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[Legend - >75% winrate] Recombination

  • Last updated Sep 29, 2015 (TGT Launch)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 9720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/21/2015 (TGT Launch)
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Hello everyone! My name is Reyn, i am a hearthstone player and streamer.

I want to share with you a deck that brings me to legend this season with 24 wins and 7 loses total.

This is a control druid. Very fun to play and also effective! The main feature of the deck is Recombobulator and Darnassus Aspirant synergy.

Have fun! And sorry for my english :)

Current winrate on EU ladder: 42 - 17 (around 71% for 59 games)


You always search for Darnassus Aspirant and Recombobulator. If you have it, you should keep WrathKeeper of the Grove or Earthen Ring Farseer as well.


I always keep Innervate and Living Roots if not playing against warrior or priest. 


Emperor Thaurissan is good against warrior and priest


Harrison Jones os ok keep against warrior

Cards replacements:

Cards explanations:

Innervate - a must have card in any druid deck. Helps mostly in early game.

 Living Roots - this is a slow deck so we need something to survive against faster decks. I choose this card because it is useful in the lategame (unlike Zombie Chow, which is possible replacements for Living Roots).

 Wrath - a solid versatile card. One of the best in Druids arsenal!

 Darnassus Aspirant - a core card for this deck. You use it to gain tempo and bord control all at once. You play Aspirant as soon as possible against agressive decks since this is a 2/3 body. You can hold on playing it against slower decks, especially warriors! Try to secure that mana crystal with Recombobulator

 Recombobulator - another core card. This is an alternative for Wild Growth. Perfect scenario against fast decks (especially paladins) is something like: 1st turn you play Darnassus Aspirant with Coin, 2nd turn you hit Shielded Minibot with Darnassus Aspirant, and then use Recombobulator (and get Totem Golem of course). When you do not have Aspirant, you could play Recombobulator as a 3/2, or use it on one of Sapling. Feel free to get this guy out of your hand, if you don't have a better option.

 Big Game Hunter - a must have card for any control deck. Because of Dr. Boom and Mysterious Challenger BGH always finds his target.

 Earthen Ring Farseer - main purpose of this card is to heal your taunts (Druid of the Claw or Ancient of War) or big creatures to make favorable trades. Against face decks you could heal face too

 Swipe - the best AoE that druids have. Also a decent finisher. Good card, no questions here!

 Keeper of the Grove - good against aggro, also silence, also good with Recombobulator and Earthen Ring Farseer

 Savage Combatant - kind of questionable card. It helps with board control, but 4 health is too low. You can take Piloted Shredder instead.

 Azure Drake - a nice card to play with innervate. Spell damage could be useful (especially with Swipe). A solid card, not too exciting though. Use when you are ahead on board.

 Druid of the Claw - most of the times you use it in Bear form. 4/6 taunt is very solid. Earthen Ring Farseer often helps Druid of the Claw to stay on board

 Harrison Jones - useful against warriors, paladins, hunters. Just slow down your opponent and grab some cards! When you play against Patron warrior aim for Death's Bite

 Emperor Thaurissan - an additional "ramp" for the deck. Like Aspirants, Emperor Thaurissan helps to play your most powerful cards a turn (or two) earlier. Which is usually a big difference. Try to play Emperor Thaurissan when you have cards with 7+ mana cost in your hand

 Sylvanas Windrunner - slow but very powerful card. With the support of Kel'Thuzad Sylvanas can crush almost any control deck. Hard to do the trick, though. And it is not very useful against fast decks.

 Ancient of Lore - a solid druid card. One of the best in the game! Use it to draw cards. Against face decks you can heal your face or even Ancient of War

 Ancient of War - a BIG taunt. You can't rely on this card most of the times, but if your opponent can't find a hard removal or silence then you probably win.

 Dr. Boom - very good stats. Boom bots could be a real pain to deal with. Good in any match up.

 Kel'Thuzad - the potential of this card is infinite. But try to use any good opportunity. Resurrecting 2 boom bots is often good enough. Kel'Thuzad is too slow for any aggro match up. Versus control you could try to bait their hard removal first, and then finish the game with Kel'Thuzad

 Cenarius - it is useful against aggro if you manage to survive till turn 9. But this card shines in control matchups. I prefer to give my minions +2/+2 to make a favorable trades or just to finish the game. If you don't have a board, then 5/8 + 2/2 taunts are good too.

 Gameplay video (sorry, not english):

 Questions and Answers:

Does this deck works?

- So far it works awesome for me. I've tested it on EU server from rank 5 to legend and in legend. Winrate still more than 70%. Also i played it in a local tourney, there was no loses with this deck at all!

Is it easy to win with this deck?

- No too easy. You need some experience and understanding of the control style and match ups.

Is it better than a midrange druid?

- Probably not. You can take your opponent by surprise with this decks - that's for sure! If he knows what to expect, it would not be so easy to win.

Should i craft this deck?

- I think this is very fun to play! So try it out