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Murlocalypse Paladin

  • Last updated Feb 20, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5560
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/16/2016 (Explorers)
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Murlocalypse is a Control/Aggro Paladin deck.  You are in Control mode for the first 10 or so rounds and then you shift to Aggro mode once your Anyfin Can Happen is ready.

The deck is built around the concept of keeping the board clear, surviving your opponent's early and mid-game hits, and dropping the Anyfin Can Happen hammer on your opponent at the end.

The only real bad matchups for this deck are super aggro decks (e.g., Aggro Shaman) or decks that play other murlocs that might screw up your Anyfin Can Happen results.  This deck even mows down Secret Paladin!


Easy thing about this deck is your mulligan strategy is the same regardless what you are facing.  Mulligan hard for Equality and Wild Pyromancer.


Anyfin Can Happen - Let's get the bread and butter card out of the way to start.  As the card states, this spell summons up to seven murlocs that died earlier in the game.  A few important points to keep in mind when using this spell:

  • The scope of murlocs that can be summoned by this spell contains ANY murlocs that died earlier in the game including any that your opponent played.  If your opponent played murlocs that died earlier in the game and they were not one of the three murloc types in this deck then be aware that you might have a suboptimal Anyfin Can Happen result (suboptimal meaning not as much immediate face damage potential for charging murlocs).
  • If you've played all the murlocs in this deck and they have died prior to casting this spell then the spell will produce two Bluegill Warriors each with 6/3 stats, one Old Murk-Eye with 10/6 stats and two Murloc Warleaders.  That's 22 damage from a clean board.
  • If you cast Anyfin Can Happen a second time after losing the murlocs you produced with the first spell then your combination of murlocs produced by the second spell will vary.  This is because your murlocs have died twice.  Your second Anyfin Can Happen might produce two Old Murk-Eyes.  
  • The potential power of Anyfin Can Happen is amazing indeed.  The following link allows you to sketch out different scenarios (hat tip: extremeru): http://www.gameslikex.com/static-pages/tools/hearthstone/anyfin-can-happen-calculate/
  • Assuming your opponent has not played any murlocs and you've played all of yours and they've died then you'll get 22 immediate damage from Anyfin Can Happen.
  • If all of your murlocs you summon from the first Anyfin Can Happen die and you cast Anyfin Can Happen a second time then you could see damage capability ranging between 32 and 50 points of immediate damage!!

Equality - Powerful and inexpensive board clear when used in conjunction with Wild Pyromancer or Consecration.  If you have Solemn Vigil in your hand when you pull these clears off you get cheap or even free card draw!

Bluegill Warrior - One of your two Murloc killers in the late game when you can play Anyfin Can Happen.  Offer them up as sacrificial lambs in the early game or midgame to take down opponent minions or otherwise absorb opponent attacks.

Doomsayer - A great card for this deck.  Doomsayer always produces for you.  At best, Doomsayer clears the board and freezes your opponent's minion play for a turn.  At worst, Doomsayer acts like a Taunt minion as your opponent focus fires it with damage or Silence to prevent it's effect from triggering.  As with other board clears in this deck, if you can combo it with Solemn Vigil you can get great card velocity for cheap.  Sometimes I will play a Doomsayer very early - maybe even during turn 2 just to stop my opponent in his tracks, clear what he's played thus far and stifle his play for turn 3.  Having an opponent entering turn 4 without a developed board is a great place to be with this deck given the healing and late game OTK power.

Wild Pyromancer - One of your board clear cards.  Coupled with Equality it clears the board in most circumstances (save situations such as cards with Deathrattle effects like Piloted Shredder or other effects such as Ancestral Spirit or Redemption).  Combo this card with Consecration for 3 damage to all opponent minions and your opponent.

Acolyte of Pain - In addition to card velocity, this minion usually absorbs a 3+ attack from your opponent as players will often try to ensure you only get one card draw from Acolyte of Pain.

Aldor Peacekeeper - Great card to fend off your opponent when he's dropped a big attack minion but you either don't have a board clear combo in your hand or you want to save it for a bigger impact.  It's bad when you have to spend your Equality+Wild Pyromancer board clear because your opponent has a single high attack minion on the board. Aldor Peacekeeper gives you the ability to save that board clear for a later around to clear out more minions.

Murloc Warleader - Your buff murloc to give your charge murlocs that extra oomph.  If I've got mana to spare in an early or mid-game turn and Murloc Warleader is in my hand I will play it even if I don't have any other murlocs in play or in my hand.  While it'd be nice to get the card's buff in action in the early or mid-game, that is not required by this deck.  It's more important to ensure this card has been played and died by the time you get to turn 10 so you are set up for maximum carnage from your Anyfin Can Happen.

Truesilver Champion - Helps with board clear and, when you are perilously low on health and wanting for healing cards, an attack to the face with this weapon can give you a bit of healing to keep you going.

Consecration - Using by itself or with Wild Pyromancer or Equality, this spell helps you keep things from getting out of control until you can get to the late game.

Keeper of Uldaman - A nice card that let's you cut a big opponent minion down to size if you do not have Aldor Peacekeeper or board clears handy.  Also, of course, it can beef up a Silver Hand Recruit or other minion when useful.

Old Murk-Eye - Your heavy in this deck.  As with other murlocs in this deck, you want to play him so that he dies in the early or mid-game.  Then he comes back with a vengeance later on!

Solemn Vigil - Card velocity spell.  As mentioned above, best used in combination with board clears but generally can be reliably used with a 1 or 2 mana cost so it usually always ends up being a great value.

Antique Healbot - One of your healing cards to help you survive the early and mid-game onslaught.  Having one of these in your hands when you also have a board clear combo, high health and your opponent has some minions in play gives you the flexibility to take a turn of face damage from your opponent in hopes he plays more minions to make the board clear that much more of a tragedy for him.

Sludge Belcher - One of the highest value control cards in the game relative to its cost can't be omitted from this deck.  The initial minion's wide body along with the Deathrattle additional Taunt minion makes this card a great tool to fend off face damage until the late game.

Lay on Hands - Big healing and card velocity is what you often need just before you hit turn 10 or even after if you haven't gotten your murlocs and/or your Anyfin Can Happen spells yet.  

The results can be gratifying:

But I'd warn you not to accept friend requests afterwards because some people don't react well when they think they have the game in the bag and go from 30 to dead in one round.