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    Oh my gods. Cards are everywhere.

    One at a time. Any card that isn't mentioned, I have no problem with. It's just good. Plain good.


    Overall, the class is quite interesting and nice, although very difficult to balance. Spell Damage is a minefield that which I fear greatly to tread. Just be very careful when balancing your cards, and edge on the weak side of things to be safe.


     This card is self contradictory. Does it give a minion +3/+3 or set it to 3/3? It's just a grammar fix

    I would deem this a little too complex for a mere common. I would suggest it as a rare.

    I really love this card, although the wording is a little strange. I would change it to "Deal one damage to a random enemy minion. If it dies, draw a card. Do this thrice."

    What happens if you have no mana left? Nothing? I assume this is only effective during your turn (since mana refreshes at the start of each turn), so I'd suggest "Whenever this deals damage" instead for balance. Even then, it's quite strong as you often play your cards and spend all your mana before attacking.

    Possibly broken with the storm-like concept going on.

     Immune is so much better than Elusive... Well done.


    The problem with this is it's massive OTK potential. Combined with the ridiculous number of cheap burn/draw spells, this can easily become overpowered. Just be careful with future sets, as Spell Damage is a dangerous path to tread.



    Wildcarded. Oh wait... I can't do that because you won't need it? Fair enough.

    gods... The feeling to blow up some stuff is certainly infectious. 11/10. Expect to see my upvote...


    I'd reword Ritual Dagger to "After your hero kills a minion, summon a 1/1 cultist." Yes, this is stronger, but the card's underpowered to begin with.

    I assume the world Revelry is active in between the two sentences. Yes, it will definitely work.

    Soul Crush... Crazy Harbinger... I love it.


    Cursed Child is a very dangerous minion to work with. Pulling the legendary minion you wanted could be very very very powerful. Be very careful with legendaries in the future...

    Bloodrage Berserker: Be very careful with this. Bliz hates charge minions, so this could easily see a future nerf? It depends on how easy it is to hit 20+ Attack in a turn.


    card Clearly not immortal! Banned for false advertising!


    +1 Cost, and maybe as a 1/4 weapon?



    Fire Herald Azure is ridiculously strong... From what I can tell, you can easily get ~4 attack each turn, and devastate the enemy. It's not a good idea to be able to deal Flamestrike after Flamestrike to your opponent each turn. I would change this to "Your hero damages all minions when attacking." to balance, and enhance the flavor of your harbinger's destructive tendencies. Also, Azura means blue... Am I missing an anime reference?

    Suggested Example Cards (No order)

    1. Azura
    2. Apocalypse Jester
    3. Bloodrage Berserker
    4. Harbinger's Decree
    5. Scepter


    Round 1

    Round 2

    The Artist: Cyr Caelus [See-er Say-lus]

    A Custom Class by Phoenixfeather

    "Hey Deathwing. Jeez. Quit acting all grumpy. Look, I lost in Rahsor Hold-em against Nix so I have no choice but to be here. Apparently you need friends or something... Isn't that just perfect. I can't leave until I win this annoying contest, and you can't until you get a friend. You, a stupid oversized lizard befriending me - A beautiful damsel of exquisite talents and power? Just let me win this nonsense already." 

    "Deathwing! What do you mean I can't just win and have to go through things stage by stage? That's it. I'm leaving! Bye! Cogito, get out of my way, you can't hurt me. Ow! Ow! What was that for? I can't leave? It's a free country right? It's not? Oh right... I'm in America Azeroth. Gods, this is annoying. How much longer must I wait here?"

    The Story of Cyr Caelus - Part 1

    Cyr skips along the icy plains, bright blue eyes twinkling. She looks around, wondering. Where was she? When was she? Where were the Knight Radiant’s lightweavers and Nix, her spren? Storms! Even the gods are different! Cyr looks around, slightly fearful, yet curious. Nix had forementioned a possible danger when she’d fallen through the portal.

    Suddenly, Cyr hears a soft melody.  She whirls, looking for a source. In an instant, two animations spring to life. The voice grows louder. Siren? No, it wasn’t quite right. Cyr completes the spin whilst summoning a few of her friends. A series of stone golems spring from the ground. An entire army of frivolous musicians and jovial dancers from various realms appear.. Within ten heartbeats, the field is covered in an ensemble of flying lights and flashing steel.

