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TFT- LEGEND Control Evolution

  • Last updated Aug 17, 2017 (Frozen Throne)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Evolve Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 5560
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/9/2017 (Quest Rogue Nerf)
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This deck is capable of legend ladder.

+10 and I'll gladly write a guide 

 Alrighty so it looks like you guys wanted a guide so here goes nothing.  The premise of this deck is quite simple in theory:   You want to control the board early and maintain solid board presence until you are able to drop your big combos and utilize heals!  The toughest match-ups you will face running this deck are other HEAVY control decks.  If anyone has any specific questions and card suggestions please feel free to comment below I'd love to hear your feedback.   I have my own variations of this deck to show you as well.

Mulligan Guide:  I find it absolutely pointless when people post mulligan guides based on what deck your opponent could be running.  There is really no way to know before a match starts what deck your opponent is running.  You need to make a guess but be prepared to be wrong.  I will briefly describe ways to win each match-ups and provide insight on what I believe to be starting hand you are looking for.

Realistically once you get past rank 5 and are making your climb to legend you will see a few archetypes of each deck played.  Games WILL get repetitive and predictable over time which leaves no room for surprises.

Essentially every game you are looking to start with Jade Claws, Maelstrom Portal, Flametongue Totem, and Fire Fly.  

I'd like to mention under no circumstances will you ever look to start the game with a Stonehill Defender, Master of Evolution, Jinyu Waterspeaker, Spirit Echo, Thrall Deathseer.


Druid:   You'll see Token, Ramp, and Jade.  Out of all three of these match-ups Token will give you the most trouble due to their insanely strong early board presence.    There are a few easy win conditions you have against token druid.   While playing against token druid you need to get on the board early and clear as much as possible.  Every turn the game goes on is shifting in your favor.  Your play against Ramp and Jade will be challenging but winnable.  Try and be as aggressive as possible and hope they burn their removal on your early minions.  The mid-game will be where you really need to put the pressure on them utilizing all of your evolution combos.  I can't stress this enough you need to be the aggressor against Jade and Ramp druids.

Hunter:  The most popular Hunter deck you are likely to face is the mid-range hunter.  This deck is extremely powerful if they are allowed to combo and snowball minions (Just like ours).  Your main win condition comes from controlling the board early and forcing out stronger minions than what they can handle.  Hunter decks are generally low in minion removal and they will fall behind trying to clear out big low cost minions like, Thing's from below and Earth Elementals.  Utilize your heals to make sure you don't fall in fatal range of a combo.  Remember to use your Hex and Devolve on the right targets and you should be fine this is generally a favorable matchup.

Mage: The bane to shaman's existence in the current meta.  You will see Burn, Freeze, Secret and now I believe Elemental Mage.  Most mage decks contain such heavy removal and survivability it's INSANE.  Half of the reasoning as to why this deck includes heals is to live through mages spells.  If you are seeing a ton of mages on your ladder climb which you most likely will I suggest teching out a Stonehill Defender for Eater of Secrets.  The most popular Shaman deck right now is the aggro token evolve deck so everyone will assume that's what you are running.  They won't expect you to have heals to live through their burn and bigger minions to drop after they board clear.  In order to win against control based mage decks you will need a few things to happen.  First off you will need to bait out their big removal spells using low cost minions.  Secondly be aware of their burst damage to kill you and heal through it.  Third pray to the RNG gods.  Hopefully you can get a Doppell Evolve combo on turn 6, and a Thrall Deathseer combo to follow up and end.  In all seriousness don't expect to win every matchup and certainly be ready to lose to mages.  Your highest win rate will be against secret mages because they have less board clear and are easier to counter.  IF you start with the coin use it to test the waters when they use a secret.  Nothing is more devastating then getting your evolve counter spelled.  Mirror image won't have much of an effect against you but be wary of it if you're going to drop a big minion.

