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    posted a message on New Druid Card Revealed: Webweave

     I just commented a few minutes ago that the new 3/6 warlock card that discards a card every time it takes damage was the worst card ever printed.

    ............ I was wrong.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card Revealed: Howlfiend

     I honestly think this is the worst card that has ever been printed.

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    posted a message on New Mage Card Reveal - Glacial Mysteries

    I think this would be playable if it was 6 mana. And summoned a 6/6 minion. And was in Paladin.

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    posted a message on New Mage Card Revealed: Glacial Mysteries

    I think this would be playable if it was 6 mana. And summoned a 6/6 minion. And was in Paladin.

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    posted a message on Hemet jungle hunter: dust it?

    I wouldn't dust it. It has the potential to be deck defining level of busted. People have already been experimenting with a burn Mage with Hemet, and it seems pretty good. And it still has 2 years in standard.

    Regardless, If you dust enough cards, you will eventually pay the price. You get very margainal returns, and if you end up wanting a card later it feels so bad crafting it again.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 5.15 - Submission Topic

    Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman.

    The idea of this card is to sit on the board unable to be removed, similar to Sherazin Seed from Sherazin, Corpse Flower.
    You make an investment early, then after six full turns (your opponent plays, you play) you get a huge value pay off. Also adds flavor and ability to build a deck around to "melt" the ice faster.

    Edit: For clarification, fire based spells would include spells such as fireball, flamestrike, volcanic potion, firelands portal, if you somehow got lava burst, etc 

    Original Link: http://imgur.com/LLgLEvg

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    posted a message on Journey to Un'Goro - Hearthstone's Fifth Expansion

    Try Elder Longneck- the druid card. Its just his prehistoric form.

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    posted a message on RNG will be the end of Hearthstone

    Last week, I played a game where a guy playing Maly Rogue played Barnes into Malygos and killed me that same turn when I had lethal the next turn. I closed my computer and didn't play hearthstone for a week.

    I played a game earlier today, pushing for a high finish on ladder, which i lost exclusively because a guy playing Reno priest pulled exactly a taunt and doomsayer off of revive from his Kazakus potion to clear my board, then pulled Doom from kabal courier and cleared an entire board of jades. Dumb luck. Lost the game, and I am done for the day out of salt and I don't even care about my ranked finish anymore. I feel like I just wasted my time.

    Hearthstone can be so fun. I have a a lot of games where I walk away feeling good. But I also have an equal number of games where I just lose or win completely outside of either players control because of dumb luck. And those games just don't feel satisfying at all. Yet a large number of Priest and Mage's cards this expansion include some sort of random card generation. I don't understand why, after all the RNG complaints with things like Tuskarr, Portals, Imp-losion, Dr. Boom, Yogg, Shaman Hero power, and the Pavel incident in Worlds among others, that the design team finds in necessary to keep putting the word random on cards. There is no healthy RNG except in very small doses or in lower tier decks that are made for fun. Yet many strong cards contain game changing RNG elements. I feel if they keep it up, Hearthstone will continue to become more and more of a slot machine than an interesting game, and will thus continue to lose both new players and veterans who will leave for other more rewarding games.

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    posted a message on Vinecleaver

    This is the weapon that Blizzard wants to release for the worst class in the game. Alright.

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    posted a message on what's your most dissapointing card in the new expansion ?

    I actully really liked Inkmaster Solia lol.

    For me almost everything that was Grimy Goons was incredibly boring. When those cards were coming in, I was getting worried for the expansion. Outside a few situational combos, they really just felt like tempo "Curvestone" cards in disguise. And then when Don Han'Cho was released I was just incredibly disappointed. After watching cards that had virtually the exact same text drop for a week, to see a legendary be so bland, a bundle of stats with some rng involved, really let me down.

    Fortunately the rest of the cards have really picked things up for me, and seem a lot more interesting.

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    posted a message on Kabal Community Voting Failed - Jade Lotus Will be Next Week

    Well I'm definitely not voting in the next one then. Lol.

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    posted a message on Which Should I Craft? Edwin Van Cleef or N'Zoth, the Corruptor?

    I know this isn't the answer you want, but I would honestly consider holding off until the next expansion. You could want to craft a card in 2 weeks completely different to play a new interesting deck.

    If you can wait no longer (Grom anyone??) then it really just comes down to what you want to play. Edwin is definitely a really strong card in miracle decks and can be it's own win condition or just be a high tempo backstab 4/4 Edwin vs fast matchups. N'Zoth's effect is irreplaceable, and non murloc control paladins will struggle to work at all without N'Zoth. That said, N'Zoth decks are generally a little too slow in the current meta, but that could change with the expansion, who knows! It really just comes down to what you want. 

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    posted a message on Is Anub'arak worth keeping?
    Quote from BenX41 >>
    I know this isn't an option you want to hear, but I would hold off until the next expansion. The meta could shift drastically, and the card you craft may not even get used in the meta, or you could want to craft another card from the set. Patience is a virtue. 
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    posted a message on Pls. Blizzard make RENO JACKSON part of the basic/classic set!

    No. I'm more of a control player, and even I don't think it should for 2 reasons.

    1) it cramps design space for singleton decks. Cramping design space was half of the reason for creating standard in the first place.

    2) I think the card is somewhat poorly designed, even though I like the concept of giving a dramatic effect for the drawback of a highlander deck. It just feels so bad as the player playing against it to have the card drop right before they have lethal and lose compleyely to one card locking you out of a game singlehandedly. likewise as the player with it, knowing that the only way you win a game is drawing Reno Jackson feels bad when you don't draw it. I think a card like Kazakus is more well designed because it doesn't just instantly win or lose the game by playing it/not drawing it. It also adds a layer of decision making.


    tl;dr Reno, while an interesting card, is not a healthy card because of its borderline broken power level and should rotate out to create design space.

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    posted a message on Craft Maly or wait?

    Malygos is a really fun card, promotes combo decks which I find the most fun and interesting decks, and is evergreen in standard. But you could craft it and when the expansion comes out Malygos decks cease to exist and you never play the card. It will definitely be more dead once Emperor rotates out if another card doesn't come about to replace emperor.

    If you don't have a lot of spare dust,I would hold off til expansion, because you could end up not getting much value out of it. But if you do or you just really want to play maly decks, go for it. Just know you may regret it later.

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