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    Honestly, I had almost mentally given up on Battlegrounds being anything except a RNG fiesta.  Maybe enough I'm a bit afraid to be "relieved" it is back to a strategy game where decisions matter.

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    Whoa!  This is closer to Battlegrounds the way it should be.

    I've won with the Mech Girl.   I've won with a Wrath Weaver.  I've won and lost with almost everything.  I've seen Murlocs win, but the guy had Triple Brann for a few turns so he better win that game.

    No more forcing Murlocs or Dragons because nothing else can win a damn game.

    I can't believe they actually fixed so many things like removing Arcane Cannon and nerfing Pagle so bad I don't see why he's Tier 5 honestly.

    I am suspecting Shudderwock might be OP in this meta, not for Murlocs, but in general because it enables a ton of easy buffing.



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    Eudora is not a legit hero unless you think a legit hero power is "Get a Golden Tier 3 minion + a Tier 4 minion on Turn 6 and then again on Turn 10", 

    She is like AFK except gets better stuff, can keep doing it and also does not need to sit out any turns. 

    It's a load of garbage.

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    The presence of a Deathwing in a Battlegrounds game basically ruins the game.  Every player will have rats and rats and Deathrattle.  And often the Deathwing player has some truly idiotic name like "SmarterThanYou" or "DoMiNaToR" because apparently this hero appeals to dumpsters.

    Instead of a peaceful board building game, you'll have close matches on 6 mana where you take 13 damage due to a rat being the last minion.  Rinse repeat.

    I don't enjoy the games with Deathwing in them and I found a "solution".

    Concede!  Let that game be missing a player and I'll find another game while that Deathwing gets to play a broken match with a missing guy.





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    • Lady Vashj - sucks.  Rivals Jaraxxus or Putricide in the uselessness.
    • Kael'Thas - top Tier.  He's a Yogg that gets to pick the minion that gets buffed.
    • Maiev - If you play her right, somewhere in 2nd best Tier.  Hero power is like a cheap pre-order with the negative of taking a slot.

      Always sell first turn token unit and "pre-order" a good unit that you receive on the 5 mana turn.
      Never level up on 4 mana turn unless the minions are all terrible, instead hero power.

      You are often able to level to 2, 3, 4, 5 consecutively on 6 mana, 7 mana, 8 mana, 9 mana while still getting minions while still having a very competitive board.

      Weakness:  still cannot compete with a hero that gets easy Triples in the late game like Rafaam, Nozdormu or Flurgal.

      Dummy Alert: If you don't play her using a scheme similar to this and instead play "normal" and level on up 4 mana turn and 7 mana turn, you will suffer greatly and not receive the early buff advantage she has to offer nor will get to Tier 5 by 9 mana turn.  Played incorrectly, she is a terrible and frustrating hero.  Battlegrounds should have more heros like this, she is similar to Pyramad in the "if played wrong, offers no useful advantage".


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    Dog is annoying.  Savjz is pleasant to watch.

    You can learn from either, obv.

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    Skip reading anything in this thread and watch someone like Savjz or Krip play on YouTube.  It isn't that there isn't useful information here, but rather just watch "the best" play and you'll learn more than reading random advice (most of which is likely good, but that's beside the point).  There is too much nuance to Battlegrounds.

    I thought I played Yogg pretty good, until I watched Savjz and Amaz play Yogg a few times and saw them exploiting a non-obvious advantage that Yogg has on the 2nd turn.  You will repeated discover small little non-obvious tricks and sometimes streamers explicitly explain their reasoning.

    (My MMR used to be around 8K, but now I only play heroes I enjoy playing now.  Have fun.  I don't think Deathwing is fun and never will pick him, but I enjoy playing Shudderwock even though he often sucks.  Playing for MMR does have a purpose, but if I'm going to play for 20-30 minutes I'd rather be using a hero I find fun, that a winning one that I do not enjoy playing.)

    /One opinion amongst many

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    WQuote from okanial >>


    I like the meta just the Fine at the moment. I can get top 4 with any comp and U win mostly with Beasts actually. Deathrattle comp is still great especially if you get it early enough 

    I think the meta sucks some.

     I just won back to back games with Nozdormu and Rafaam with Murlocs.

    With Nozdormu I did not even have any Murlocs except I grabbed the 3/2 Discover a Murloc guy on Tier 5.  I was all Beast with a board that was consistently winning/tying, but that wasn't going to last.

