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    posted a message on 79% WR Control Shaman!

    This deck is great.  It is deceptively strong.

    Rune Dagger is a very effective control tool providing extra damage to board clears and heals.

    It is a complicated deck that requires planning and it took a few games to get a feel how to plan, but this is a strength of the deck giving advantage to high skill level players (which is what Hearthstone should be about).

    Thanks for making this deck!

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    posted a message on New Cards, Old and Tired Decks. Rinse and Repeat. I give up. The players playing this game are mindless robots not humans.

    Is someone complaining about Netdecks?

    Crazy talk.

    It's 2021.  The internet has been around more than 30 years.  Information is going to spread.

    When my self made decks keep losing, yes I am going to netdeck .... at least as a starting point.

    To not do so is foolish.  I'm not here to be fodder to cancer decks, I'm here to play the decks that feed on the cancer decks.


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    posted a message on Face Hunter is Strongest Deck - Should I feel sad?

    I've switched away from Paladin to the strongest Face Hunter deck, and I hardly ever lose at what is higher upper dumpster legend (10,000 but 14k or 15k is bottom) but I'm there because I wanted to do some experiments and that means some losing/misfires occur.

    When I got sick of losing, I saw a pattern -- Druid, Mage, Rogue, Demon Hunter.

    What schools those classes?  Well, it's Face Hunter.

    I must be on a 23-2 streak -- and one of the losses was to a Token Druid that without coin had a full board due to Gibbering and gaining mana and playing 4 spells on Turn 1 no coin.

    Although this is definitely NOT the worst meta ever (hello Ashes of Outland and unnerfed Raza Priest/Patches and maybe Descent of Dragons), this one is fairly bad --- and I think if they did different nerfs it might even be worse because a number of classes are just crazy broken.

    Rogue vomits minions.  But Face Hunter kills them before it matters.
    No minion mage?  Plays Ice Barrier on Turn 5 --- like Face Hunter even needs to hit face at that point. Just hero power and piercing shot.
    Druid ramping in Guardian Animals?  Good luck with that when you have 8 health.
    Lifesteal Demon Hunter Turn 7 OTK?  Face Hunter says Turn 7?  What's that?
    Deathrattle Demon Hunter has a great play around Turn 7.  Again, what's Turn 7?
    Rush Warrior is supposed to beat Face Hunter.  And maybe it does.   But I'm actually undefeated against them,.

    Libram Paladin says "I have a higher winrate than you".  Face Hunter says, "By a couple percent sure, but my games take 4 minutes".

    To be honest, I've never won so many games so easily.

    What's funny is that although I don't enjoy the Face Hunter archetype, I view all the decks except Paladin and Warrior (and possibly Token Druid) as dishonest because they are "from hand" and do not play for board.

    So that in itself makes it enjoyable, but I can't wait for tomorrow where I can ladder up with it.

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    posted a message on Rush Warrior is the savior of this meta

    All the viable decks have something broken about them.  But at least Rush Warrior is board based.

    All the decks in this meta make many past broken decks like "Odd Paladin" look like a joke.

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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.

    The reason to play this game is simple.

    All games are a waste of time, but with the benefit of taking a break from reality.

    I play this one because it is in front of me, I am familiar with it, and is satisfactory.  I like the fact that it can be free to play if you do it right, which causes me to be a bit appreciative that I largely am a freeloader yet have every Tier 1 or Tier 2 deck I want.

    For others, there preferred waste of time might be League of Legends or Fortnite or Artifact (hehe) -- or watching cable.

    There is no superior "waste of time" to another.



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    posted a message on Barrens - This meta has issues, but I really enjoy it. Do you?

    I've gone from playing Hunter, briefly trying to make a Shaman work, to an extended period of playing Warlock.

    Then to a non-toxic Heal "Value" Paladin that seeks to out-heal and out value opponents over the long game ---

    Mage is a problem.  Crab Rider is a problem.  Oh My Yogg is not fair.  Condemn is a problem (Savage Roar for Paladin).

    But post-nerf after the meta settled in and I found decks I like, have the say this is one of the more fun metas I've seen in a while for me.  

    And watching Rarran videos, I've played a number of interesting takes on Warlock and Hunter and the Heal Paladin I currently play was just picking fun cards and adjusting the deck after finding what wasn't working.

    I thought this was going to be a very bad meta, but despite having some unfairness even after the nerfs (I know some are coming), the meta does have some nice variety and the cards that left from Core Set like Savage Roar, Sap, Frost Nova, Kill Command, Mass Dispel have made the game better in my opinion.

    Is anyone else enjoying this meta who was afraid it was going to be bad?


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    posted a message on complaining about shaman

    Shaman right now gets to use handicap parking.

    It's one of my favorite classes, if not my favorite.  But it sucks so bad, there isn't even a viable deck that I could craft.

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    posted a message on 2x Horde Operative (Secret Copying Minion) In Warlock is great!

    I have been playing mostly Warlock lately.

    There are so many Paladins and Mages I did some digging to see if I could modify my deck to make it face them better.

    Horde Operative copies all enemy secrets and is a 3 mana 3/4 neutral, so decent Spider Tank body.  Since you now have the secrets, you know what they are to play around them

    It has worked great against Paladin, half the time they have trouble playing against their own secrets.

    I have been playing against Paladin, Paladin and more Paladin.  Haven't yet faced a mage with the new deck.  Faced Rogue but didn't ever draw the Horde Operative with a secret active.

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    posted a message on After Nerfs Happen, Did Standard Actually Become "Good" Again
    Quote from Haedeius >>
    Quote from Toribasher >>

    Priest looks less like a cancerous class. 

    Demon Hunter doesn't look like unfair cancer.

    no more token cancer.

     Seriously dude? Just quoted you post partly, so hopefully you can understand why. You should be ashamed of yourself. 

     I give you A+ in sucking at communication skills.

    I have no idea what your point is.  Are you saying Priest is cancer right now?  Are you saying Token Druid is still an archetype.

    And get your post right this time so people can understand what your disagreement with my observations are.

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    posted a message on After Nerfs Happen, Did Standard Actually Become "Good" Again

    I saw the problems with standard for this expansion a mile away, it doesn't make me special because everyone could see Secret Paladin was going to be stupidly busted.  And Deck of Lunacy is a serious problem.

    So I have played no games of standard.

    But I have watched a lot of streams and it sure looks like Hearthstone has fixed a ton of problems with various classes and also fixed the "too much card generation problem".

    I suspect that after the nerfs I might play Standard again.

    Priest looks less like a cancerous class and more like a late game class.  Hunter is a bit less face oriented and a bit more minion oriented.  Rogue with the loss of sap and eviserate looks to be a little more fair.  Demon Hunter actually looks fairly "normal" with the loss of Twin Slice and doesn't look like unfair cancer.  Shaman doesn't seem to quite have what the other classes have, but Menancing Nimbus in Core is on of the best 2 drops Shaman ever had.  And Druid losing Savage Roar means no more token cancer.

    If the nerfs manage to properly address current issues without somehow making some other class God Tier, I think they might have Standard in a "good place" for the first time in quite a while.

    /One opinion

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