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    Nice job, you even did some of the work with Tier 4 heros.

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    When I run into that, I exit and restart Hearthstone and reconnect to the game.  I refuse to watch the animation.

    Even if you win, it will chew away all your time and you'll have 15 seconds to buy minions between rounds.

    Khadgar should join his friend Shifter Zerus in the Battlegrounds Retirement Toilet.

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    When I get a Tier 5 discover and have to pick Nomi, suddenly elementals are no longer a minion type offered in the Tavern.

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    I've had MMR as high as 11800 and was just outside the Battlegrounds Top 200 North America and if I hadn't hit a 3 game losing streak I would have been in that list.  And maybe I would have made the list, but I wanted to try to master some of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 heros at the time.

    If it would make you feel better that you "won" this "internet argument", I shall give you the honor of having the "last words".

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    Look, bad players are going to keep doing the "bad player" thing, and what I say won't matter anyways.

    It is true that Elise was low Tier prior to the latest patch, but if you recall the previous meta had Galakrond (evolve a minion for 0 mana) and Queen Togwaggle (1 mana, give your all your minions +2/+1) and it made tons of heros bad including Elise because it was frankly ridiculous.

    You have my personal permission to figure out how to continue to be a low MMR player however it best suits you.

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    Quote from samuellima91 >>

    They did revert the buff on Elise but that's not a good thing. Elise was broken at 2 gold per discover but at 3 gold she is absolutely terrible.

    Elise is terrible @ 3 mana?   Are you kidding?  Discover a Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier 6.

    Those triples you are hoping to get do the same thing, except she gets whenever she levels up.  You have to triple to try to get a Brann or a Goldrinn or a Kalegos, Elise levels up and maybe it just happens.

    Spawn of Nzoth in the early game?  For Elise, a lot of times you just get to pick it or you "low roll" and have to pick a bomb or scale dragon instead.

    Elise: Buy tokens, maybe get the coin deathrattle minion or the 3 gold Pirate.  Try to Level to Tier 4 on 8 mana and Tier 5 on 9 mana (if you have the board presence to support it) and the games are fine.

    All they did was make it so she doesn't auto-play for bad players, good players prepare for future turns.

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    The Darkmoon Prizes actually mostly rewarded OP bully heroes:  Elise, Janice, Ysera, Omu, Patches, The Secrets Dude allowing them to level up insanely.

    It punished hard almost all the other heroes.

    If you were winning with one of the non-OP heroes after a Prize round, it was because the OP heroes picked gold coins or something to allow themselves to level faster knowingly taking a hit for a round or 2 to greatly increase the chance of winning the game outright was easily worth it.

    Then at 10 mana, you play them and they are stocked with Tier 6 minions and hit you for 32.

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    The first time I hit legend, I was rank 2 with 4 stars (old system, obv) and then proceeded to lose my way back to rank 5.  Every deck was a counter, or I drew terribly.  I lost maybe 13 of 15 or such.

    Then a week later,  I won 19 of 22 with same deck and hit legend -- I was playing against decks where my deck had a favorable matchup a lot.

    It just happens.

    Consequentially, after not playing rank since November 2019 when Battlegrounds came out, I played some standard this month mostly with Ramp Paladin.

    After hitting Diamond 5, I crafted a number of different decks for different classes that seemed like fun (if you only play Battlegrounds, you accumulate tons of gold because you can't really use it on anything).

    I made a silly "Well It's A Deck" Hunter that just has fun cards in it and I'm at Diamond 1 now just playing a fun deck.  I think my deck being so weird makes it very hard to counter.  And maybe also because I haven't run into any Paladins but mostly decks that counter Paladins and an explosive trap really screws up Rogue.

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    posted a message on Darkmoon Prizes are gone

    It's good to see the prizes go.

    After the 2nd prize round at 10 mana, if you were in a solid position and got a discover and highrolled it with a quality hero, you mostly just needed to close out the game and not die for 1 turn.

    And If you didn't --- you might as well concede.

    The meta with the prizes was interesting, but it is good it was not permanent.  It was very warped and had too much "free candy".

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    I thought they fixed this since I hadn't seen in it in 2 months (and previously it happened all the time).

    And then today it happened to me.

    Was playing as Hooktusk --- (who actually is an above average hero if played right, on 8 mana you level up and use hero power and often triple a 1 drop into a Tier 5 minion --- if you whiff, you get to try again next turn.).

    And when I won and finished 2nd to a corpse I was slightlly disappointed.  I already have the achievement for Hooktusk and winning with her is rather easy, but still this glitch is pretty bad if you miss an achievement.

    That and the gold coin counter often being wrong (how hard can that really be to fix?) are 2 rather amazing Battlegrounds bugs.

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    Congrats on the Curator win, he's hard to win with.  The other shots have lamely OP hero.