    Brann showed, I sold everything and grabbed the next 3 Murlocs, discovered a Triple and got a Megasaur that turn, selling a number of fine minions like Rat Packs, Infest Wolves, the new Lizard thing that looks like a My Little Pony, and a 5/5 deathrattle Taunt.

    With Rafaam, I didn't really have anything decent until Tier 5.

    Both games I cruised to victory after Tier 5.  If they eliminated Brann, it would make being Shudderwock really special and Murlocs would be a rougher road to travel.

    I also think they should get rid of Rafaam -- when they started Battlegrounds, they wanted all heros to be about the same win rate.  Yet Rafaam has been the "go to" hero for months.

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    Fought a Murloc Rafaam in late game, he mocked me with an unprovoked Thumbs Up after pounding me with his big Murlocs.

    Remembered his board order.  Had Bob's Tavern offer me a number of Toxfins.

    3 players left, he Tripled @ Tier 5 but his Murlocs still didn't have Divine Shield.

    I gave him the Thumbs Up as I killed him with some runt-like poisonous Murlocs taking out his big dawgs.

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    It applies when there are more than 3 players left, as I understand it.

    I've had the same happen to me just 2 games ago (sort of).  I had to fight Rafaam twice in 3 battles while the leading Nozdormu got to fight a corpse for some reason despite having faced neither us in the last 2 battles.

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    Lies.  Unstable ghoul is rarely a counter to divine shield poisonous Murlocs.

    Typically, the Murlocs in said situation have 30-40 health and the Murlocs will still win.  I think I am 2 of 10 in defeating Murlocs with Unstable Ghoul using non-Murlocs (Dragons, Beasts, etc.).

    Typically the Murloc player is Rafaam or Nozdormu, they have had 4 to 6 triples and their Murlocs have are 35/35 or larger

    Unstable Ghoul only makes a big difference if you are also poisonous Murlocs and perhaps you have a Holy Mackerel or 2 so blowing off Divine Shields give you an advantage even if it removed your own because then you gain 1 or 2 divine shields.

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    There are very few heroes capable of playing Murlocs well.

    Mostly Murlocs get you killed early, but Rafaam and Nozdormu get triples so easily it is a little broken.

    But it is mainly Rafaam that is a problem because he gets tons of free Murlocs in the early game.

    I think there is a Murloc problem, but it is not what it seems.  Rafaam has always been a bit bullshittie and when I play Rafaam, like everyone else I keep every Murloc I get in the hopes of collecting more.

    * Sneaky players will abuse Shudderwock + Khadgar for the instant triples on any token unit.

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    I think it is just more memorable when the hero power keeps hitting the same minion a few turns in a row.

    It doesn't happen more often, but every time it does happen you notice it.

    I've had ridiculous games where the hero power mostly hits, say, the same Micro Machine but who hasn't.

    But I have had games where I have to keep around a 1/1 Murloc that became an awkward 2/10 minion.

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    I expect the Battlegrounds minions to attack in the worst possible order.

    There was a game where the opponent had all Deathrattle minions and Triple Rivendare.

    My board was "ok" but clearly no match and in fact I had lost nearly every game the entire game, yet was in the final battle because I was alive.

    Rather than concede the final battle, I watched hoping it would be over soon.

    My opponent got Mecharoos runt minions from Ghastcoiler, and unstable Ghouls that removed his divine shields and made his Kangor's Apprentice produce junk and then another unstable Ghoul game out of something and killed those.

    I won and was left with a "WTF just happened?"  I didn't feel like a game winner. 

    But I was the Battlegrounds RNG winner of the day, apparently.

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    Pyramad ...

    If he gets a Tidecaller or Micromachine on turn 1, it is very likely to be "final four" kind of game at worst.

    Alexstraza isn't as high roll as most people think.  If you got decent minions through 7 mana, things are probably going to be ok.

    If you didn't, you have an emergency situation.

    One thing that can help against the "low roll" for Alexstrasza is having a pair of crappy Dragons, then the "low roll" might generate a Tier 6 minion.

    Why are people trolling the guy for using "High Rollie", that kind of trolling sounds like what 8 years olds do?  Are you here for the Hearthstone or not?  You can troll anywhere on the internet, but why turd up decent Hearthstone threads with child-like grammar trolling?



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