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    posted a message on Deck value in $$$
    Quote from Shotazoa >>

    Not worth it, new players cannot play wild, end of story.

     Unfortunately, this is correct. A new player is forced into playing Standard, unless you want to spend real money buying old packs, which would realistically be a much cheaper option than trying to get 14K dust from packs.
    A few other items:
    1) That deck is not an easy deck to pilot, and probably not suggested for a new player
    2) For kicks, figuring it out, let's say you average 1 legendary card per 50 packs, which gets you 400 dust. Add in another (quick approximate math) 2-3k dust per 50 packs of random rares, etc that you would dust... that gets you 2400-3400 dust per 50 packs. You would need between 200-300 packs, depending on your epic luck, in order to get that 14k dust. At $70 per 60 packs, not counting any specials like Amazon coins, you're looking at a minimum of ~ $280.
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    posted a message on Wasted my dust on Velen now I feel bad.

    I do have to give my two cents on why I believe Mind Blast is good when running Velen:

    I just read Toymachine's comment that it's not needed, because by the time you use it you've won the game anyway. I respectfully disagree. While yes, there will always be those games where you would have won anyway, the card is worth the inclusion because it deals good damage, is essentially 9 damage minimum when played correctly, and upwards of 20 damage in ideal situations, for (again, when played correctly) two mana. That wins the game.

    They key is it's cheap, so it's easy to get a double hero power off it. It's OP with Velen, obviously. 

    But I also with agree strongly with Toymachine's closing comments - play what you like, it makes things more fun for everyone. But if you are on a losing streak, that's when you have to consider changing things up, and maybe try things like Mind Blast. 


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    posted a message on Wasted my dust on Velen now I feel bad.

    This thread is funny. I finally broke down and crafted Velen today, and am very happy with the choice. 

    Regardless of what some people say, Highlander is not an easy deck to run, and it is far from auto pilot. Practice with it, and get better. Oh, and make sure you're running a good version. Some lists out there are better than others.

    Edit: I just saw the op's deck list... Velen isn't even in it?? I'm confused. If you're running Velen and not running Mind Blast, you're doing it wrong, just FYI. The N'zoth package is strong, but I think your list has some issues.

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    posted a message on What is the Rogues class designed to do?

    Are you saying you have played over 7000 games of Rogue, but you don't know how to play the current Rogue deck options? 

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    posted a message on Why did Blizzard nerf otk/combo decks to later print otk/combo cards that do even better ?
    Quote from scorpyon >>
    Quote from Echtvad >>

    Personally i dislike combo decks because you either have to tech against them or play aggro - neither of those suit me - i like control and not being able to survive against 30+ damage in one turn is unacceptable. I hate exodia mage and any decks that can do that. Force of natur + savage roar or PO+leeroy+faceless was never the problem because you could heal out of range.

     Control Warrior can survive way more than 30 damage in a turn. 
    The option is there for those who wish to take it.
    Otherwise, see the combo building up in advance and adapt to it to win. 
    Exodia mage is a good example of this. It's really easy to just hammer her into the floor before she can get all the pieces together, even with the extra lives. Once in a while it's not going to work, but the majority of the time it will be a win for you.
    This is why I don't play Quest Mage much unless I need the quest points. Way to easily beaten most of the time! :-(
     You're not incorrect in what you said... but you missed the entire point of the person you are responding to.
    1. Yes, control warrior can survive more than 30 damage in a turn. They cannot survive infinite fireballs, which was the point.
    2. Yes, Exodia mage can be hammered down quickly - by AGGRO - which is what the person said they disliked playing.
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    posted a message on Is this normal behavior?

    People are stupid. And rude. And childish. Just check out PhantomBadwolf's post above mine. :P

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    posted a message on Say anything thread !


    There, I said it!

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    posted a message on New Keyword for Rogue: Gambit

    While I get what you are trying to do, the wording for Gambit is awkward as hell.

