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    posted a message on Idols of Azeroth - Tavern Brawl #133

    Easily one of the worst brawls ever. Not only is it 100% RNG fest, but its a LONG DRAWN OUT RNG fest. You and your opponent do nothing but idols for the first 3-4 turns. Games tend to go long past 10 turns each. It's just ridiculous.

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    posted a message on Can we start treating Priest like Shaman yet?
    Quote from ShroomHands >>

    What is with the HS community constantly displaying this us vs. them mentality? If you play priest you are a brain dead monster. If you never played patron warrior you don't know how it is to pilot a difficult deck. If you don't make your own decks you are a pathetic little loser. If you make your own you are superior, unless you are losing to a specific class then either you built it wrong or again that whole class needs a nerf. Spend money on the game? You are dumb and responsible for making the game worse. F2P you are dedicated and have more reasons to complain. Can't we all just see it is a game? If you aren't having fun or enjoying it don't spend your money on it or don't play. Why are all these people spending their time on a forum like this that hosts decks if they never netdeck or have positive experiences with the game? Rant ended.

     This is the single best post I've read on these forums. Someone give this man post of the year. Kudos!
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    posted a message on Quests aren't activating and it's a problem

    Same problem here. Multiple days of missing quests. Restarting the game has fixed it, thankfully, but it's annoying as hell.

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!

    My HS play has dwindled greatly, and I was about to just quit the game altogether... and today I pulled a Golden Tirion Fordring who I have wanted for forever now...

    Funny how none of the main Pally lists are playing him ATM.. sigh.

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    posted a message on Psychic Scream Pre-Nerf Thread

    At OP: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice troll thread.

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    posted a message on does netdecking deserve Criticism?
    Quote from Almaniarra >>
    It is a card game with 9 classes and you said that there are actually 4 deck archetypes. According to this there must be 9x4 viable decks. When you saw 36 viable decks on ladder?  Never! Ok, I will be more generous, 2 archetypes for all classes. Have you ever seen 18 viable decks in ladder? I have not. So I recommend you to see my upper post. 
    While There should be bunch of every archetype for every class (like 3 combo, 3 control, 3 mid-range, 3 aggro for only hunter), there is never more than 5 viable decks in ladder. Netdecking forces people to play same decks, Blizzard forces community to netdecking (with their engineering and their "Pro" and streamer players which are boosted by them). So you people keep believing netdecking is a growing way to the game. Sweet Dreams.
     You're quite mistaken in several ways. Allow me to explain:
    1. You will never see all 9 classes with each deck archetype be viable. Never. Not just in Hearthstone, but in any card game like this. Why? Because the effectiveness of archetypes and classes will depend on what is printed. Some sets will lean heavier to aggro, for example, which will push out other archetypes. Some classes will get better cards than others, making some weak and some strong. That's just the nature of this style of game.
    2. Even taking your generous example, you are flawed because you're still assuming every class has to be strong. As stated, that will not happen. Should it? Maybe, I dunno. Will it? Probably not. But that has nothing to do with netdecking, that has to do with the cards Blizzard chooses to print. There's probably some extreme difficulty in trying to make all 9 classes be viable as well. Disagree? Make your own card game with 9 balanced classes with 2-3 viable decks each. Let me know how that goes.
    3. Never more than 5 viable decks on the ladder? Doing some searching for top HS decks, I found an average of 10 viable tier 1/2 decks, and of those decks, each has at least 2-3 variants. There's a lot of options out there. 
    4. The bottom line that you can't admit to yourself is this: You want to make fun decks and be able to win, but those fun decks lose to netdecks, so you cry foul because you feel forced to play something you don't want to in order to be competitive. I know because I used to think that exact same way. I grew up and realized that you either play to win or play to have fun. if you want to play casually and have fun with weird wacky decks, play with your friends. If you want to be competitive, then you play the best decks. Simple as that. Enough of this netdecking is bad nonsense.
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    posted a message on does netdecking deserve Criticism?

    A better question is why do people think netdecking deserves criticism in the first place?

    All these comments about building a healthy community with a bunch of varying deck types are silly. There are four deck types: Aggro, control, midrange, and combo. Everything is basically one of, or a merge of, those four types. Given that, along with the fact that card game design companies, like Blizzard, inherently create some cards to be better than others, there will always be a limitation on deck design.

