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    posted a message on Headed for Legend - S18 September 2015

    It was extremely difficult, but I ended up getting Legend with 2 days left to go in the season. :) Very much worth it! Couldn't have done it without the support of all my battle.net friends!

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    posted a message on How to contact Blizzard about threats made by a player?

    Hey guys, you may have seen my post from around 30 minutes ago on the Hearthstone reddit about the guy who roped me every turn. Long story short, he added me and started cursing me out, even threatening me and asking for my name and address. I am not gonna post any details or screenshots on here as I don't want him to get any attention or threats himself, but would like to know how I can report this to Blizzard and make the community a safer and better place. Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on [FAKE] Patch 3.0.1246 - The Argent Crusade Notes
    Quote from YouGotOwned jump

    This is obviously not legitimate... anyone can just write up a set of "patch notes" and pass them off as real. I am appalled by how many people believe this garbage. Casual mode is not going anywhere, and although some elements of this may prove true, this persons guesses are as good as ours. Don't be stupid people, don't believe anything unless it's from a legitimate, authenticated source. Obvious fake, please lock this thread.

    There you go, now everyone who believed this trash looks like a fool.

    In other news, WOOOOO, EXPANSION! :)

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    posted a message on Champions Pursue Valor, Glory, and Fun, Popular Decks of the Week


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    posted a message on Mind Control

    This card has ****ed me over so many times hahaha

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    posted a message on Thoughts on this deck?
    Quote from BetaPlaya jump

    Dumb question, but how do you create a New Thread? I can't find the button for it.

    It's in the top right of each forum. "Create Thread" I believe.

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    posted a message on Just got cancer wishes and threats, where to report?

    I'm sorry to hear that someone insulted you like that. Nonetheless, it's the internet, and people will be assholes so we've just gotta learn to deal with it. Don't take what he said too seriously, just block him and move on with your life knowing you're a better person than he can ever hope to be. :)

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