    “Cyr?” A small voice calls, “That is quite the overkill.”

    “Ignitius Xel! I swear, you’re no better than Wit at times”

    In an instant, the parade vanishes. Golems crumble to dust. Illusions fade to nothingness. All the various confused artists return to their respective realms. A glowing boy wreathed in a cloak of flames prances around Cyr.

    “So where did Odium trap us?”

    “The better question is... How are you not cold in that dress?”

    “It looks pretty. Comfort comes second-”

    “It’s twenty below! At least put cover your back!”

    Cyr sighs. Nix was being annoying again. “One more irrelevant comment and I feed you to Ninian.”

    Nix’s voice suddenly rises a few octaves at the mention of the manakete. “Sorry miss. We’re in Azeroth. One of Chaos’s realms.”

    “Shards, I hate her. Probably one of the worse goddesses to exist.” Rage flashed across Cyr’s normally optimistic face.

    “Come, quit feeling dismal. There’s a tavern up ahead. There’d be people you can… well... persuade… to work for you.”

    Cyr ignores the sardonic tone and looks ahead. Surely enough, a small hut stood a few fathoms away.

    “A tavern in the middle of nowhere?”

    Nix just shrugs. The two bound over anyway.

    “Hearthstone,” Cyr reads from the signpost, “Curious indeed.”

    Cyr walks in to the joyous shouting of “Welcome to the inn, friend”.

    The Story of Cyr Caelus - Part 2

    Cyr eyes the mage across the table. Jane or something was it? Cyr hated her. Three minutes in and all her merry band was frozen solid. How are Frost Novas even vaguely fair?

    “Nix! Do something!”

    “Cyr, I can’t interfere. I’m a noble aviary elemental, and as a majestic creature, I refuse to sacrifice my morals for a petty bout between two rivals. Furthermore, I am not allowed to intervene in a duel between two grand magicians for I have no yet been summoned to your aid.”

    “I have cookies”

    “On second thought, such morals were created to be bent.”

    A wave of fire engulfed the entire table into cinders. Jaina Proudmoore face displays undenyable surprise that was quickly replaced with wrath.

    “You. Me. Outside.”

    “I’m not interested in wom-”

    A deathly glare from Jaina quiets Cyr. Hearth Stonebrew looks up from his position as bartender. Understanding the situation, he yells, “TAVERN BRAWL!”

    --Ten Minutes Later--

    “And then she threw fireballs at me! Real, flaming fireballs!” Cyr cries to her personal audience whilst counting a bag of coins she’d recently won.

    Nix hovered nearby munching on a hard-won cookie. Well tried to. Nix found it quite difficult to eat while lacking the ability to digest food and having the unfortunate circumstance of burning everything upon contact.

    Meanwhile, Jaina was under the care of half a dozen priests, each of whom muttering about the unstoppable force of dancing soldiers and flaming violins.

    “You know, Nix. I thought that Janey over there was supposed to be one of the stronger mages around here.”

    “Cyr, you realized that you technically cheated right?”

    “You mean when I pretended to concede only to stab her with this viola bow?”

    Cyr holds up the flaming weapon. Nix instinctively twitches away a few handspans.


    “It’s not cheating. It’s just using whatever resources necessary in order to win. You know I’d gladly do it again.”

    “There’s no way she’d fall for it again.”

    “Hey Jilly! Double or nothing?”

    Jaina struggles to her feet much to the protest of the surrounding priests. “Oh. It is on.”

    --Ten Minutes Later--

    “Hearth! Another round on me!,” Cyr calls from her place on stage, “Well not me, really. Technically, it’s Janny’s money, or was.”

    The entire bar bursts into cheers.

    Nix flutters over, “You cheated.”

