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    posted a message on Face Hunter...Lack of cards

    You asked for advice, others give it. Then you get defensive and start name calling...

    You sure you are not the troll here? Control>face pass turn 5 traditionally, it's meant to counter your face hunter deck. Working as intended. 

    And as others have stated there is a possibility you're not playing optimally. And if you say you dont want to take the time to learn because you have a so called life. Than accept the fate you're creating.

    Cheers mate, I hope you're RL gives you more rewards than your expected entitlement in a children's card game.

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    posted a message on Can a F2P player have a complete collection?

    Playing since day one. Never missed a card back, bi monthly legendary, have dropped money on expansions....

    I only completed the standard set through natural attrition last year 2020. And average about 90% of standard releases by the end of an expansion. I only purchases pre releases and not always, I have never bought raw packs or mini releases, I have o ly used gold for those.

    This is just my experience but I can say I have above average pack openings (1/15 legendary packs since I've been tracking, 2016) so my collection should be more "complete" than most.

    Point being, I still don't have a total complete collection and have only ever had 1 total golden deck, which was purpose built since I had the dust for it.

    So no, a F2P player will affective never achieve a complete collection, not withstanding playing 247365


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    posted a message on WTF BLIZZARD !?!

    I won't be p/aying this new mode. If I wanted this I'd go to the play store and play some other p2w trash app.

    As a player who's been here since Beta, regularly legendary and a mod in these very forums. Not just my interest has lessened over the years from burn out but my want to support what's left of the shell that once was Blizzard.

    Not gone, but maybe just passing through.

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    posted a message on How do you handle the annoying players?

    This and I like to see what my opponents has, see reassess my plays. Figure it if there was a different line of play.

    You dont learn from conceding instantly. I've had friend requests just to talk about playing it out, or to ask what was the last card in your hand.

    Some people like this stuff, quite the opposite of annoying imo.

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    posted a message on Rewards Track Refresh for United in Stormwind & Diamond Cards, Coin Skins

    Not a fan of the passes, but 2 things might push it here...

    Diamond Shadow Form and Yrel portrait. The bait is real Blizz, well played, well played...


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    posted a message on Golden packs

    Just to clarify, Golden packs do not have pity timers, they run strictly on percent chances.

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    posted a message on So this happened..

    Oh wow a duel that made it to T6. That's insane! Most matches are over t3-5 currently.


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    posted a message on Are people using third party software in battlegrounds?

    You're looking for something that's not there.

    Someone hi-rolled the lobby, that's it. Deck trackers don't magically produce triples or change RNG.

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    posted a message on Magni Hero Set & Lunara's Garden Card Back Now On The Shop
    Quote from LordCheesus >>

    I mean nothing nothing but when are they gonna put up the rainbow cardback again? Thats the one ive been looking forward to the most. Glad theyre still putting up old skins to buy though. 

    I hope they never do. That's a very exclusive back that basically represents a players tenure in HS.

    Some things should be left special. And since legend has long been gutted let's let those who were at the beginning enjoy that statement when they display the rainbow card back.

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    posted a message on What everyone's opinion about the Meta after the buffs and nerfs?

    The N'zoth buff broke inquisitor DH formally DR dh. It was called out that Inquisitor would be broke  after that buff and alas it is.

    I think the meta is a hiroll agro meta with some midrange sprinkled in.

    I've played since Beta and this imo is almost a new low when I comes to lack of critical thinking and a whole meta of autopilot decks with no real rock paper scissors to counter with.

    Control is dead, combo is gutted, priest and mage are rng maricle style now.

    It just feels bad to win and loss. Very very unrewarded and often frustrating.

    It's a small card pool with the new year rotation, the meta should feel much better than this and be have a larger technical element... I'm disappointed at best.

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