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    posted a message on New Hero: Zephrys, the Great

    Play as Zephry's, finished second to a Nostrilsdormu with triple Kalegos.  My 2nd place board was B.S. unfair and it was REALLY EASY, only that Nostrilsdormu with a triple Kalegos was going to beat me.

    Hero power is OP.  I would pay 6 mana for that hero power, since Bob has me on the "don't give this player triples lists".

    I think hero power is OP only because Battlegrounds has so many shit tavern rolls.  In the land of shit Tavern Rolls, the guy who turned a turd into gold is King!

    Seriously, are we noticing a problem here?  The best heroes say fruck you to Bob's Tavern.  Jandice says "F you bob, I'll just replay a minion ... you can keep your turds".  Zephyr's says "Haha, Bob!  Jokes on you!"

    In the land of the shit tavern rolls, the guy

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds feel more like a slot machine than a fun mode atm

    Battlegrounds is making the best of the alternatives you have available.  It's brillant.

    RNG evens out.

    I made legend a couple of times and was Rank 5 every month for over a year.

    I tried Battlegrounds with no intention of doing anything except seeing what it was.  After experiencing the strategic decisions, I lost interest in standard very quickly and only play if someone chats me up for a 80 gold quest out of being a bud (I don't need the gold).

    Battlegrounds doesn't appeal to everyone, but since HSReplay tracks 3 million games a week and games have 8 players = 24 million tracked player games compared to 10 million for standard HS x 2 players = 22 million player games tracked -- it does have people who like it and it is a rather large in number.

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    posted a message on Being able to get Lil Rag,Amalgadon,Garr from Djinn while on tavern 4 or 5 is ridiculous.

    This is bad enough to warrant an emergency patch.

    Now that everyone is doing this ... there is simply no point to any other strategy.

    Even poisonous Murlocs can't beat it --- so what chance do Pirates, Beasts or Demons have?  It's zero.

    Totally game ruining.


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    posted a message on Something is really fishy with Battlegrounds

    If you get a crap hero, a crap opener and are playing against a stacked group of heroes there is a trick.


    You were going to finish in 8th place anyway, but by conceding you can start another game and save the 10 to 12 minutes of being someone's punching bag and be in a game where you actually have a shot at finishing Top 4.

    Just because this sounds sarcastic and is sarcastic doesn't mean it isn't true.

    Do you really think you were going to win the game where you were Queen Wagtoggle and had to buy the Wrath Weaver on Turn 1?

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    posted a message on Is there a way to know when you are queued against a group

    I've had a number of matches that it seemed like opponent knew what I had and had their order setup in an optimal way to try to fight against it.

    I thought it was funny, because many of these were epic fails in a "Good luck with that!" kind of way.

    But I think I lost a few times because of suspiciously optimal setups, but whatever.  I think they should make an "opt out" for group play because groups should be fighting groups.

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    posted a message on Meanwhile Kripparrian cries about murlocs nerf

    You know 5000 MMR is dumpster MMR and you are playing against all bad players, right?

    At 5000 MMR, the players do all sort of goofy things that make your head spin like play Ysera and stay at level 2 getting tons of fire-breather triples.

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    posted a message on I believe I've created the largest Battlemaster in Battlegrounds

    That's a big one, a fair bit larger than my largest one.

    It isn't the largest ever made, Shudderwock hero power and Brann used to stack!


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    posted a message on [BG] New Patch Impression (Barov Family)

    With Lord Barov, why not aggressively level up and bet on your opponent each round helping accumulate gold for the next tier?

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    posted a message on Strange difficulty spike

    A lot of players were getting fed cheese wins from Eudora, Megasaur and Cannon before the patch, but weren't really striving to master all the fundamentals and nuances of the game.

    The new meta rewards statistical play more and mastering the small things that flip a -5 loss into a +5 win.  Do that 3 times a game and it makes a difference.

    MMR tries to match you against your peers so you can enjoy the game and have fun --- so it is sinking you so you are matched up against the other players of your skill level.

    You didn't enjoy all the losing games the against the "good players" and admit that the games were more fun once you got matched up with the beginners.  So the system is working and you are having fun.

    If the issue is discovering your peer group is "the beginners", you can choose to learn the game fundamentals if that really bothers you.


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    posted a message on .1% to lose

    My minions figure out very complex and creative ways to throw every battle possible.

    I am never surprised when I lose due to a highly improbable series of events.

    At least Nag Pagle got nerfed, although most of my memories of the minion are of the opponent suffering greatly due to Pagle doing something crazy like Egg->Golden Ghastcoiler-->Pirate Ship + Pirate Ship + Foe Reaper + Foe Reaper.

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