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Mrglglgl-ock (Rank 5 to Legend - 70% WR)

  • Last updated Feb 24, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Murlock
  • Crafting Cost: 3440
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/21/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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Hi Everyone

 A little over-whelmed with the response to the deck and I am really happy you are enjoying playing it. I have had quite a number of requests for a more comprehensive guide so I will be going through a number of the key card choices, as well as a mulligan guide for the deck to hopefully assist in piloting the deck a bit better.

 Mulligan Guide:

In the current meta we will almost always assume this is Pirate warrior. You are looking for cards that contest the board early, so much of Pirate Warrior in the early game is being able to steamroll with weapon synergy, most of that is dependent on keeping a pirate on the board. Cards like Mortal Coil, Possessed Villager,andVoidwalker Dark Peddler allow us to fight for the board early, whilst dropping Imp Gang Boss on Turn 3 or even coining it out on 2 provides a very sticky minion that is often hard to deal with. Look to keep the board under control through the early turns with strong swing turns around turns 4/5/6, Defender of ArgusDefender of Argus can often shut the Warrior out especially if you were able to take the board early. This is one of the tougher matchups for the deck but with Small-Time Buccaneer dropping to one health at the end of the month it will improve substantially as our early game minions are able to contest the board much better.


This deck is very strongly favoured against Miracle Rogue because as you swarm you just don’t give the rogue time to do Rogue things. First couple of turns are usually spent dealing with his Small-Time Buccaneer then look to press on and take the board by turns 3 and 4. Soulfire should be saved for spot removal of Tomb Pillager and Azure Drake. Aggro rogue should be treated with a similar style of play to Pirate Warrior, keeping them off the board is priority number 1, they run out of resources long before you do because of Life Tap. Keep the board under control and block out late game burst with your Taunts.

Reno Mage/Reno Lock/Dragon Priest

This match up basically boils down to how many board clears they draw. I have managed to win a few games even after the Warlock/Mage drops Reno Jackson on Turn 6 as you have a lot of Post Reno Damage potential with this deck. You do struggle if they draw all their AoE though. Dropping Finja, the Flying Star on Turn 5 can be game winning by itself by creating high health board states going into turn 6/7 that are very tough to deal with. You want to try and curve as well as possible whilst not over-extending. Dragon Priest is a hard match up as their early game board control can get out of hand very quickly and snowball. Keep the board clean and use Soulfire early to keep the board under control. If they manage to land health buffs on their early minions it can be a real struggle.


This is almost an insta win in my opinion unless they draw very well and you draw very badly you are extremely favored, Finja, the Flying Star is a keep off of the Mulligan in this match up as it created board states that are impossible for the Druid to deal with. Save your Power Overwhelming to push through the taunts and look to end this game by turn 7 or 8.


Similar game as to the Pirate Warrior, fight for the board in the early turns, Soulfire can be a huge tempo swing with targets like Totem Golem early or even Tunnel Trogg. In my experience this match is easier than the Pirate Warrior match. The first few turns can be a little scary specifically if they get off to a quick start. You are able to have huge swing turns around turn 4/5/6 especially with Finja, the Flying Star I have had a few instances where I thought I was just dead down to single digit life with Finja, the Flying Star on board managed to clear the board with the pulled Murlocs and won the next turn. Perfect Shaman curve is basically unbeatable so don’t get too discouraged if you struggle in these games.


Game Play Vids

I have been very flattered to have a few players showcasing the deck1

 Please check out their vids below.





Legend Proof and Win Rates: