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Update: In March of 2023 I returned to the Tavern from my visit to the Shadowverse! :)

I am a deck building artist, I have 24 Wild Bonsai trees of my favorite archetypes from Beta (2014).  Each expansion I prune and trim my Bonsai trees with new cards that helped them grow up on the ladder.  My favorite warcraft lore character is Drek'Thar. I have been playing Hearthstone Since it came out in 2014.  Occasionally, you may see me play Classic from time to time.  

I exclusively played the Wild format out of PROTEST because I believe players should not have limitations imposed on them when it comes to deck building only so a gaming company can keep forcing its player base to purchase its newest sub par content every 4 months. I believe players should not loathe the High power levels of Wild but rather embrace them and adapt as a way to become a better Hearthstone player. I truly believe Playing Wild does make you a better Hearthstone Player because you have to deal with more powerful potent Decks in the Meta.  

The 27 Decks that I have listed on my HearthPwn are FINAL and all made up of ALL GOLDEN cards from my collection.  I have scrutinized and analyzed over every choice of card that I put in each deck I created for a designated specific intended purpose.  I see Deck Building as an Art Form and the 27 I have made are all my Favorite Art pieces I use as forms of expression.  I have over 500 wins with each class and all GOLDEN Heros as well because I believe players should know the entire game and how each class plays and not just specialize in one individual class. I do have a favorite class: Shaman, and I consider myself the Wild Shaman Master due to the fact that to date I have over 12000 wins in that class alone.

Finally, I wrote very brief descriptions for each of my Decks (with the exception of my 3 Classic decks) that I have Posted on HearthPwn so people can understand some of the reasoning behind my card choice selections or in some cases just a card that I highlight that I believe makes the deck special to play. I love a great MidRange deck that catches a Control deck by surprise and defends well against Aggro.  The MidRange play style is my preference of the three play styles in Hearthstone.  There is Aggro which seeks to win on or before turn 6. MidRange which tries to win  between turn 7 and 10, and finally Control which tries to win after turn 10. Most of my decks are MidRange decks but I also have Aggro and Control decks as well in the final 27.    

I hope you enjoy my final 27 decks that I have made and posted to my HearthPwn account. I wanted each deck to feel different, so the experience of playing the game is different every time you play one of my decks. I have put a lot of energy into making them perform at high levels, while at the same time keeping class identity intact. 

Finally, I will leave you with one important piece of advice when playing this wonderful game known as Hearthstone. Totem Cruncher is the greatest card ever made!



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