    Cyr nearly chokes on her ale, returns the glare of the bandaged mage, and falls into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

    The Story of Cyr Caelus - Part 3

         Cyr sits in the tavern, thinking of the worlds Nix had whisked her between. Femblem... Vyrn... Thera (Which for some reason wouldn’t let 17 year olds drink)… Time surely had passed. She’d stayed in the plane, Azeroth, much longer than normal. How long was it since she’d arrived? Three weeks? Nix did mention looking for a permanent residence. Cyr was definitely getting old…
         “Cyr Caelus!” A fanatic voice booms. Cyr pivots from her sitting position to the entrance where a Jaina drags a confused man through the tavern’s door.
         “Oh Jenny,” Cyr replied, annoyed at the intrusion to her pondering, “Put the poor fool down!”
         “Anduin, this crazy woman humiliated me not only in cards, but by cheating in a fair duel!”
         Anduin looked over to Cyr, clearly confused. His stunning eyes lock onto Cyr’s and heart instantly jumps. Shards, was the man good-looking. Those tragic filled eyes hiding unknown depths… The perfect blond hair trimmed to perfection… His radiating aura of powerful holy power…
         The word breaks through Cyr’s momentary trance. Cyr barely registers as Anduin approaches her table.
         “H-h--hi there. Ummm-uh… I’m Cyr… You’re Anduin... Can I touch your face?”
         “Excuse me?”
         Cyr inwardly slaps herself.
         “Imeanhello.” she says, nearly tripping up the words. Storms was she acting like a complete fool. While panicking over her next words, Anduin seats herself across the table. Jaina stands behind Anduin, still death-glaring at Cyr.
         “Jaina dragged me to apparently face a lunatic in a game of cards. Unfortunately, it seems I’m met with such a beautiful lady instead. Now, would you like to kindly join me in a game of Hearthstone?”
    Cyr manages to make what seems to be half of a nod. She grabs the deck already set on the table as Anduin grasps one of his own from his immaculate robes using his perfect hands that she would love to grasp…
         In a flurry of uncoordinated motion, she grabbed the coin and accidently flipped it onto the wrong side.
         “I believe you get to take your turn first,” Anduin says.
         Cyr quickly summons a Stonetusk Boar. She moves to attack, but stops… Cyr couldn’t bring herself to damage Anduin’s handsome features. Against a dozen of her gamer’s instincts, she passes the turn. Anduin looks across the table, wearing a face of confusion. Oh that gentle face hiding unspeakable darkness. If only she could caress it...
         “You do know that minions with Charge can attack the turn they are played right?”
         Cyr bearly nodded, lost in a dreamy haze.
         “Well, I’ll play this Northshire Cleric and pass the turn.”
         Cyr barely notices as she passes her turn once again.
                        -An hour later-
         Jaina sleeps on a nearby table as Anduin says, “And I’ll attack you directly for the twenty-seventh time with my Northshire Cleric?”
         “Uh huh.”
         “And I win?”
         “Ummm… Are you okay there?”
         “Umm yeah,” Cyr shakes his head as the prospect of losing sinks in. She continues in a quick flurry of noises, “AreyoubusytonightImeandinnerwouldbenice.”
         “Woah, slow down a bit! I wouldn’t mind if you joined me for dinner.”
    Cyr replies in the form of a few squeals of excitement.
         “I’m sure the royal chefs could whip something up for the two of us.”
         Did Anduin just say royal? Cyr looks at Anduin, eyes widening in sudden recognition.
         Anduin turns a light shade of pink after picking apart the words, “How about we first enjoy dinner first.”
         “SorryIdidn’tmeantoImeanajsdspbs…” Cyr’s words dissolve into unintelligibility.
         Sighing, Anduin leads a love-struck Cyr Caelus home, leaving behind the sleeping mage.

    To be continued…

    (Nix nearly went on strike for his lack of screen time, so I promised him something next round. Also, we'll reveal next round if AnduinxCyr happens. Nix says :Nay:. Based on what happens, most likely it's :Nay:.)

    Artists include illusionists, painters, singers, dancers, sculpters, musicians, crafters, writers, and many others of creative professions. Cyr is from Rahsor, a faraway unknown plane. Somehow, she finds herself in an unidentified place in Azeroth with little but her magical affinity and a performer's personality. She certainly knows how to put on one heck of a show to distract, manipulate, and "convince" her opponents. Upon arrival to Azeroth, she finds a mysterious world-hopping tavern full of grand mysteries and frivolous adventure.

    The artist class focuses on mass minion synergy, especially with adjacence and positioning rearrangement. 

    Hero Power, Keyword, Notable Mechanics, and Emotes

    Compose: This is similar to a weaker version of Preparation. It can stack and be transferred through turns. This is especially useful when casting some of the incoming 11-cost cards.


