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    What's your opinion on Dragonfire Potion? I'm missing a good 9k dust for this deck but still want to try it out so I'm trying to cut costs where I can, such as Lightbomb. Would you say this is a good substitute or is Lightbomb worth the craft?

    Also, the poster is awesome and I can't get the idea of Amara with a handgun and Benedictus with a shotgun out of my head. +1 just from that alone.

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    Me personally, I like playing with low power cards. I loved playing when the game first came out and something about stringing together a bunch of cards that are not quite good enough to see play to beat an opponent is always really satisfying in my opinion.

    I do think high powered cards have a place in the game, it is just that I feel right now there is too many of them and so the game becomes more about seeing who can play their game winning card first. When I first played Emperor Thaurissan, it is satisfying to do something so powerful. However, when people play so many of these types of cards turn after turn, it does not feel as satisfying as it used to.

    In terms of balance, I feel like pretty much all of them are balanced right now, with the exception of Barnes and possibly DK rexxar. Otherwise the rest of these type of cards are really strong, but do have some way to counter them.

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    Quote from ParkettbodenAUT >>

    And now the usual, really important question:

    Any replacement for Mecha'thun?


    King Togwaggle.

    Draw deck, swap decks and then double naturalize for 15 burst. Its "win the game" good, but if you apply pressure in the early game, you can still just use it for enough burst to finish someone off.


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    Quote from Murl0c_Slayer >> 

    The reason is potential problem in future if Paladin become OP T5 wont be able to nerf him because Paladin has Odd and Even comptetive decks .

     This is not Salt thread its An objective discussion for the game sake but IDIOTS cant see that .

    Honestly I don't see the increased mana cost nerf would be that huge of a issue. It happened before with Call to Arms being increased to 5 mana and it not being ran in odd paladin, but I don't think either decks would want to run cards in the other deck if they were to cost more, with the exception of very few cards like Sunkeeper Tarim. The two decks just have such drastically different playstyles that I do not think that would be a huge issue. Even if there was a card that would be too strong if swapped decks, they can just change other numbers on the cards, such as attack or health.

    And yeah, I feel like the original post was a bit salty but now that you expanded your thoughts, I don't see it that way anymore. If anything, the thread was completely hijacked for a while so hopefully it can get back on topic.

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    My favorite part is how if the suggested stuff does go through,Windshear Stormcaller literally summons 40 damage worth of stuff.

    Aside from that, many of these balance changes just reek of never having touched the cards before. Forest Guide would be insane if it had stealth because 6 health makes it pretty much untouchable by AoE and the effect is overwhelming. Same goes to Mist wraith, who's only actual issue is that there is currently a lot of hard removal in the format. Seeping Oozeling was overcosted because the fact there is powerful deathrattles literally in the same set, such as Kathrena Winterwisp. Crushing Walls and Al'Akir the Windlord both do see some play so I dont understand why you'd want to just make them even better.

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    Jeez this thread got off on a wild tangent. 

    Anyway, I feel like paladin is successful right now because it has three different ways to approach the game. Odd paladin which is aggro, even paladin which is midrange and OTK paladin which is control/combo. These decks work because paladin has a naturally strong hero power and in the last 6 expansions got good cards to support for decks like this to rise up. Things like Call to Arms is still just a strong card even though it was nerfed. It fell off the radar because after it was nerfed, there was no deck that would want it, but it doesn't change the fact it's essentially 5 mana: draw 3 and play 5-6 mana worth of creatures. In the last 6 expansions, paladin has almost always had some place in the meta due to the fact it has gotten strong cards every expansion. The only time it was not somewhere in the meta was in KFT, where it still got a lot of strong cards it would use later.

    The base set for paladin isn't that great, especially when compared to the cards in supplemental sets. None of the paladin decks feel that polarizing right now to face anyway so I feel like the class is in a fine spot right now, especially since it should be falling out of favor in 3 months.

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    I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Thing from Below because totem shaman (with cards like Wicked Witchdoctor and Primal Fusion) have always been some of my favorites. That being said, the card is pretty good because it provides a huge tempo swing if you can get it for cheap. That being said, I do not think this card is what makes Even Shaman great. Even shaman has just an abundance of cheap, overstatted minions such as Flamewreathed Faceless, Sea Giant, Draenei Totemcarver and the aforementioned Thing from Below and so nerfing thing from below does not solve the issue that they have several other cards they can drop earlier and just shut people out of the game.

    The issue I see with Even Shaman is just that it fits well in the meta. The top 6 wild decks imo are odd rogue, Renolock, Evenlock, Reno priest and Big Priest and odd rogue is the only other aggressive deck that can compete against Even shaman. As for the 4 control decks, if they do not draw their removals, they just are not going to win as the only way to truly stop Even shaman is to just nuke the board turn after turn. If big priest tries to throw a big taunt in front, Even shaman can just Devolve and continue to smash face. Against reno and evenlock, the constant pressure even shaman provides makes sure they cannot tap to draw their removal or heal. Reno priest has a good match up against Even shaman simply because it has so much disruption catered for it, but can still easily be shut down earlier. As for odd rogue, this is the only other top deck that can really halt even shaman's explosive first couple of turns. Considering that 4 out of the 5 other best decks in wild have to load up on counters for Even shaman and it still continues to be strong in the meta shows that Thing from Below isn't the main culprit and instead all the overloaded shaman minions.