    Here's an example: A few months back I decided to homebrew a Warlock deck based around heavy removal and demon buffing (and if you say it's already been done, well, my point exactly) - I made it, played it, it did ok, but nothing great. Over the next few days I start to see similar decks pop up, and I go online and see it's the latest thing for Warlocks that people are trying. The optimal decks were better than what I put together with my limited card pool, but the gist of the deck was the same. Now, did I netdeck? No. Was my idea already out there, and in a better fashion? Yes. 

    The point is, whatever you homebrew, odds are it's been done, and probably done better, by people who are really good at deck building. If it's not out there, then the odds are it's a terrible idea. If your homebrew gets roflstomped by a netdeck, then odds are your homebrew just isn't very good. Face facts.

    As a father of two who works full time and enjoys doing things other than HS, I simply don't have the time (or patience) to sit around and homebrew for hours to try to come up with something that might win a few games and allow me to complete my quests. I netdeck (often needing to sub out some cards) and happily do so. I am grateful to the community that helps develop decks that I can try and that saves me time.

    Netdecking happens for many reasons. To call it bad, cancerous, etc. is just silly, and a sign of immaturity. To think that this glorious community would instantly happen if people stopped netdecking is just idiotic and wishful dreaming.

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    posted a message on Should Exodia Mage be nerfed, and how ?


    Good grief do these whiney nerf threads never end??

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    posted a message on Is it time to save gold for packs already?

    It was time to start saving gold last month.

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    posted a message on This is bizarre, how does big priest even function?

    As a big priest player in Wild I'll say this...

    The amount of times I get Y'Shaarj in my opening hand, or the amount of time I draw all my bombs in the first 3-4 turns, is greater than the number of times I get Barnes by turn 4, easily.

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    posted a message on Very little Frozen Throne cards are played

     This is a troll post, right?

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    posted a message on Fixing Ladder

    This is quite the brilliant idea! Tweet it to Brode. Seriously.

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    posted a message on What throwaway decks have worked for you?

    I was surprised, and pleased, to see several types of decks I've made to do quests or just fool around with in casual be listed by others.

    Like the OP, I made a discard Warlock deck because I pulled the quest and figured might as well. It wasn't great, but won a few here and there. I also made a divine shield paladin deck similar to what Pandabird said. It worked surprisingly well!

    I also tried making a few iterations of a Druid quest deck, since I also pulled that back when Un'goro came out. It would either do great or be steamrolled quickly, but the games were fun.


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    posted a message on Way to make Raza/DK priest less oppressive: nerf Raza the Chained
    Quote from UserNotFound >>

    The problem with priest is, that its extremly unfun to play against it.

    The complete deck consists of ways to kill your board, card draw and highlander legendaries.

    The absurd amount of boardclears and single removal results in a one way play. I believe Kripp was it, who titled it Single player.

    So vs priest you play ur stuff and dont interact with your opponent at all. If he has the clear, you lose not, you might win.

    I mean, comon... 67.3% winrate for Hunterace in 156 games to legend is absurd! (https://gyazo.com/65fcafd9d9b5257d66409b5c9b22b206)


     The flaw to your logic is you can say that every single class in HS is "unfun" to play against:
    Rogue - oh yay I get to sit back and watch them draw card after card, playing combo after combo... 15 cards later they have a full hand, creatures on board, and effectively removed all my stuff. That's fun.
    Mage - wow I get to watch them make infinite fireballs, and then eventually get around to hitting me in the face with them. 
    Warrior - whee I'm either dead by turn 5 due to pirates, get to watch them make a wall of taunt minons, or play endless copies of their hand over and over for 246 turns. FUN
    Druid - Yay more Jades! Or maybe it's a bunch of 8/8s on turn 3. #winning
    The POINT is, when you lose to a deck, especially if you lose badly, of course it's not fun. The lightbulb moment, though, is when you finally decide to stop blaming/hating on deck archetypes and realize that either:
      a) your deck sucks, and you need to make it better;
      b) you make misplays, and need to play better; or
      c) RNG wasn't in your favor, which happens.
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    posted a message on Swash Burglar replacement for keleseth rogue
    Quote from LookingForOwls >>

    isn't swashburgler a common? just craft it lol

    I mean come on. We have threads on if someone should craft a frigging COMMON or not? Sheesh.
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