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    Agree, still a very, very strong card. Making it 7 might have been a better change, but hard to tell with the Innervate nerf as well. I think we will still see Druid is powerful, just *slightly* less so.

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    This puts the card on the same level as Polymorph, so the nerf is fine, the card will still see play. Not really sure why the nerf was needed though...

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    posted a message on Why do the Asians only play Aggro decks?

    I'll refrain from commenting on the stupidity behind a thread with a title like this, and just say this:

    Here's the deck lists from the Chines Gold Series: http://www.hearthpwn.com/news/3315-chinese-gold-series-summer-playoffs-top-8-players

    I see Pirate Warrior and Midrange Paladin as the only "hyper style aggro decks." Why did they play those decks? Because they win. I thought that was kind of obvious.

    Jade Druid/Shaman isn't really hyper aggro. Highlander Priest, Control Warlock, Secret Mage, and Taunt Warrior are definitely not hyper aggro. So... 

    Why does this thread exist?


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    posted a message on Can we have a nerf to priest?

    My opinion of this thread and threads like this:

    WAAAAA I can't beat <insert whatever deck here>! Nerf nerf nerf so I can lose to something else and then complain about that!

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    posted a message on We should be able to ban a certain card when queueing.

    1) Why do people want to compare casual play (which this really is, even when climbing the ladder) to tournament play? You're not in a world championship. You're fighting for 1/3rd of 10 gold and a maybe a higher ladder spot.

    2) If you don't want to fight Druid, switch to Wild. It's much more fun and I encounter Jade Druid far less.

    3) The ban idea is bad, for all the reasons people have stated.

    4) At the end of the day, I've learned that people are going to complain about whatever is on top/whatever they can't beat. Druid gets nerfed, people will complain about Priest. Priest gets nerfed, people will complain about Shaman, Warrior, and Mage. Eventually someone will want to ban Angry Chicken because they got their ass whooped by it. 

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    posted a message on What are good decks for rank 20-15

    You're running Jade Druid... why are you stuck at ranks 20-15? The deck practically runs itself.

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    posted a message on Would it be stupid to craft jade druid now?

    Wild is so much more fun than standard, so personally, I would not disenchant wild legendaries. Plus:

    1) Wild cards will always be there

    2) Standard will change, and cards may get nerfed. Your hot jade deck will soon be a thing of the past (but might live on in Wild!)

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    posted a message on Join me in boycotting the next expansion.
    Quote from gralqo >>
    Quote from Tokar >>

    Join me in boycotting this silly thread.

     OP, don't feel discouraged.
    Yes a significant and loud amount of users here will behave like the unfortunate I quoted. Their hostility and insistence on putting time that doesn't benefit them is not a rare.. 'feature' in many members of our society.
    They will not understand that you and I are voicing concerns to improve our experience. We have to remember that they need just to be checked so they don't actually destroy the stuff we build
    To boycott I started last year the following:
    1) do not pay any dime to blizzard at all.
    2) Pay the competition. I am not a f2p and I paid around 150 eur to HS.   Since last year I paid over 300 to Faeria, Duelyst, Runescape chronicles, and a couple other of indies. They  have all been great experiences.
    3) Always remind the community of their insistance of nerfing almost exclusively BASIC and CLASSIC cards making the free collection progressively useless
    4) their aggresive changes are always to make the game more and more expensive: more expensive packs, less adventures and more full expansions a year
    5) Last, they implemented a rotation without notice at purchase time and they DID NOT REFUND NOR ALLEVIATED their customers. This was an actual scam and made me take this position. Videogame companies need to be regulated so that this does not happen in the future. Your actions and concerns can make that happen
    We need to be louder than the.. less capable users like the ones that contradict you here
     ...The fuck?
    Ok, first of all, I'm only back into this nonsense because you quoted me, and your post is so full of shit I just had to reply.
    Members of our society? Stuff we build? What in the hell are you talking about? Jesus you sound like a member of the KKK. Way to go buddy. And you thought my first post was hostile. HA!
    You don't know me. Don't even presume to know me. I'm not some Ben Brode suckup who thinks Hearthstone is the greatest gift Blizzard can bestow upon us and that they can do no wrong. Far from it. Go check out my response to Brode's twitter question thing - he's so lost as to what the Hearthstone meta is about it's not funny.
    But that doesn't mean I am going to agree to or even encourage nonsense posts like this. Boycott the next expansion? For what? I didn't pay a dime towards this expansion. Bought all my packs with gold and got about 6 very nice Legendaries out of it so far. But regardless, even if I did pay, why in the fuck would I want to boycott the next expansion? So I can keep playing and lack any and all new cards to have fun/be competitive with? That makes no sense at all. 
    What would make sense, if you wanted to actually do something against Hearthstone, would be to stop playing. Go do something else. Go play a different game. But for the love of God don't come to a fan site and make a whiny bitch post about how bad the company is who makes this game YOU JUST CAN'T STOP PLAYING. Good grief. It's so pathetic.
    P.S. Items #4 and 5 are not 'things you started doing last year'. And Item #5 is just silly. The Hearthstone card rotation was announced in many places. Not Blizzard's fault you can't pay attention. I'll end on a positive note and say I agree with #3. Whee!
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    posted a message on Why blizard print cards like skulking geist?
    Quote from jferrante831 >>

