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Come in and Warm your Frozen Boots by the Fire!


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gunnolf, and I am originally from the Land Down Under a.k.a. Australia. I am an avid gamer that has acquired a real passion for card games, which originated from my humble beginnings as a Yu-Gi-Oh collector and eventually grew from my dabbling in Cardfight Vanguard and Buddyfight, until we reached the game we know as Hearthstone.

I've played Hearthstone since the days of classic, with multiple accounts on both EU and NA servers. Despite having reached the Rank of Legend and my own personal mentality of equating 'having fun' with 'winning' , I am not really a fan of meta power-grinding & net-decking, not that there is anything wrong with that. Therefore, I enjoy thinking about new, cool and fun deck ideas that push boundaries while also allowing you to win and those are what I want to share with you guys every-time I post a decklist.

I would like to advise anyone reading my content, to read the full deck descriptions provided. My suggestion is such, not only due to the fact that I put a lot of effort into writing them but mainly because your winrate will increase exponentially if you actually know a few things about a deck's playstyle before copy-pasting the link. Additionally, I often include alternative deckbuilding strategies, within the deck descriptions. which are clearly marked with the aforementioned tag and provide the reader with the option of making the list provided more competitive or alternatively extra fun, if they are so inclined to mess around.

Lastly, I have clearly marked all my decks, in their title, with a viability tag. In essence, if a deck is [Legend] viable, a [Meme], [F2P] or just a Good, Balanced, Working deck it will be stated before hand so as to avoid confusion. Whatever its viability, each and every deck has been play-tested a painstaking amount of times against AI, Friends and Real Opponents on the Higher-End of the Ladder (5+ to Legend) in order to ensure the best possible playing experience for You, the Reader.

I have presently become a contributing writer to WILDHS and will be posting articles there on a semi-regular basis, regarding deck-archetypes, the status of the meta, as well as how to get the most fun out of this game even if you aren't a big spender. If any of this sounds interesting, then I highly recommend that you check out of the website, as the writers and the owner himself are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet with great in-game knowledge. You can also follow me on Twitter for latest updates. 

If you genuinely like my content and would like to see me produce more of it, then please consider supporting me on Patreon. This is by no means necessary but it will definitely help me out in the long run.

Thank you profusely for reading and providing your support as it is much appreciated and a huge factor that keeps pushing me in creating new content. Never hesitate to drop me a message or comment on one of my decks with some constructive criticism, which I really do take into consideration.

Good Luck and have fun in Hearthstone! Woof ^^


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