Paladin: These bad boys have a few serious deck types you will see in high level play.   Murloc, Mid-range, and Control. Against mid-range and control paladins you NEED to respect their secret combinations.  There will be times when they drop Tirion, Primordial, Sunkeeper, Ragnaros Lightlord and try to get them back using a Get Away Kodo.  If they are able to do so more often than not it is a game winner.  So remember to always try and utilize your hexes and devolves to counter these situations. Hexing a Spikeridged Steed is what can separate a win from a loss as well because this will enable you to keep the pressure on them.  Your favored against the Paladin  because of devolve, hex, and your combinations so use them wisely.   Aggro Murloc will be an easy deck to face due to our deck's removal mentioned earlier.  Your tidal surge will be a strong removal for the Murloc Warleader. A harder match-up but still favorable is the Control Paladin.  They posses several tools to completely clear the board so respect their board clear and be aware of it.  The same principle applies against all control decks whether its Pally, Priest, Warrior etc: BAIT OUT THEIR BOARD CLEAR WITH LOW COST MINIONS!

Priest: Alright, just be forewarned you are most likely going to lose this matchup so don't get frustrated when it happens.  I laugh when people post shaman decks that "farm priests" or have a "favorable matchup"  that is such bullshit.  Priests now contain enough control to completely destroy you at all parts of the game.  Now with their new deathknight they can clear your entire set of evolved minions even after you've baited out their other hard removals.  Oh also they have OTK combo's that don't require buffing a minion which you will also see.  If you want to beat a priest you need to play around their removal and try to end the game early.  If you are seeing more and more priests in ladder tech choices will need to be thought over in order to kill them.  

Rogue: What you will see a lot of are different versions of miracle and tempo rogue.  Both versions of the rogue don't really require a different play style.  You honestly want to be as aggressive as possible and have as much board presence as possible.  You don't need to respect their board clear because it is very limited and situational.  And once they use their removal spells they wont have a way to stop your evolved minions going in for the kill.  If you are losing board control which is certainly a possibility hope you have removals ready.  You can lose in a turn if they pull out a big Edwin or double arcane giants.  Just a friendly tip you CAN NOT devolve an Arcane Giant so use it for Edwin, Questiing Adventurers, or if you really need to Sherazin, The Corpse Flower.  Try and save Hexes for the arcane giants to remove them.  I'll be honest I haven't seen much of the new rogue death knight and I need to learn his mechanics so I'll add more about that at another time.

Shaman: You can fairly assume 90% of Shamans you run into in ladder will be running one form of evolve or another.  Which in theory is an aggro deck therefore you have a favored matchup.  I won't need to elaborate too much on how to beat shamans.  Simply eliminate their minions early on, RESPECT the bloodlust, and respect their own doppel evolves. Sometimes you simple won't be able to win if he pulls out an evolve combo on turn 6.  Don't get down that's the nature of this RNG based game.  Just a reminder you definitely want to eliminate key totems such as flametongue and mana tide over other minions on the board.  For the other 9% of Shamans you will see they will most likely be running some form of Jade/Elemental package.  This deck has a very strong mid game due to the different elemental's at their disposal along with jade minions ramping up.  Therefore if you notice they aren't running a token evolve you'll need to switch up your pace of play and be the aggressor.  Evolved minions can be a struggle to clear if they don't posses the right tools to do so.  As far as that last 1% you will see they will be control oriented Shamans.  Be ready for a long game if you don't draw proper.  What they lack in tempo they make up for with strong healing, removals, and big minions.  Be sure to save hexes for White-Eyes.

Warlock: They were gone for quite sometime but warlocks are back now and are seriously savage.  You'll run into 2 different types of warlocks the Zoo-Lock and Control-Lock.  Your play against Zoo will be the same as any other aggro deck.  And honestly the same goes for control lock as well.  They now possess a significant amount of removals which you will need to play around.  And their new deathknight is no joke whatsoever.  You will need to play this matchup carefully and precise. 

Warrior:  Against these bad boys you'll most likely encounter the Pirate, Quest, and Control decks.  Pirate is an aggro deck and your play against them won't change.  If they are becoming more and more popular which is possible but unlikely think about tech choices.  As far as quest warriors go you are definitely favored against them.  They are slow and can be beaten fairly easily as long as you respect their removal.  In terms of control warriors the solid majority of them are running N'Zoth.  Your play style won't vary much from taking on a quest warrior except you know at turn 10 they can drop a shit ton of minions.

I hope you all enjoyed the read!

I have plenty of more Shaman deck ideas to pitch if there is a demand for it.

Forgive any typo's I didn't spend too much time proofreading.