    A Few More Examples

    Notable Mechanics:

    1. Adjacent/Board buffs (Spur keyword; Left/Right/Opposite/All effects)
    2. Choose a minion. Do X to all other minions.
    3. Positioning Rearrangement/Randomization
    4. Spells and abilities that summon more minions - Notably 0/4 Animations
    5. Tales (Card Draw)
    6. Musical Instruments as Weapons
    7. Dance - A psudo-windfury
    8. "Whenever this attacks"
    9. 11-Cost cards
    10. Dragon/Manakete Synergy (Synergy Comes Soon)


    Introduction: I challenge you!

    Mirror Match: A duel? I accept.

    Greetings: Good day!

    Well Played: Not bad.

    Thanks: Thanks a ton!

    Wow: Shards!

    Oops: A slip of the chisel.

    Threaten: Behold my radiance!

    Sorry: Sorry. Nix says he's not though.

    Example cards

    Spur Attack - Common Tromblade - Rare Big Dragon

    Setting spears on felfire since 1984.

    How else can you play Rimsky Korsakov's Concerto while stabbing your opponent?

    Once tried to kidnap Cyr. Ended up paying ransom for her to leave.

    Spur Attack:
    This card can help get another kill or two or deal a lot of extra damage, assuming you have board control. Comparable to Cold Blood. It can help your seemingly useless Animations (0/4 minions) become much more dangerous. This satisfies challenge 2.

    Tromblade: A tribute to all the great trombone players out there (You're welcome SlydE). By randomizing the positions of your minions, Spur effect cards such as Ninian, Destiny Dancer can bolster many different minions. This is also another example of a weapon instrument in the Artist Class. This card does not satisfy Challenge #3, as it contains the word "Randomize" rather than "Random". MWAHAHAHA! Dangit Cogito, no fun. It's my card for challenge 3. I'm not sure which instrument to do next... I'll take PMs (and art).

    Big Dragon: ... Well the flavor text says it all. Seemingly physically weak little artists love to have big things that do the big punching for them. A great stable target for buff spells such as Spur Attack, Dance, and Duet. It's fun. It punches things. What more can you ask for? (Also supports future dragon synergy)

    Blazing Spotlight - Epic Ninian, Destiny Dancer - Legendary

    In Cyrkensia, being "not fab" is worse than death.

    "That's not a dragon!" - Everyone before Ninian uses Lightbreath

    Blazing Spotlight: A lot like Twisting Nether, but requires cost-reduction in order to be cast. Thankfully, your hero power does it's job quite well, reducing the cost to (10). This is an example of a "Choose a minion. Do X to all other minions" card, which is one of the themes to the class, with Solo, being the other.

    By the way, if you think this card is crazy, look at the non-example cards. There's some scary stuff going on down there.

    Ninian, Destiny Dancer: Dance on a stick. Well two permanent sticks, I guess? This character comes from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (and also one of my first 5-stars in Fire Emblem: Heroes). Yes. This is a dragon. Many powerful dragons can appear in humanoid forms, and Ninian is no exception. Wrathion is not a dragon because he's in hiding. It doesn't make sense? DEAL WITH IT! ANYWAY... This Spur effect is exceptionally powerful, and acts as a pseudo-windfury for adjacent minions. It can be used as a finisher or a way to deal a little more ping. When combined with effects like Tromblade's repositioning, you can "Dance" multiple minions.

    The Rest of the Classic Set


    Abid Artist: This was the first example card from round one. It's a simple card that highlights the Spur effect.

    Lightbolt: This card is used for damaging enemies or healing friendly minions. Both effects are slightly underpowered to balance versatility.

    Screech: Deals 2 damage to every character. A pretty simple AoE spell.

    Solo: This is an example of a "Choose a minion. Do X to all other minions" card. When someone else is doing a grand solo, it is only courtesy to quiet.

    Sync: The Frostwolf Warlord battlecry on a spell. This can dramatically enhance a minion based on the number of minions you control. Token generators are strongly suggested.

    Illustrious Tale: The next sequel to our Tale series. Along with Great Tale, be prepared to see many more of these to come!


    Illustrate: This class summons 2/2 Illustrations over the course of your next 3 turns. It is another example in which spells generate minions, along with Carve from Round 1 and Bring to Life from Round 2. Feel free to check those out!

    Sketch: This class's version of Preparation or Innervate, and of heavy importance. During the next turn, cards will be slightly cheaper, allowing you to burst for quite a bit.

