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    posted a message on 79% WR Control Shaman!

    This deck is great.  It is deceptively strong.

    Rune Dagger is a very effective control tool providing extra damage to board clears and heals.

    It is a complicated deck that requires planning and it took a few games to get a feel how to plan, but this is a strength of the deck giving advantage to high skill level players (which is what Hearthstone should be about).

    Thanks for making this deck!

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    posted a message on At least Standard is better now
    If you can point me to another wincon I'd gladly hear more about it. Without Bloodlust we're stuck to Doomhammer or Al'Akir + Atk boosting card. Shaman simply doesn't have the tools to outvalue Control decks nor the tools to survive from-hand face damage (DH, Rogue and Mage), that kinda locks shaman into an aggressive playstyle.

     What the heck is this?

    Shaman doesn't have a win condition aside from Doomhammer?

    Brukan the +3 spell damage guy --- Lightning bolts and Dunk Tank or Serpent Shrine portals?  Activating Arid Stormer with Windfury and jacking it with Hammer really puts dents in opponents Health.  Fire Elementals.  There is a legendary Innra Stormcrash you +2 attack and Windfury, that's +4 to face immediately if opponent has no taunt.  The snowballing 1/3 Elemental is hard to deal with.

    Getting Nightmare off ArchDruid and putting that on Al Akir.  Or some decks play Ysera for that.  Some keep a Diligent Notetaker to 2x play Nightware on Alakir.

    No one says you can't run Alexstraza -- supposedly the winningest Elemental Shaman runs Alex.

    There is Evolve Shaman that likes to Evolve or Revolve Carnival Clowns.

    Shaman has quite the toolset available since the mini-set.  Can't beat Demon Hunter --- crazy talk.  I use this deck and when I queue into Demon Hunter, Warlock or Druid I'm quite relieved:  https://hsreplay.net/archetypes/61/elemental-shaman#tab=similar (except I don't have 2nd Lilypad Lurker and instead have Inna Stormcrash. 

    Check the stats it has 60% winrate against all classes except Warrior and Hunter and those are > %50

    I don't like queuing into Warrior, but those are often winnable with patience.  I'm also not fond of the Shaman mirror match, but at least those are always fair games.


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    posted a message on At last a healthy meta!

    Is this thread a joke?  It is nice to see Shaman return and I've been playing Shaman, but this is not a good meta.

    The only good thing about this meta is that if you are Shaman and draw well, the games are fun.

    And if you are Shaman in the mirror match, hope you go first.

    My experience on ladder (as Shaman) is either I run into a competitive matchup (Warrior, Hunter) or the mirror (yay!) or I run into the very unlucky Druid or Warlock.  Supposedly I should lose against Demon Hunter but my deck runs Lightning Bloom so I may have inappropriate early turns.

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    posted a message on New Cards, Old and Tired Decks. Rinse and Repeat. I give up. The players playing this game are mindless robots not humans.

    Is someone complaining about Netdecks?

    Crazy talk.

    It's 2021.  The internet has been around more than 30 years.  Information is going to spread.

    When my self made decks keep losing, yes I am going to netdeck .... at least as a starting point.

    To not do so is foolish.  I'm not here to be fodder to cancer decks, I'm here to play the decks that feed on the cancer decks.


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    posted a message on Face Hunter is Strongest Deck - Should I feel sad?

    hsreplay says Face Hunter vs. Token Druid is about 50/50.  That's my experience too.

    Gibberling + Crazy stuff start = Token Druid win.  Otherwise, who knows.

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    posted a message on Face Hunter is Strongest Deck - Should I feel sad?

    23-2 is good even in Bronze.

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    posted a message on Face Hunter is Strongest Deck - Should I feel sad?

    Thanks "Hung Like A Squirrel" Dude!

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    posted a message on Face Hunter is Strongest Deck - Should I feel sad?

    I've switched away from Paladin to the strongest Face Hunter deck, and I hardly ever lose at what is higher upper dumpster legend (10,000 but 14k or 15k is bottom) but I'm there because I wanted to do some experiments and that means some losing/misfires occur.

    When I got sick of losing, I saw a pattern -- Druid, Mage, Rogue, Demon Hunter.

    What schools those classes?  Well, it's Face Hunter.

    I must be on a 23-2 streak -- and one of the losses was to a Token Druid that without coin had a full board due to Gibbering and gaining mana and playing 4 spells on Turn 1 no coin.

    Although this is definitely NOT the worst meta ever (hello Ashes of Outland and unnerfed Raza Priest/Patches and maybe Descent of Dragons), this one is fairly bad --- and I think if they did different nerfs it might even be worse because a number of classes are just crazy broken.

    Rogue vomits minions.  But Face Hunter kills them before it matters.
    No minion mage?  Plays Ice Barrier on Turn 5 --- like Face Hunter even needs to hit face at that point. Just hero power and piercing shot.
    Druid ramping in Guardian Animals?  Good luck with that when you have 8 health.
    Lifesteal Demon Hunter Turn 7 OTK?  Face Hunter says Turn 7?  What's that?
    Deathrattle Demon Hunter has a great play around Turn 7.  Again, what's Turn 7?
    Rush Warrior is supposed to beat Face Hunter.  And maybe it does.   But I'm actually undefeated against them,.

    Libram Paladin says "I have a higher winrate than you".  Face Hunter says, "By a couple percent sure, but my games take 4 minutes".

    To be honest, I've never won so many games so easily.

    What's funny is that although I don't enjoy the Face Hunter archetype, I view all the decks except Paladin and Warrior (and possibly Token Druid) as dishonest because they are "from hand" and do not play for board.

