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    posted a message on incredible run to legend!! 74% win rate
    why ppl need to be toxic when you share something that you have some type of proud lol if you dont see nothing great or dont care why comment ??? and nobody hit legend without meta decks you may change some cards but in the end the core deck of some architype is there...

    NegativeNancy is just repeating a comment he saw someone else say once time. So he's netdecking a troll reply. I would ignore him, he's probably a 10 year old. (Or worse, he isn't).

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    posted a message on Anomalies meta is a bust to me

    I'm not sure who was doing the personal attacks (unless it was me somehow, but I never named anyone in a post and my replies were to people who I agree with).

    So in conclusion, I think we have all learned a valuable lesson today.

    I yield my time to next speaker.

    Also ... this meeting is ajourned.  I always wanted to say that.



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    Quote from Anarchy1 >>

    Better they release powerful stuff and tone it down then making unplayable garbage. Just salt here 

     I agree with that.  At least this has let even warrior have it's day.

    Still waiting for the nerfs.  We know the devs don't care, but they have a routine so I expect this week.

    Perhaps they will hit Auctioneer.  I doubt they'll address Tony Druid, but ... yeah.

    If whatever mega-corp that owns this stuff had actual greed, they would sell off Hearthstone as it's own company because I bet a properly managed Hearthstone would make mega bucks.

    but instead we have these devs running it.

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    Quote from TigOldBiddy >>

    why isnt this a standard topic?


    because I started the thread and I don't play standard.  Just explaining, I have no thoughts on standard .. it looks "okish" right now, but "okish" does not make me want to play it.

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    posted a message on Why you should boicot Twist

    I have played 0 games of Twist in this season after having a poor experience with Warlock and Jade Telegram.

    Complaining is ok.

    But the right way to ring the bell loud and clear .. stop playing.

    If you want them to fix their mistakes, the correct way to help them to fix it faster is to stop playing.

    You can complain, but if you still play you are supporting the status quo.  If you still play, you are part of the problem.



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    Well, wild didn't last long.  3 of 4 last opponents are discard warlock.

    I queue to play a game.  Not be a patsy to auto-win deck that cannot be countered.

    Hearthstone totally rocks at screwing up their own game.  To me, right now they have succeeded doing this for every game mode they have, although bgs current cheesy meta is okish.

    Strangely, I have to play some other game now.  Wow, the dev team sucks.

    If they keep this up, they'll all get fired and replaced by Chat GPT -- it won't know what the hell it is doing but it would be able to screw up their game modes without a salary. 

    So Chat GPT could produce equally terrible results, but does not need paid.

    That is what AI can do, a brainless crappy job for free replacing humans who also get crappy results.



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    posted a message on Warlock Will Get Nerfed

    I wonder why they are giving Warlock and Druid super cheap locations and in the case of Warlock it does too much.

    Even though they neglect wild with abandon, I'm pretty convinced that the Warlock location will get nerfed.  Discard warlock is stupid good with no counter play and their removals go face.


    Quest Warlock (needs nerfed too)

    I was playing as Even Hunter, I saw "Warlock" and was about to concede.  I thought maybe they are quest, I stayed.  They were quest.

    Stupid quest warlock is op.  I thought "I just will not play any minions or cards that produce them".

    "Yo, Warlock!  If you want to advance your quest, you will need to play and kill your own minions! Those will be what you can target with your 85 removals."

    Warlock was playing Defile on empty board turn 4.

    Warlock conceded turn 5.

    It is very offensive that if you play minions against Quest Warlock, you stand almost no chance of winning.




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    posted a message on Twist September Season - Your Thoughts?

    Weird, so I guess now I don't even know what the theme of this is.

    I thought it was to recreate some kind of old timey meta.

    I'll reserve judgment until things play out, but it seems like an unevenly buffed meta. 

    Rogue gets to look at my cards and shuffle them back into my deck.  That wasn't a thing during Mean Streets.

    It seems I was an error in understanding this as a Mean Streets-like meta.






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    posted a message on Twist September Season - Your Thoughts?

    I find Warlock offensive.  They have a location.  There were no locations in Means Streets.

    And there deck is similar to wild level of power with discard cards buffed for no reason.

    Totally breaks the theme.

    If Warlock gets an OP location that didn't exist in Mean Streets, give Shaman a hero card and Hunter a Titan and give Warrior some tradables.

    If I end up seeing much more of this Warlock with locations and OP cards that employs the strategies of the nerfed Wild deck, I think I'm out.

    Other than that, seems ok so far.



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    posted a message on Twist September Season - Your Thoughts?

    Twist September Season ... what are the good decks?

    Is it fun?  Did they get it right this time?


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    posted a message on Wow... What an ugly meta

    Wild meta is okish right now.  I wouldn't say it is "good".

    I've  been playing a even secret hunter I saw martian playing.

    I actually kind of like playing against Secret Mage and Pirate Rogue with this deck, since they are very complex matchups.

    And I threw a Platebreaker into etc for warrior, actually won a game against warrior solely due Plate breaker (go figure).

    The deck is polarized, zero chance against mech decks, but has close to 100% win rate against Quest Mage or most kinds of combo decks.  Harrassing automaton priest is funny, they buff their mech acd then pressure plate destroys it.

    I am hoping Twist is good this time.

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    posted a message on Anomalies meta is a bust to me
    Quote from MyDude33 >>
    I think that they have been trying to tell the player base that it is not a competitive mode since Darkmoon prizes were first introduced. Seems like the majority of the player base appreciates this and likes this direction.

     Sure and I get that.

    I want my board building to matter.

    In this meta, it matters far less than in the past.

    The wins often feel cheap (unearned) and the losses often feel cheap.

    Yes most people are ok with this. 

    but I'm only interested in if I enjoy the mode.  And I right now, not so much.

    I have no problems with others enjoying the mode.

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    posted a message on How can I give these 2 packs to you guys?

    I have 2 -- I repeat TWO -- free Mercenaries packs I would like to donate to someone else.

    All you need to do is tell me how to do, and I'll give you these 2 Mercenaries packs.

    Some lucky guy is going to reap this reward, right?







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    posted a message on Anomalies meta is a bust to me
    Quote from BlueM00N >>

    There is something like a feedback. You obviously can't be happy all the time and adapt to everything that is thrown at you. I dont like some of the anomalies and that is why I play BG much less than before. Its ok if you enjoy them, that's your taste but for god sake don't assume someone is salty just because they don't like the changes.

     Some people want something competitive.  Some people, like that guy you were replying to, just are looking for time killing alternative to spanking the monkey.

    I usually finish 3rd or 2nd in my "bad games" in Battlegrounds.

    I've played more of this BG meta than I should.  I accidental queue into BGs from habit.

    This meta is "not bad", but to players that want something competitive, it's too cheesy and inconsistent.

    I get that some players are fine with monkey spankage gameplay.  Different tastes for different people.

    /Crafting wild deck.  If that sucks, 3 days to Twist.  All bg regulars have a huge pile of worthless gold with no way to use it for bgs, so I can craft any deck I want ;)



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    posted a message on Anomalies meta is a bust to me

    I think way to describe meta:

    you constantly get cheated from a fair game.

    Example, I just got beat by a guy with unremarkable hero power who had no triples.  I had 30 health, 9 armor.

    I had a board that would surely compete for 1st place most games.

    I fought this guy, his whole board was 200/200 golden (he had no triples in the display) and I got hit for 43.  I imagine the tier 7 had makes goldens did that.

    Why spend the time to get cheated out of a game in this manner?  This is a regular experience in this meta.

    I may return to wild for  a whle.  Twist, hurry up!


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