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    You do realize that "spelt" is not a word. This is what happens when a moron gets butt hurt because sashashepto insulted a different moron. This is a consumer product and a fully polished, well established game. There is no excuse for a misspelled word in a card. He's not a bully or a grammar critic. He's just right...deal with it.

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    Ya know it would be nice if I didn't have to go online to search what the Tavern Brawl is. Greatfather BLAH BLAH BLAH..."Build a Deck... we're not going to give you the slightest clue as to what should be in the deck, but why don't you go ahead and build one anyway... good luck!"

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    I just did a long rant on a different deck page about this fight being so hard. I've been stuck on this stupid fight since it opened because I only have all the flashy cards on one account. Long story short I gave up on all the other decks I tried and gave this one a shot....

    First game I got him to 5 health, second game I violated him like a teenage boy's favorite sock !!! Great deck thanks for making one that doesn't need pay to play cards. I wish I could upvote it more than once.

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    My apologies for being that guy but I have been playing this challenge for countless hours since it's release and have yet to come close to beating him. I have a good enough collection to reach rank 5 consistently so I have plenty of good cards/decks.  On my main account, the one that has the cards to build these "easy" decks, I beat him right away. That being said, I have 2 "nagging" issues, and I am being sincere when I say thanks... I guess, for taking the time to lists the decks you all did it with easily. 

    Issue #1

    If you have all or most of these cards and you need help to beat ANY challenge in this expansion, you're just being lazy tbh. Not a complaint, just an observation born from my current frustration. No offense intended.

    Issue #2

    Why would a you make a challenge so unbelievable rigged for you to lose when you made the challenges leading to it so easy? (beat all of the others easily on all servers, including Asia, which only has basic and C'Thun cards)  I have had games where I was so lucky I couldn't believe it... he has 10 health and he's topdecking with no minions one the board, I got this... 2 turns later his pulled every card he needs to swing it around and kick me in the knards. He's the Lich king... yeah I get that, I played Warcraft for more years than I care to admit... but really? 

    On a side note, much respect to the players who list decks that help you beat challenges with basic cards and low budget decks... you are amazing for that and you deserve the upvotes! And I'm not saying the votes for these decks are undeserved, again no offense intended to anyone... honest. 

    I guess my point is this... If I spent as much money on the game as I did on what I smoked to calm my nerves over the past few days, I would have beat the challenge with ease. Personally, I'd prefer to spend my money on the latter. I already gave you enough money on my main account... why you gotta be so rude? 

    Anyway, that's about all I have to say about that. I feel a little better now but I'm sure that will change soon as I resume playing this clearly bull ish match. Thanks for your time 

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    Multiple, MULTIPLE attempts with the other 2 decks and never even cleared his armor. This one I got on the 3rd attempt, and the first 2 losses could have gone my way. With the other decks I never had a chance. Don't get me wrong, the others were solid decks with a well thought out strategy. I just never drew the right cards to make them work. 

    Well played sir, I would upvote this twice if I could...

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    My apologies for the extremely delayed response. Corruption is quite useful for removing cards that require more than one hit, have a lot of health, a deadly board presence, or cards protected by a taunt minion. Cards with divine shield are perfect targets for Corruption. Often you'll have board control and your opponent will throw out a card like Sunwalker for example. Instead of dumping all my minions into it and losing board control, you can throw Corruption on it and simply wait for the next turn without attacking. The card you hit with it will kill itself on the next turn, and your opponent can't only attack one thing with it, allowing you to maintain board control.

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    Ok I'm tarded because he wrote down his deck in the same way people write substitutions instead of doing it the way everyone else does? Good comment buddy, look forward to the next one.

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    I'm not sure if it's just me but your substitution list makes no sense. Maybe I'm tarded but it looks like you removed 25 cards to add 5. Everything is (-) in front of it, and from my experience that means you're taking that card out. 

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     I couldn't make any of these decks so I adapted this one from neonangel's deck.

    Archaedas [Heroic]
    Export to BBCode Export to Cockatrice Export to MarkDown Export to Html Clone this deck
    Minion (17) Ability (13)
    Loading Collection

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    posted a message on Budget Mech Mage, rank 5 in one day.

    This is obviously a solid deck. If you can't make it work you're just not there yet, as this deck requires a very firm grasp on who, how, and when to trade. I admit I'm not quite there yet but I'm getting there and enjoying the ride. 

    I also understand that using someone else's deck to achieve a high rank doesn't reward much solace. What I needed was a good starting point, something to help me gain the best understanding of how a Mage Mech deck should work. I recently acquired a Mimiron's Head, and I already had a half built Mech deck built based on the research I've done so far. 

    Point is, if you want to build a Mage Mech Deck, this is the best place to start. I made this deck, watched some of the video, and played a few matches. I won 3 out of 5, and the only reason I lost the 2 matches was really bad luck. One was a Mech Warrior, (something I have never seen to be fair) who ironically built the Mimiron's Head deck I am trying to build now. The loss was beautiful, he destroyed me and it never felt so good to lose... The other loss was 4,5,7 starting hand, followed by  4, 6,  2, then death.

    So for starters, I'm going to swap Azure Drakes for Soot Spewer push the Mech count up. Also swapped Water Elementals for Flamewakers for more aggro. I don't think I have enough spells for that to be a fair trade for the loss of control, but I like to spice things up so we'll see if it works. I still have to play more games to see where and if I can swap in Mimiron's Head. I know I can make a Rogue Voltron deck but I'm not a huge fan of the Rogue.

    Kudos to Sisk, I will Like/Follow/Subscribe and recommend anyone else should follow suit.

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    Took a few tries to get the right draws, but I could see from the start that it would work with a good starting hand. I only had one of each mech so it took a few tries to get him in at the right time. One thing you might want to add to your strategy is when to play the Snowchugger. If you play him too early the boss wipes him out quickly. The key is to put him out there when he's not the biggest threat. Even when it worked he only lasted a few turns before finally getting whacked with a spell, but an Ice Lance followed by a Water Elemental kept the boss on ice until he was dead. 

    Great strat though for budget players. Cheers

    P.S. Replaced the missing mechs with 2 Acidic Swamp Ooze, a Goblin Blastmage, and Ice Block for that "if I had one more turn" scenario mages frequently experience.

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    posted a message on Cheap BRM: Lord Victor Nefarius (+ Video)

     Completely useless for me. Lost 10 games before giving up on it.

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