isn't gonna let you buff it much), and even then your losing 4 mana you could be spending buffing your weapon/playing blade dance. A lot of the time I'd prefer play lapidary twin slice blade dance and hit for 11, heal 11, and clear the board than hit for 22. 

    Of course, maybe we'll see an influx of lifesteal cards for DH and there will be more synergy. Moarg and new shooting star give us a fireball if we play ll'gynoth. But that alone has me far from convinced. 

    Tldr: too weak on its own and the warblades synergy is extremely overrated 

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    posted a message on [Bug Report] Bomb Warrior vs Polkelt

    You're mistaken, polkelt DOES order the deck if it has bombs in it. Check by playing draw after polk, before your opponent has a chance to shuffle in a bomb 

    And as someone said, what you're noticing is that when a bomb is SHUFFLED into your deck your deck loses its order. Why? Because its not "randomly placed in your deck". Its shuffled, so your entire deck is shuffled. 

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    posted a message on New to wild

    If you're looking for a cheap wild deck, play even shaman :)

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    posted a message on Back From Hiatus
    Quote from Nargacuga15 >>

    Now I managed to go from bottom to about Diamond 5 in 3 days and very little effort. I’m thinking they made ranking somehow a little too easy. Is the consensus roughly everyone who tries gets to diamond now? You can have a pretty negative (even as low as 25%)  win-rate and still climb with the ridiculous amount of bonus stars you get. I believe at the the Plat 5 floor is finally where the game only rewards you for being >=50%. 

     This is dependent on how many bonus stars you have though. For example, with 11x star bonus I could hit legend with a tier 4 deck if I was willing to play it enough. 

    The point of bonus stars is to quickly accelerate you to what rank the game thinks you should be. 

    As to your belief that they made ladder too easy, I personally believe that ladder being "easy" and less of a grind is good for everyone. But it's certainly true that its much easier to hit legend under the new system than the old system. Again, imo that's a good thing, but you can have a different opinion

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    posted a message on Disapointed in Hearthstone now
    Quote from lv426a11 >>

    Did you read it - it's clearly not a salt thread.

     Except it clearly is. There is no constructive feedback, only complaining. 

    I'm sorry you don't like how hearthstone currently is. I recommend finding a deck you really enjoy playing, and not worrying too much about the playstyle of your opponents. 

    For me, I really enjoy even shaman. It reminds me of learning to play the game (with midrange shaman) and I enjoy the playstyle. Because of this, I play almost exclusively even shaman, and enjoy playing hearthstone. 

    Find a deck you enjoy, don't get tilted, and don't worry so much about overblown ideas like 'aggro never running out of cards' or other things you can't control 

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    posted a message on Is Soulshard Lapidary as strong as Leeroy Jenkins?

    Leeroy was never the most powerful of cards. It was just always an effective top end burst for aggro decks. Compared to fireball, leeroy is extremely weak, and fireball never broke the game. 

    As far as lapidary goes, in a soul DH deck it is many times more powerful than leeroy. But if leeroy still existed in standard, it would be run in face hunter, aggro rogue, and maybe more. 

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    posted a message on Is Guardian Animals dead after nerfs??

    It's not dead, the card is still good

    It just won't be able to carry the entire druid class like it has been 

    But I'm pretty sure the way to build most druid decks that contain overgrowth will still be to play GA

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    posted a message on Petition to blizzard - Change (buff/unnerf) Tinkmaster Overspark in Hearthstone to cost 5-6 and effect targets.

    On the one hand, this is stupid. 

    On the other hand, I would have no issue with blizzard reverting tink. 

    Just please make good arguments if you're gonna bring up something like this. Your conclusion may not be wrong, but your argument is atrocious 

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    posted a message on It Is Impossible To Balance Shaman?


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    posted a message on How Important is Magtheridon in Soul Demon Hunter?

    I'm not an expert on soul DH, but I believe the consensus is that it makes the deck worse 

    Certainly an important part of the deck or its winrate 

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