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    posted a message on The priest problem post nerf
    Quote from Vawus >>
    I could start creating videos showing how many priests I face and you people who worship the class would still flame me.
    You realize the MAJOR problem with your statement is you are a sample size of 1. No... of course you don't realize that. You think your experience is everyone's.
    You could face priest all day. Means nothing. Two days ago I faced a bunch of priest. Yesterday and today, I faced a bunch of Rogue and Shaman. 
    Here read this, it just may help you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias 
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    posted a message on Is Kalimos usable?

    Best dust advice: do you need dust *right now* for a specific card/deck?

    No - then don't dust it

    Yes - as the card doesn't see competitive play. 

    With that said - the card is pretty good, and fun, and great in an elemental deck. Elementals was a thing, when Un'Goro launched, and has disappeared. Just remember, Jade Druid was also a thing when MSoG was launched, and then mostly disappeared for a while, until KTF.

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    posted a message on Testing Mode - What do you think?

    While this will probably never ever happen, I think it would be neat if HS had a Testing Mode, where you could test a deck with any card, regardless of whether you owned it or not.

    Now, obviously, the first reaction is this would seriously impede Blizzard's ability to earn money from people buying packs... except it wouldn't, if done correctly.

    The goal of a Testing Mode would be to see if actually like using cards X, Y, and Z... will they help my deck? Should I craft X over Y? That sort of thing. It's a lot to ask a player to spend 1600 dust on a card that may ultimately turn out to be trash. But if a player tests a card, and finds it is helpful, they are going to spend their dust, and possibly spend more money (to get more packs/dust) to get the cards they want from the play-testing.

    The key to making it work would be the following restrictions:

    1. You cannot earn gold or complete quests from matches in Testing Mode.
    2. You would only be able to play Testing Mode a certain number of times in a day or week. (We can debate what those exact numbers should be.)

    These restrictions would, I think, keep things balanced and avoid abuse of the "free" use of any card in HS. Opinions?

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    posted a message on Why do you play Hearthstone ? Honest question.

    I've always enjoyed card games, like MTG, and I enjoyed WoW for a number of years. Plus it's addictive. :)

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    posted a message on Hunter needs a board clear or efficient removal

    While I agree with many things folks have said in response to this thread, and I can even agree that Hunters should maybe have some additional type of removal, I have to disagree overall with the OP's post. He's just cherry picking to make an argument.

    Paladin - their removal is a combo of two cards, or, if you have board presence, a way to trade efficiently. Consecration on its own is weak removal, and really no different than Explosive Trap. Combined yes, it is effective - at turn 6 or later (5 with coin and luck).

    Shaman - devolve is not really board clear or removal. You still leave them with minons on board, albeit hopefully worse ones than they started with, but no guarantee.

    Warrior - Ravaging Ghoul isn't really board clear either, unless you set it up first or your opponent has a bunch of 1 health minons. It's technically a worse clear than Explosive Trap. Brawl is also a coin flip. It's a great board clear when there are a lot of minons out. It's useless when your opponent is bashing your face with one minon. 

    Mage - well, that's what they are supposed to do. They're mages. :P

    Druid - They actually have a lot. Naturalize, Swipe, Wrath, Mulch, Poison Seeds, Starfall, Recycle, and of course, Ultimate Infestation.

    Rogue - They have much better than Sap and Vanish, but still... Vanish and Fan of Knives are about their only AOE "removal."

    Hunters though, are not as dire as you make it out to be. Explosive trap is on par with Consecration, Volcanic Potion, and Holy Nova, and better than Ravaging Ghoul (since you listed it). Steamwheedle Sniper gives your hero power single target removal capability. Deadly shot is more powerful than Brawl in some situations, and way worse in others. Dreadscale is on par with Ravaging Ghoul. Exploding Bloatbat is a card. Explosive Shot is nice. Unleash the Hounds can be devastating if played correctly, or it can be near useless. Adicmaw is a card. The DK is AOE removal. 

    My point is not that Hunters have as much or better removal than other classes - it's that you cherry picked cards as a way to say Hunter needs removal, when that's not quite accurate.



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    posted a message on Anyone know when balance changes go live today?

    In 938 seconds. Start counting.

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