    Cyr's Creation: What the... The idea is that you try to draw this card as early as possible, and holy shift is it awesome if you get it early. The idea is that you play a card like Sketch and play this turn 2, or Hero Power turn 2, for an 8/8 on turn 3. You sacrifice much of your early game for this powerful investment. Later on though, it's just a generic 4/4 that's easily outclassed by Chillwind Yeti. Not necessarily powerful in constructed, but a powerhouse in Arena.

    Basic Set

    Bring To Life: This is my card for the "All or Nothing" challenge. Why a spell? Well this is mostly for flavor purposes. Cyr isn't able to summon an animation from nothingness. She must carve it herself. With a few quick flicks of a chisel, she can make a quick animation, perfect for distracting or a number of other purposes. It synergizes well with cards like Vivid Viola or Epileptic Lights - which requires a large number of friendly minions - and Duet or Wandering Musician - which can buff the 0/4.

    Epileptic Lights: Cyr releases as flash of lights to burn or blind the enemy. The more performers there are, the brighter the lights.

    Dance: Dance is a card that allows a minion to attack an additional time each turn. And no, it will NOT work as a Charge effect, I'll hardcode it if I must. It's slightly weaker than Windfury. This is extremely useful in poking for a few extra bits of damage. In addition, it allows minions such as Azure Dancer to summon an extra token. (Hint: This'll get super crucial later on.)

    Wandering Musician: This simple minstrel can play a simple tune that invigorates your minions to strike with greater force!

    Duet: This buffs a minion and the minion next to it. It's pretty simple, but critical to bolstering your board.

    Vivid Viola: Vivid Viola is a weapon for the class. Cyr is an expert in a variety of instruments, such as the viola and trombone. She's one of the top musicians in all of Azeroth. Now the instruments Cyr uses generally aren't the normal boring generic type. If you'll notice, this viola is literally on fire.

    Azure Dancer: Azure Dancer is a good way to mass produce smaller tokens. It helps synergize with cards that require a lot of smaller minions such as Vivid Viola and Wandering Musician. (Ugh, I can't fit the token right)

    Great Tale: Any good artist knows a good story or two. This one happens to give inspiration in the form of three cards.

    Sing: Originally named Siren's Song, this was changed to fit the "Nuts//Bolts" challenge. It is quite similarly balanced as Embrace Darkness. The idea is that Cyr sings hypnotically and convinces one of the enemy to your cause. We provide no protection to any sheep or cyclops that fall of cliffs due to unrestricted sirens songs. By the way, I'm not actually a Justin Beiber fan.

    Dance Battle: Ready your favorite music and we'll be having a D-D-DANCE BATTLE! Oh, and because you're a pro (and the system's super rigged), you'll always destroy the enemy minions.

    Token Artist Decklist (Basic and Classic Only)

    2x Sketch

    2x Abusive Sergeant

    1x Argent Squire

    2x Avid Artist

    2x Epileptic Lights

    2x Leper Gnome

    1x Bloodmage Thalnos

    2x Dire Wolf Alpha

    2x Knife Juggler

    2x Spur Attack

    2x Duet

    2x Vivid Viola

    2x Azure Dancer

    1x Illustrious Tale

    2x Great Tale

    1x Cairne Bloodhoof

    1x Leeroy Jenkins

    1x Ninian, Destiny Dancer

    This is a quick deck that I've put together than is meant to generate a ton of tokens and capitalize on them.

    Best of Luck to Everyone!

    Thanks to Sinti, Schlauchneid, Cogito_Is_A_Cake, ToxOvent, Linkblade92, Shadows, PurpleMD, Zency, FluffyFlux, and everyone else for your help!


     The above spoiler is my own class... A recommendation or two would certainly help. Wow pets have been removed.

    Sorry nurgling, but you're still not going to like it.

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    Degeneracy inspires degeneracy

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    As a card designer, all my question relates to custom cards and the fan creations community.

