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Ultra-Fast Rank 5 Budget Shaman

  • Last updated Sep 21, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 2000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/30/2016 (Old Gods)
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Hello, TardHunter here. After reaching legend on Europe, I dediced to ladder on America and see how fast I can get rank 5 with almost no cards and no expansions. So I made a very cheap midrange shaman deck that worked wonders on the american ladder that had predominantely C'Thun Priest, Tempo Mage and Midrange Hunter. This WORKS on EUROPE too.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/toltYdB.jpg

The deck is very easy to play and has almost no counters. Not having the Tunnel Trogg is not an issue, as I replaced it with Argent Squire. One Rockbiter for early clear was more than enough. You can add Ethernal Sentinel or Lava Shock if you have them and if you feel troubled by the overload, but they are not needed. 

Non-Budget Version-  Replace Fire Elemental with Tunnel Trogg. Cut the Silence and the Argus for Doomhammer and second Rockbiter. You can also cut the Defender of Argus for a Master of Evolution. 

Mulligan for  Argent SquireTotem Golem, Flame Juggler and Feral Spirit or Tuskarr Totemic with coin and a good hand to play before. 

For any questions, feel free to add me on America or Europe, even if I usually play on EU. 

Guide (Part 1)

After fighting for board control during the first turns, you must try to maintain the tempo. When using flame jugglers, always consider what will you do if he doesn't ping the target you want him to. What will be your next play, how can your opponent punish you? When overloading, think carefully what will be your next turn move. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Many players don't know how to overload correctly and are not playing on curve. Playing on curve is very important, whatever the deck you play. For example, you have Argent Squire, Flame Juggler, Rockbiter,Azure Drake and Coin. Opponent plays Mana Wyrm. You can either Coin into Juggler and hope you get a ping, or play Rockbiter. The best play is the Rockbiter. But the question is if you coin the argent squire. We know that the opponent is tempo mage, so how much impact can a 1/1 with divine shield do? Well, not much. You dont have a turn 2 play, so you can either play a totem on 2 or Argent Squire and wait to coin out the drake, or a 4 cost card that you may draw. Midgame, trade efficiently. You want to make the best trades, and if you have a Healing Totem the things will be even better. Play this deck like Zoo Warlock. It is true that you have AoE clear and you can sometimes go face with your creatures, setting up a Lightning Storm for the next turn if your opponent trades his creatures without killing them, but leaving them with 1-2 hp. Lategame, try to find value for Fire Elemental. Sometimes it is corect just to play him and ping face, for the tempo and board control. When using Hex, try to identify what type of deck he has and search for a list on hearthpwn if needed. What are his threats? Is it ok to Hex for tempo? Can he play something more dangerous? These questions are very important. You must always think twice if you feel that there are more ways in which you can play your turn. 

Part 2- Class Matchups


Well, if he is full aggro, the matchup is around 45% winrate for you, unless you draw your answers really well or he doesn't rush you too fast. Defender of Argus is an important card in this matchup, but you can do fine without it if you manage to draw your Thing from Below. If he is midrange, it should be 50-50, but I would say that you are favored because this deck beats other midrange versions I have seen. Try to get value from Hex and Lightning Storm and plan your overload carefully. You must think of his overload too. Ok, he is overloaded for 2, what can he play for 3 mana? Ferals, Lightning Storm, Hex, Totem Golem+1 drop or just Hero Power. He plays Ferals and next turn he is overloaded again, you must search for a way to punish this.


You will most probably play aganist N'Zoth Paladin( Even if I saw some people play my Secret Paladin list). If he doesn't draw his Equality you should be fine. Look for a powerful starting hand, as it is the key to victory. This matchup is depending on who draws better, around 60% for the N'Zoth Paladin. Just hope you don't find many, as it is a top tier deck. You must not overextend and try to guess what cards they have. Play as agreessive as possible early, but care at the Doomsayer. You can keep the Earth Shock in hand if you run it in your list


C'thun or Patron, you should destroy them. The Control Warrior has only one Brawl now and you can pressure him quite well. Patron is even easier, not having Deathbite being a huge thing. Control is around 65% winrate for you and vs Patron you must manage your resources and hope for Spell Totem + Lightning Storm for ownage. 70% winrate if you play well, many unskilled players play patron because they use my list that got on the homepage. The lower the rank, the easier the patron matchup will be. 


C'thun or Ramp Druid, you destroy both with #Hex. You must apply constant pressure and play around Swipe. Try to make smart trades vs their C'thun cards and play on curve so they can not out tempo you. Should be easy, the druid doesn't have a strong early game, but his lategame taunts and Emperor 7 can be a pain in the ass. 


Usually insta win. They need really good Sap turns and a perfect curve to beat you. Moreover, the Rogue players are quite bad, as it is a hard class to play. I would say that this matchup is very favoured, around 75% winrate. If he plays N'Zoth Rogue, use the silence on a powerful deathrattle of his and just apply pressure and go all in, as he has just Bloodmage+Fan of Knives as his strongest AoE. If you see a lot of Rogue, spam this deck. 


Zoo can be hard to beat. You must trade very well with the zoo player or he will outrace you. However, you got the tools to do that with the Lightning Storm. Keep the Hex for Councilman(worst case), Doomguard or Sea Giant. 


Face hunter is quite dead in standard. However, if you meet them, you should be fine. They will not melt you as fast as they used to and you can out tempo them, sometimes even try to race them by going face and baiting them into a Lightning Storm. Midrange Hunter is in your favour unless he draws really really well. You got the tools to respond to his threats. Use silence on his Infested Wolf, Houndmaster Taunt and Hex on the Highmane. Care at turn 8 Call of the Wild, as it can turn games upside down. Hunter vs Shaman is ezpez for you. 


Anduin has no fuc*ing chance. You destroy him if he doesn't draw Entomb or SW on time. Beware though Aoe combo early on (Auchenai+Circle and Excavated Evil on turn 4-5, as some don't run Nova anymore, but it doesn't hurt you.