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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: BrokenMirror#1396

    Region: NA

    Trade only: Yes.

    Gamemode: Wild (I only have wild decks. If you want to actually play and not just fast-lose to make it quick, I can't play standard.)

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    posted a message on Uther of the Ebon Blade

    This is my personal exodia paladin list. The trick here is rather than attempt to use Burgly Bullys (which is inconsistent, and can be played around), or Blackwalde Pixies, which are standalone dead cards until they win the game, I use clockwork Gnomes to get spare parts to activate the combo, so the number of dead cards in the deck is reduced. You are playing a ton of dead cards in your list, for example, Brewmasters, Pixies, and Gorgon, where I only have Spare Parts (which are cycled into your hand), Emperor, Auctioneer, and 1 Random 1 mana spell in the deck of your choice, but equality also works thanks to Fencing Coach.

    Fencing Coach and Ivory Knight are both optional, and can be traded out for tech cards, such as the 3 mana weapon hate ooze, or Enter the Coliseum for big decks like Cubelock and Big Priest. Fencing Coach makes pulling off the combo slightly easier, as you don't have to hit all 3 1 mana spells with emperor, or you can sub in a 2 mana spell that has been emperored, or it can be used as a 3 mana 3/3 over 2 bodies. The way the deck curves also allows it to play like a Midrange deck, until you decide to OTK your opponent, some games will actually just be finished by Uther swinging a 5/3 weapon at your opponent for lethal.

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: BrokenMirror#1396

    Region: NA

    Trade Only: YES

    Preferred Game-mode: Wild (I have no standard decks)

    Done, Thank you Gasalto.

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    posted a message on Incorrect Crafting Cost

    I made a deck here to take note of the crafting cost http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1020354-shock and you can see it is listed at 6020, it should be listed at 6100.

    So, my guess is that it is subtracting the Naxxramas cards crafting cost from the total, as the 2 common naxx cards are 80 dust to make, but it shouldn't do that given you can't buy naxx for gold and have to craft them. It also does not subtract Finley's Crafting Cost despite finley being an adventure card as well.

    So unless one of these other commons is actually free distribution, and I didn't know/forgot then the dust cost is wrong (it either excludes creeper, or includes finley, probably excludes creeper).

    Math; 2 basic, 15 commons, 7 rares, 4 epics, 2 legendaries. (2*0)+(15*40)+(7*100)+(4*400)+(2*1600)=6100

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    posted a message on Why is Naga Sea Witch + Sea Giant = 1 Mana cost ?
    Quote from ArgentumEmperio >>
    Quote from Gunnolf >>

    Blizzard essentially giving wild a middle finger with that change!

    1. Folks have been complaining about inconsitencies in Hearthstone for a really long time. Blizzard fixes one of those and now folks are saying how Blizzard screwed them over because of it.
    Conclusion? Folks like their memes too much to think properly.
    2. Wild has the tools to deal with these kinds of decks and they are gonna get ridiculous like this... that's the entire point of Wild. It has always been the point of Wild when you can pick and choose from every single Hearthstone card ever printed.
    Conclusion? Folks are mad that they lost their "Oh now I can escape from standard"-playground because they gained a format that was and always would be competitive given the time.
    So... how are they screwing over Wild by doing everything people both WANTED them to do and Wild is INTENDED to be?
     1. Now Naga Sea Witch is an inconsistency, it was not before. In every other card game, the giants would cost 5. Naga Sea Witch's text reads "Your cards cost 5." not "The base cost of your cards is 5" and since it is an aura, meaning the effect applies retroactively, this is how it works in a logical sense. Naga Sea Witch SETS it's cost, Giants reduce their cost. Aura SET trumps Aura Reduce, because no matter the reduction, the cost of the card is being retroactively SET to 5. Bright Eyed Scout sets the base cost to 5 since it is not retroactive, it is not overwriting the reduction on every step, therefore the giant would be 4 mana.
    2. Wild does NOT have the tools to deal with a turn 5 (or 4 with coin) 37/37 split across 5 minions. Very few decks can deal with a successful drop of Naga Sea Witch + Giants, and those that do answer it far less consistently than the Naga Sea Witch deck plays out a successful turn. 
    They are screwing over wild by making unneeded changes. To the people who want a playground, they get card nerfs like dreadsteed. To people who want a competitive mode, they get card buffs like naga sea witch. Literally no one wins because Blizzard is doing worst of both worlds to both types of wild players.
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    posted a message on Any Chance To Shadowstep Be Nerfed Or HoF?
    Quote from gabugga >>
    Quote from Dahkss >>

    I know that Blizzard hates Rogue, so that's why I've been holding a second copy of Edwin Van Cleef for months. At least I'll get 3200 dust when they destroy the card with a nerf.

     Yah they're gonna nerf edwin, a card that has been around for years without being touched, that's been a staple favorite of rogue players.
    Edwin shows up in a lot of varieties of rogue decks, they aren't going to nerf it because of the keseleth deck. That's like assuming Antonidas would get nerfed because of quest mage.
     Yeah you're right, they don't do that. Fiery War Axe has been around for years without being touched, that's been a staple favorite of Warrior Players.
    Fiery War Axe shows up in a lot of varieties of Warrior Decks, they aren't going to nerf it because of the Patches Deck. That's like assuming Innervate would get nerfed because of Jade Druid.
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