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    This Week's Finalists

    Competition Theme: Strand of the Ancients, LFG

    First of all, congratulations to Wailor for winning WCDC 10.15!
    This time, he opted for something quite simple and something I'm sure people have been wanting to try out for some time:
    This week, make a custom Battlegrounds card! There really isn't much else in the way of restrictions, only:
    • Your submission cannot be an existing card, either in or not in Battlegrounds.

    We have calculated the 8 entries with the highest scores!! 
    Check out all the finalists below and vote in our poll (vote for as many or as few as you like) to help decide the winner and be sure to check back after the poll finishes for the announcement of the winner and the start of a new theme!

    By Covetousj

    By Adamaxes

    By Blightcaller

    By Co_Ga

    By Klipce

    By Yukazi

    By Azshara

    By xOwleyex

    vote away!

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    How to add Battlegrounds Tavern Banners

    First, click on the little icon that says "EXTRA" on hearthcards.net.

    Select the Tavern Tier of your choice!



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    The formatting is scarily bad, as I simply copied the Expansion's markup code, and I'm much too lazy to change it.

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     Syndicate of the Mourning Sun


    A disappearance? A sudden uprising? A misplaced paper? It was probably them. A group of individuals with no identity, no sigil, no name. Factions of secret underworld leaders hidden behind schemes, illusion, and pseudonym. Assassination. Blackmail. Forgery. Nothing is beneath their station. They've been reports of their sightings everywhere: Orzhov, Niflgaar, Azeroth. Mysteries lurk under the cover of night, before dispersing like shadows in the Syndicate of the Mourning Sun.

    Themes and Mechanics

    This expansion features the keyword Plot. Spells with Plot take up a space, similar to Secrets and Quests. At the start of your turn, the Countdown of the Plot reduces by 1. When it reaches zero, the effect triggers! Every single class Shamans are too busy with their experiments to plot  has a Plot that will change the course of the game.


    Neutral Commons

    Neutral Rares

    Neutral Epics

    Neutral Legendaries

    Arcadia's Gifts:











    Mourning Sun Card Design Team

    Phoenix     -    Card Designer
    Phoenix     -    Card Balancer
    Nix     -    Basically Everything Else

    About the Creation

         Hi there! Most of you probably have seen me elsewhere at one point or another. I, Phoenix (or just Nix), have been designing cards for Hearthstone over three years. I prefer quirky explorations of mechanics over flavor and lore. I'm a current moderator of the Hearthpwn.com and have recently has moved towards posting in r/customhearthstone.  However, I enjoy and favor the articles of outof.cards over any other Hearthstone information source. I'm excited and expectant for outof.cards to begin their own series of card creation competitions and help this community progress together in card designing.

         This particular set was originally a large series of cards that was awkwardly jumbled together and called an expansion. It wasn't nearly 100 cards later did I decide to add in a keyword. Each Class features a different method through which a secret underground information operates. For example, Hunters are "hunting" for clues, while Paladins are corruptly laundering money. Warriors just want to beat people up and Priests are busy predicting the end of the world. Combined, the classes (minus most of Hunter who are looking for 'em) make up the Syndicate of the Mourning Sun. If you have questions, comments, criticisms, concerns, or hate mail, post it below - although I am not liable for your actions.

    yay, finally done.


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    Quote from jonny_di >>

    I mean, though the name did slip from the moderators, druid of the moon is pretty funny. On a serious note, with the existence of quest in druid the new card that discounts dragon costs or even dreampetal florist, there are some pretty nasty combos to be made with that card. That fact that it casts randomly only makes it funnier. With all that I can safely say it has my vote

     While making the final poll... there was a small mental debate on disqualification... but I haven’t seen Co_Ga much before, so I’ll let him slide, just this once.

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    Quote from Wailor >>

    So, we basically have to design a card with the Lightspawn effect, right? Or are there other options? Seems a bit narrow to me...

     The card basically just needs some way to deal damage, and that method must have some relation to its health.

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    Quote from JockyRhonson >>

    Howdy! I know i'm not a moderator but i just wanted to help a little, and if it's against the rules to "mini-mod" i'm sorry.

    If you're here to post your creation, you're in the wrong place. You need to be here:

    Submission Topic - Post cards here

     Congrats, you're now mod and I can go on vacation. not actually.

    Submissions that do not appear on the submission topic cannot be graded. However, you're welcome to discuss the prompt or your individual creations here or on the Hearthpwn Discord.


    Also, Pircival, creator of the archeologist class, mentioned that Decay was mainly meant to function on 0-attack "relic-like" artifacts that grants you temporary buffs. However, as the class development evolved, it was spread to greater mechanics, such as decreasing minion health and degrading armor.

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    Well... the community has many different opinions, so someone's bound to be right about something. I personally think Waxadred will be tier 1, but I don't think many people agree.

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    Dragons just drag on and drag on and drag on and dragon.

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    In hearthstone cards, the word Dragon is capitalized. Go, google it.

    I'm looking at you cakeeater!!!!

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    "Tar'ziq was never good at decision making."

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