    Prior to the new patch, I was floating around 11 K MMR.

    I like some of the changes,   I like the extra decision point.  Sneeds is less likely to crap out a self-defeating horror (the Beast, Shifter Zerus).

    But somehow I find the compositions that win the game repetitive and uninteresting.

    Divine Shield, poisonous, Elistra The Immortal.

    There seems to be no room for fun or normal builds with Murlocs, Dragons, Beasts, Elementals or Demons and definitely not Pirates.

    So now I just play for fun with a hero I haven't won with and if it starts going bad even early,  I throw in the towel.

    They added extra decision points, but somehow made same-trible synergy almost irrelevant.

    Big dudes are worthless if they aren't divine shield and poisonous.


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    I won a game with Malygos and got the achievement it says for him, but before that a different achievement popped up "Talk of the Tavern".

    Reddit calls Talk of The Tavern an impossible achievement.  "Finish in 1st place with 50 different heroes", but there aren't quite that many heroes.

    You have to have wins with almost every hero and additionally with a few inactive heroes.

    No doubt there are probably other people in this forum that have obtained this achievement, but they would have to be regular Battlegrounds players that enjoy the game mode and have played it through a couple of rotations.

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    Quote from Rofellos >>

    Well, i've done it, I broke Battlegrounds. Or at least, I am getting punished for something. I've managed to drop 900 MMR over the last 2 days, most of which just today. I've gotten one 3rd and one 4th place today. All other games (8/9 or so) were losses.

    The reason is always one of the following;
    1) Simple bad luck in the shop, making you lose health every turn never able to catch up,
    2) Getting hit for 25+ damage on turn 6 by someone that high-rolled the absolute f***ing shit out of the game,
    3) Getting knocked out for (nearly) exact lethal, JUST as you have a build together.

    Man, this is not fun. I've dropped from 8900 to 8000 MMR and its getting worse by the minute. I have to stop playing for a couple of days, before I physically break stuff around here.

     It's not true.

    Beating Battlegrounds is simple.  It is about *NOT* getting triggered.

    Just say "Haha, nice Bob F you!"

    I've had 5 digit MMR for I think a month.  Bob gives me trash out 2 out of 3 games.  I just finished 2nd in game where somehow mysteriously I got no triples like normal, which is not really a big deal because if I do get triples I whiff hard into trash rolls.

    This meta is easier than ever by a long shot.

    1) There are so many busted heroes now.  The age of 80% trash heroes sailed long ago, thank God!

    2) There are so many options for board building now.  The age of Bob kill you by offering you the death roll opener involving 1/1 Wrath Weavers and a couple of Mecharoos is gone!

    Now, with those big advancements towards a level playing field -- if you are doing poorly look in the mirror and there is the guy or gal to blame.

    Individual Battlegrounds games can be frustrating, but collectively they are easier than ever.  It's very hard to have 3 or 5 bad games in a row, for instance.

    With all of these adjustments that make the game far more fair and balanced, perhaps you need to master YOURSELF.

    If you are easily triggered, Battlegrounds certainly is not for you.

    Pro tip: Getting triggered is also known as "throwing the game."  If you like to throw games that's on you.  I've had numerous games that sucked the whole way where I finished 3rd or 5th, I've also had games with out of this world luck where I finished 7th.

    Ask yourself what misplays you made each game.  You can't control in-game elements, but you can control your decisions.


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    posted a message on Patch 18.6.1

    Reno sucks.  I won't pick a "normy hero" in the era of Minion Buff Heroes.

    Mr. Bigglesworth, AFK, Tess, Illidan, Reno --- NO.

    Give me supposedly Tier 3 Rakanishu.

    The big fight isn't against other players, it is against Bob.  Give me a hero that can buff the garbage minions that Bob tries to crater your game with and I'll show you Top 4 finishes.




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    posted a message on The current state of Battlegrounds is?
    Quote from Allthebees >>

    I don't like the direction battelgrounds is going.

    The buffs to heroes in the new balance patch shows they want to put more focus on your hero selection and it sucks. I enjoyed battlegrounds because everyone was on an equal footing to begin with - but early game powerhouses like millhouse suck a lot early game fun away when you have guaranteed losses.

    The large variance in damage taken from a loss is anti-fun, they need to raise the health pool drastically or change how damage is calculated.

    Once you're below 15 hp you are unable to take the risks to get first place, as you have no resource to gamble with.

    The fact they have returned lightfang to it's original form is really worrying - the game mode is moving in the same power-creep direction :/

    Live games were a mistake lol

     I prefer strong heroes.  The opposite is dog schitt meta that used to be called "Rafaam is the only good hero".

    Nice to have 20 strong heroes and 20 fair heroes and 10 bad ones.

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