    So that in itself makes it enjoyable, but I can't wait for tomorrow where I can ladder up with it.

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    posted a message on Standard is unplayable because of Priest

    What are you playing that Priests make you suffer?

    Hunter can't beat priests.  Mage probably does.   Paladin either does or doesn't depending on build.  Warlock beats them.  I imagine Control Warrior beats them -- although I haven't checked the stats.

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    posted a message on Rush Warrior is the savior of this meta

    All the viable decks have something broken about them.  But at least Rush Warrior is board based.

    All the decks in this meta make many past broken decks like "Odd Paladin" look like a joke.

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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.
    Quote from happyday >>

    Uhm, you already just confirmed what I've wrote in my last post. The moron part has an if. I did not say YOU are a moron I just didn't want irrelevant arguments to be part of the discussion, because most of the times when something like that is brought up people say that there are even better decks or other similar shit. Plus if you didn't see or read something it doesn't mean it wasn't there, go reread the thread, since you have poor eyesight.

    I've tried to be fucking polite and respectful but fuck it, since most of you guys start bitching around and throwing insults around then fine.

    Sorry, that a lot of you took my words and twisted them to make some kind of points. I should have probably taken even more time to try to make it as understandable as it can be and to be more clear since there are so many fucking snowflakes around here. You say I insulted someone, that I am arrogant, that I think that only my way of playing is the right way. NOW, tell me where in my last 2 threads did I say any of that? Stop misinterpreting my words and twisting them to try to make a point or to take the higher moral ground. I still stand by my words in terms of the whole casual clown situation. Because most of the new tier 1 decks are a joke to pilot. So the whole - learning to pilot the decks is dumb. If you really need to play more than 2 games with those decks then you are garbage.

    And before you dimwits start saying - you are insulting us now. Yeah, cause you don't understand when someone is trying to be polite. And I live by the rules respect someone the same as they respect you.

    I'm just sick of seeing one of my most favorite games going down hill because of the whole fun = win = op cards, situation going on here.

    And cooking is very important know since the whole covid-19 took out a lot of food joints out of the business. And I did not once say that the way that you play the game is wrong. The only thing that I said is how can someone continue to play the same deck, not the exact type of deck, like reno decks, which have a huge variety to them, but the exact deck. There was hardly any change in secret mage over the years, the only changes that happened are thanks to the new expansions but prior to that there was no variety in the archetype. And that is the issue. The whole game doesn't change after the first month of the expansion. Some new tier decks pop up and that's great. But most of the time you can already stop playing after the first months of the expansion since almost nothing changes.

    And honestly if you think that deck building is dumb, unfun, not relevant or anything else like this, then sorry to break it to ya but this is a TCG. And the most important part of a TCG game is deck building. It does not matter if the deck only has a 70 % winrate if skilled players play it. The problem is that the deck has a 50% - 60 % winrate when someone unskilled plays it. It only shows the gap between the players who understand the decks and why it has the cards that it has and the players who don't. 

    So go fuck yourself if you think that making your own decks, trying to enjoy fun and unique decks is arrogant or dumb. If only winning brings you pleasure then so be it.

     Bro ... why volcanic erupt over my silly "all games are a waste of time"?

    And feel free to volcanic erupt more on me for no reason if it suits you.  Half the internet is baby rages.

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    posted a message on What everyone's opinion about the Meta after the buffs and nerfs?

    The meta has settled into a rather terrible place.  It cannot be fixed, either.

    Rogue often has turns playing 7 or 8 cards, and this is while they have 3 or 4 mana.

    How many cards a game does Priest discover?  They raise dead scorpion discovers and septic Veilweavers non-stop.  How many scorpions does a Priest play in a game?  6?  8?

    Druid sometimes has a full board first turn without a coin!  And if they aren't token Druid, they tend to do Guardian Animals when opponent has 4 mana.

    Warlocks, but how many times can you clear a board as Warlock, especially if you decide to run the 4 mana 5 damage to all minions spell Soul Rend?  And at Turn 9 you can Jaraxxus up and even Priest can't deal with it.

    Demon Hunter can Lifesteal OTK on 7 mana from hand with no minions on board while they destroyed your board every turn all game.

    The meta has a great number of severe problems, so you have to reach for the quickest deck.

    I'm actually playing Aggro Paladin now because it is the only deck that clears Rogues minion vomit and pressures Druid severely.

    I am starting to realize that if they nuked Mage, Rogue would just roll over most classes.

    4 mana feels like late game turns.  This isn't the worst meta ever -- maybe not even one of the worst --- but worse than how hard and fast your deck needs to hit, how are they going to do expansions with meanful cards when most viable decks are so aggressive and fast?

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    posted a message on Has Hearthpwn lost its charm? Is there any way to recover it?

    Hearthstone can't be new forever.

    3+ years ago, in a rural town I saw a billboard for a Hearthstone gathering.

    And the faces aren't new either, it is always Kripp, Regis, Kibler, Thijs, ...


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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.

    The reason to play this game is simple.

    All games are a waste of time, but with the benefit of taking a break from reality.

    I play this one because it is in front of me, I am familiar with it, and is satisfactory.  I like the fact that it can be free to play if you do it right, which causes me to be a bit appreciative that I largely am a freeloader yet have every Tier 1 or Tier 2 deck I want.

    For others, there preferred waste of time might be League of Legends or Fortnite or Artifact (hehe) -- or watching cable.

    There is no superior "waste of time" to another.



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