    1. (This is kind of the big question) Hearthstone has one of the strongest custom card communities among any card game, much of it due to its deceptively simple and versatile custom card design potential. Many, if not most, card concepts are predicted long before their release. How, if at all, do the cards custom card designers make affect the creative process and development behind the cards we know in-game today?
    2. Do you personally look at custom made cards? If so, where? Can you describe any in particular that have stuck out to you?
    3. Hearthstone cards have often been criticized with being “consistently inconsistent” with their wording, as many similar effects have been worded or spaced by lines slightly differently. Are they mistakes that should be fixed or are they simply an extension of equally correct card wordings? Also, to what extent do you believe the specific wording of cards should be flexible?
    4. The latest set, Descent of Dragons, broke the creative world-view by releasing abstract card designs such as “Wyrmrest Purifier”, “Grizzled Wizard”, “Platebreaker”, and “Valdris Felforge”. What are some concepts in which we may see future cards interact with?
    5. What are some card designs from recent sets that you found interesting, but were ultimately rejected by Hearthstone card design’s review process?
    6. Are you hiring custom card designers? Nix#6340 here would gladly take an internship.
    7. Battlegrounds was an unexpected new gamemode and many players have quickly become enthralled with it. Can we expect more game modes to be released in the future?
    8. Awakening of Galakrond repeated many mechanics and keywords from all over the Year of the Dragon. Are we likely to see former keywords such as Inspire and Adapt come back in future sets? If not, would they be in non-pure forms, such as Dragonsbane reflecting the former keyword Inspire?
    9. There are a variety of different types of players in Hearthstone. Some like chaining multiple cards together for an extravagant game-win. Others like summoning large minions and smashing through their opponent. What do you personally think are the criteria that makes a card fun?
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     Syndicate of the Mourning Sun


    A disappearance? A sudden uprising? A misplaced paper? It was probably them. A group of individuals with no identity, no sigil, no name. Factions of secret underworld leaders hidden behind schemes, illusion, and pseudonym. Assassination. Blackmail. Forgery. Nothing is beneath their station. They've been reports of their sightings everywhere: Orzhov, Niflgaar, Azeroth. Mysteries lurk under the cover of night, before dispersing like shadows in the Syndicate of the Mourning Sun.

    Themes and Mechanics

    This expansion features the keyword Plot. Spells with Plot take up a space, similar to Secrets and Quests. At the start of your turn, the Countdown of the Plot reduces by 1. When it reaches zero, the effect triggers! Every single class Shamans are too busy with their experiments to plot  has a Plot that will change the course of the game.


    Neutral Commons

    Neutral Rares

    Neutral Epics

    Neutral Legendaries

    Arcadia's Gifts:











    Mourning Sun Card Design Team

    Phoenix     -    Card Designer
    Phoenix     -    Card Balancer
    Nix     -    Basically Everything Else

    About the Creation

         Hi there! Most of you probably have seen me elsewhere at one point or another. I, Phoenix (or just Nix), have been designing cards for Hearthstone over three years. I prefer quirky explorations of mechanics over flavor and lore. I'm a current moderator of the Hearthpwn.com and have recently has moved towards posting in r/customhearthstone.  However, I enjoy and favor the articles of outof.cards over any other Hearthstone information source. I'm excited and expectant for outof.cards to begin their own series of card creation competitions and help this community progress together in card designing.

         This particular set was originally a large series of cards that was awkwardly jumbled together and called an expansion. It wasn't nearly 100 cards later did I decide to add in a keyword. Each Class features a different method through which a secret underground information operates. For example, Hunters are "hunting" for clues, while Paladins are corruptly laundering money. Warriors just want to beat people up and Priests are busy predicting the end of the world. Combined, the classes (minus most of Hunter who are looking for 'em) make up the Syndicate of the Mourning Sun. If you have questions, comments, criticisms, concerns, or hate mail, post it below - although I am not liable for your actions.

    yay, finally done.


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    Quote from JockyRhonson >>

    Howdy! I know i'm not a moderator but i just wanted to help a little, and if it's against the rules to "mini-mod" i'm sorry.

    If you're here to post your creation, you're in the wrong place. You need to be here:

    Submission Topic - Post cards here

     Congrats, you're now mod and I can go on vacation. not actually.

    Submissions that do not appear on the submission topic cannot be graded. However, you're welcome to discuss the prompt or your individual creations here or on the Hearthpwn Discord.


    Also, Pircival, creator of the archeologist class, mentioned that Decay was mainly meant to function on 0-attack "relic-like" artifacts that grants you temporary buffs. However, as the class development evolved, it was spread to greater mechanics, such as decreasing minion health and degrading armor.

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    Well... the community has many different opinions, so someone's bound to be right about something. I personally think Waxadred will be tier 1, but I don't think many people agree.

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