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    Quote from Fortenbrass >>


    X X/X that adds a random card/cards to your hand. 

    Kabal Trafficker

    End of turn effect.

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    Quote from Deck_Fiend >>

    With this in mind, I really don't think they pay attention to us very often. 

    Still I think Hearthpwn deserves some recognition from Blizzard, and I see it as rather disrespectful that they still haven't given Hearthpwn a card to reveal, given all the work this site does for the community. 

     Two quick things, Hearthpwn does get paid attention a bit, back before Un'goro launch there was an exclusive interview with Dean Ayala. Not sure how much they do now considering that interview was almost 3 years ago now, but I don't see a reason why they would stop doing that. Hearthpwn did used to get card reveals. The first one they got was with Xaril, Poisoned Mind and I thought they did a good job presenting it. I don't know if they got any other card reveals since then since the main reason I remember this one is because it was mentioned in the Hearthpwn Turns Five! news article. I also remember asking why they no longer get them, but didn't get an answer.

    As for my two cents on the original topic, I think it's kind of a good idea to not specifically read threads on this site. It can make a small minority feel a lot louder than it actually is since at the heart of the game, Hearthstone is still a pretty casual game. Getting to rank 15-10 isn't something a majority of the player base does and so plenty of the things that blizzard says that makes us scoff at them, such as not nerfing big build-a-round cards such as Kingsbane directly makes it so that more casual audiences can still enjoy decks like that. If Blizzard were to start catering towards the competitive market with Hearthstone, I feel like it would lose a lot of it's appeal as some of the easiest ways to make it more competitive would also hurt the current way the game is played. 

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     Only issue I see with this card is that it doesn't specify rounding. They could simply just say "Destroy half of each player's deck, rounded up" and it would work fine. This is what they do in most card games like MTG, but that game is also a physical game so it needs to specify exactly what to do.

    As it is, spending 8 mana to destroy 1 extra card and put someone in fatigue isn't really worth it considering that Gnomeferatu essentially does the same thing for 6 less mana and it comes with a 2/3 body. Using Void Contract is still basically just shooting yourself in the foot a lot of the time and I don't think the possibility of burning an extra card is worth running.

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    Quote from Vanyok >>

     LUL, I have not noticed that. That art, man

     Yeah the art is similar to the original art of Omega Defender to the point where people complained about the card not being a mech enough to where the card art was changed to reflect it.. Then there is also cards like Mekgineer Thermaplugg, who is also once again a Goblin in a mech suit, but is a mech for whatever reason. Blizzard consistency at it's best.

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    I'm a bit confused by this post. It feels like at first you are talking about standard but then turns out it's about wild. Even Shaman has pretty much always been the stronger deck in wild and Odd paladin was played, but not to the extent of Even shaman. When Aviana got nerfed (and Star Aligner Druid basically dying), an absurd amount of games I played were against Even shaman (I don't have statistics since I don't use a deck tracker, but at least 50% of the games I played were against them). As far as I know, Shudderwock has never seen a lot of success in wild since there is just significantly better decks to play in the format.

    About the whole "they're cheaper" argument, people who are f2p/don't want to spend a lot of money or just haven't played a while tend to make cards that can appear in multiple decks, such as Zilliax or Leeroy Jenkins. While Odd paladin and Even shaman do use some more niche cards, it is not like most control decks that rely on several legendary or epic rarity removal to be good.

    Also, just a heads up, claiming you are not superior to someone else for the choice of your deck and then calling the people who use another deck to be mentally disabled doesn't really help the notion that you aren't salty about losing to a deck like this.

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    posted a message on Grimy gadgeteer should become a mech

    Because he's the goblin holding a gun. Why would this be a mech.

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    posted a message on Time Limit per Turn - Possible Lag?

    This is normal. When playing cards you can often speed through animations faster and in decks like Topsy priest, it adds up a ton. The rope gets close to finishing but doesn't actually go all the way due to cards and actiosn being "queued" up. Once all these actions are performed, the turn will finish. When Shudderwock was first released and people had 20~ battlecries per shudderwock and several shudderwocks queued up, this would cause turns to last significantly longer than 75 seconds (I think the record was like 20~ minutes?).

    Basically, it is a little bit of lag on your side maybe, but most of it is just how Hearthstone is coded.

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    posted a message on How do you rank Heartstone's CARDS vs the competition?

    Paper Magic > Hearthstone > Literally any online thing of magic

    MTGA and magic online just feels way too clunky for me, but aside from that, I think the card is is naturally just much better do to interactivity with it. Granted, Hearthstone shouldn't reach out to try to do that simply because that is why online magic is abysmal.

    Another reason why I like magic a bit more than Hearthstone is through the lore. I've never really been able to get into Warcraft lore while many old magic stories (Like everything since Gatewatch has been meh in my opinion) are good. In some of the best sets, the cards tell the story so well that you can open a booster, see a card and know exactly what is happening in the story. Hearthstone can somewhat recreate this, but the stories just don't have a conclusion. The singleplayer content fills in this gap, but the direction the game takes with designing the cards feels like a bit of a miss for me.


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