    They don't nerf jade idol so they have to make a card that hurts it. Druid now has more cancer decks though. Not sure what streamer made it, but giants druid is newest cancer

    How does a deck earn the title "cancer" - because it beats you? Because in your infinitely small sample size you ran into it a few times? Just curious how you (and people like you) determine what a cancer deck is.
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    posted a message on Join me in boycotting the next expansion.

    Join me in boycotting this silly thread.

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    posted a message on Nzoth problem in wild

    There's no N'zoth problem in wild. Move along. And put spaces after your sentences so your post is readable. 

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    posted a message on just hit legend for the first time !

    Congrats OP, nice achievement!

    I am *amazed* at the amount of jackass posts on this thread though. 

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    posted a message on Ben Thompson and Ben Brode Twitter Q&A - Sarge, More Classes, RNG, Ladder, and More

    Quote from Banquetto >>

    Sorry to see you don't get my point.

    You want to play HS and have fun, right? To do that you need cards. To get cards you need packs and dust. To get packs and dust you need gold and/or real money. Regardless of how you go about getting those cards, you will eventually need more cards, to maybe try some new decks, or to keep up with Standard, or to try more weird fun combos. 

    So you need more gold, or more money. For some people funds are not an issue. For some, they are F2P. Many probably fall somewhere in the middle. 

    But WHATEVER the reason/financial state/etc. of people, I believe all people play to win. You don't play a video game - hell any game - to lose. Now, of course, losing is part of learning and growing and is unavoidable. You can have a fun game and still lose, sure. But in the end, people like to win, want to win, play to win. 

    Case in point, regardless of how you feel about Druid right now, and regardless of if you think some cards need a nerf or if it's too soon or whatever - Druid is very prevalent in Standard. Why? Because people believe Druid decks win. 

    I don't see a meta deck revolving around Meat Wagon anytime soon. 

    Ben Brode is out of touch with reality if he thinks people are underestimating Meat Wagon. That's my point.

    Now excuse my while I go have some fun playing games. And winning.


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    posted a message on Ben Thompson and Ben Brode Twitter Q&A - Sarge, More Classes, RNG, Ladder, and More

    While we all love Hearthstone in spite of its many flaws, I strongly believe the developers, Brode especially, is out of touch with what playing, and grinding, is like. Case in point is this ludicrous statement:

    BB: I feel like maybe players haven't figured out Meat Wagon yet. It is super fun and can be very powerful. I've been playing it with Validated Doomsayer and Devilsaur Egg which because they have 0-attack they come out via the Meat Wagon and it might be powerful.

    I picture Brode and others at Blizzard sitting around laughing their asses off at their janky decks with their weird combos having a grand old time - the problem is that is not reality. Reality is people want gold, to play arena or to get packs, to get better cards, or get more dust to make cards they want. Some (most) people want to get as high rank in ladder as possible to get even more rewards. NOBODY wants to sit around wasting their time playing jank just because you might pull off some weird fun combos, but ultimately get nothing out of it. 

    If Blizzard had a true casual mode, with rewards, that might work. If Blizzard had some more creative quests to encourage creative/weird/wacky stuff then in might work. But as-is, the game is enough of a time sink and grind, so take your Meat Wagon bullshit and f-off, Brode.

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    posted a message on DK Thrall battlecry and ... suicide myself instead
    Quote from Unknown27 >>
    Quote from Tokar >>
    Quote from Poodris >>
    Quote from MystikArcher >>

    I dropped the lich king card that draws the first five cards and summons them. Got out five minions. One was unliscenced apothecary. I died

     The question is what that card was slot in your deck to begin with? 
    If I understand your question (which, admittedly, I have no idea if I am - try proofreading before posting), you're asking if he had the card in his deck? It's a Warlock card. How would he have it in his Shaman deck? 
     When did he mentioned he was playing a shaman class?because i dont see it!
     Is this a joke? :)
    The first three words of the OP's post are: Thrall Deathseer's battlecry  - as far as I am aware, Thrall Deathseer is the Shaman DK. So, you know, logics and stuff.
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