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    posted a message on [BLIZZARD SUE / LAWSUIT] Hearthstone's card reveal schedule canceled after Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy callouts

    That company man, tries to correct one wrong with another. What releasing cards has to do with the harassment of female employees?? Dont make me wrong they should be punished severely if accusations stand. The playerbase though are the company's clients. You cant promise things and then just take em away because of ur internal shit. Thank god its gaming company in that case and not something else.

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    In a parallel universe this could be frost nova artwork. In our universe frost nova had to die for cards like this to be able to exist

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    I was thinking something like that but maybe trying to fit there 1 or maybe x2 ???    Youthful Brewmaster and definately 2x Conjure Mana Biscuit. Brewmaster is sick imo in a deck like that especially in conjuction with mana biscuit. Alot of powerfull battlecries in this deck.Most definately brewmaster will hit something good and best case senario will give you wins on spot if it hits a Mordresh Fire Eye +  Conjure Mana Biscuit.

    Hell i was even considering cthun for the very same reason

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    posted a message on What was the 1st deck you got Legendary with and the the most recent?

    First one was Mech mage back in GvG times

    Last one was Secret Mage last season

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    Its permanent effect, and if you play a second one it deals 3 dmg and so goes on (maybe from some discovers?)

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Varden Dawngrasp

    This card is hype , i see why nova and blizzard had to die for this one. Btw iam mage main and would gladly play this card in every mage archetype ever existed. From tempo to highlander mage. Being a minion attached to a nova effect with 4dmg situational upside can only be a good thing. Bounce effects like Youthful Brewmaster and Potion of Illusion are still in standard. So imagine the potential. Actually you will be able to freeze the board for 4-5 times in a row or go for freeze and deal 4 leaving you with some bodies on board also.

    My personal opinion is that this card will be staple in every mage deck regardless of if its built around freezes or not just because of how versatile and flexible it is. My no1 golden craft this set.

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    posted a message on New Mage Rare Card Revealed - Flurry

    Glacier Racer   Approves!!!

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    posted a message on Sphere of Sapience

    Scry for everyone!!!! Yey!!! 11/10

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    posted a message on New Card - Jepetto Joybuzz

    Hmmm yes alot of cancer potential Malygos + Alexstrasza for 1 mana each is one of the most natural thoughts they cross our mind and i admit its not so fun playing against...  But ive been thinking is there something equally or more broken? I am just giving you food for thought... What if u combo jepetto with lets say hmmm Archmage Arugal. Iam not sure if the arugal copies keep the mana reduction but still lets suppose they dont. How about drawing Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk one for 7mana(arugal copy) and one for 1mana(jepetto draw). So next turn we can have 2 × 8/8 Ragnaros the Firelord on board for 8mana total. It doesnt end there though... how about using our last 2 mana by playing a khadgar first(new mage legendary)... thats 4x Ragnaros the Firelord for 10mana. Eeeeewww in standard??? Really??? I know its hard to combo 4 cards for the dream etc etc but lets see... afterall you can always combo jepetto with arugal for pure value. The rest are to be seen... sorry for 2 long to read. Have a nice day!


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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary - Kalecgos

    My first golden craft! Well truth to be told mage needed some love and to a point a clear orientation. Missing tools like the quest, arcanologist, arcane artificier, glyph, dragon's breath , aluneth, meteor , arcane tyrant, frost lich jainna and the baku odd package (maybe forgetting some). Considering the mana wyrm nerf last patch and seeing this card iam seeing that blizz wants to make mage orientation towards late game. Control/Combo/Dragon themed that remains to be seen. It feels good though as a mage player have at least a clear orientation after long time.

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