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[TGT] Dreadlock - Dreadsteed combo deck

  • Last updated Nov 10, 2015 (Warsong Nerf)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/22/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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So the goal of this deck is to reach that endgame dream, having a full board of Dreadsteed to gain permanent boardcontroll and eventually outplay your opponent with endless heals and boardcontroll/damage spells. The main combo is to fish for Dreadsteed and Baron Rivendare , and at that point you wont have lost too much health thanks to all the spells/taunts etc. (as proven being a possible playstyle in the patron warrior decks), at the point ingame that you have reached your goal you wanna play something like Dreadsteed + Baron Rivendare , ping the Dreadsteed with Sacrificial Pact/Mortal Coil, heck you can even place a Void Terror and gain a 3 mana 5/5 + 2 new Dreadsteeds, and if you need boardcontroll before you are able to play the Dreadsteeds you can just play a Nerubian Egg, buff it with Power Overwhelming and eat it with Void Terror.

 Here's a video of how your typical game will look like when playing Dreadlock. 

 Potentinal weaknesses

 This deck would be very bad against mass silence cards (such as Mass Dispel) but those wont see play unless there's alot of value in it, and unless this kind of deck becomes popular we will be good 2 go. This deck tends to be weak against priests since they just tend to have an answer to everything you do. I've seen people saying that this deck is worthless against face hunters and aggressive decks etc. but in my experience this deck is pretty strong against them, as long as you lock them out from actually doing any damage to you it's easy to win against aggro decks.


I'll be rating the cards in the cards from 1-3 *'s (1 is cards to never keep, 5 rated cards should never be replaced)

3 * Cards

Void Terror, Darkbomb, Voidcaller, Mortal Coil, Nerubian Egg, Earthen Ring Farseer, Knife Juggler, Sunfury Protector.

2 * Cards

Baron Rivendare, Dreadsteed (this card along with Baron Rivendare are 3 * cards if you mulligan them together), Power Overwhelming (It's a 3* if you draw it with Void Terror and/or Nerubian Egg), Sense Demons (it's a 3* if you didn't get any demons from mulligan).

1 * Cards

Sacrificial Pact(only keep this if you mulligan it with Mal'Ganis and Voidcaller,or with Baron Rivendare and Dreadsteed), Hellfire (this is a 3 * card if u dont draw any 2-3 * cards), Anima Golem (possibly keep this incase draw Dreadsteed but useless in early gme), Twisting Nether,Mal'Ganis, Antique Healbot,Sludge BelcherDr. Boom.



Sacrificial Pact - Sacrificial Pact plays a big roll in this deck since it's required to eat one or two of your Dreadsteeds to activate the massproduction of boardcontroll, potentionally has combo with Voidcaller if you need to get a Mal'Ganis from your hand, aswell as getting some free hp while you're at it

Mortal Coil - Mortal Coil is a powerfull card, in the sence that you get to kill minions and draw cards at once, fishing for that sweetDreadsteed/Mal'Ganis/Baron Rivendare for only one mana is pretty stronk if u ask me!

Power Overwhelming - Power has endless potential, playing it on a Dreadsteed/Void Terror/Nerubian Egg and then attacking opponent and after that you can just leave it to die for decent value or you can eat it with Void Terror for insane value, up to you ofcourse.

Darkbomb - having a 2 mana 3 damage  spell in your deck is very important because of all the 3 hp minions that are being played on turn 2 or later ingame aswell. you would regret not putting this in your deck if you play and you're on turn 2, the opponent plays a Mechwarper and you have no answer to that so you just tap, and the opponent gets a turn 3 Piloted Shredder, Yuck.

Sense Demons - This card is extremely good to get in early game, and it's even better if you dont draw any demons during mulligan. It's almost guaranteed to draw a Dreadsteed using this if you haven't already drawn it (Mal'Ganis and Voidcaller are also really good)

Void Terror - I can so much about this card but it would take to long to type, i just find this card funny to play and it has ALOT of value if you play it right, it can sometimes be game changing. buffing a minion (Nerubian Egg, Dreadsteed, Voidcaller, mostly) with Power Overwhelming and then eating it for twice the value just feels great.

Hellfire - A 3 damage AOE removal spell is just what this deck needs. If you're in late game and your board is filled with Dreadsteeds, you're not gonna care if you play Hellfire and you kill them hoarses CUZ U'LL JUST GETM' BACK. it also has potential synergy with Nerubian Egg (and sometimesVoidcaller)

Dreadsteed - This is what the entire deck is build around, you will be able to play the Dreadsteedin alot of different ways, the Dreadsteed synergises with Power Overwhelming + voidterror (if you have 2 Dreadsteeds or more and you place voidterrorit's basicly getting a 3 mana 5/5 or with the Power Overwhelming a 9/9 for only one more mana, pretty sick), if you have only succeded on getting 2 Dreadsteeds with your Baron Rivendare, it's still going to be good since you can place your Anima Golems, Void Terror and you'll get some value from Mal'Ganis Etc.. if you do a turn 4 Voidcaller, and it dies on turn 5 and you place a Dreadsteedyou will be able to play Baron Rivendare and ping your Dreadsteedwith Sacrificial Pact/Mortal Coil/Power Overwhelming. The dream is to reach 6 dreadsteeds + mal'ganis, so with other words you have 25 dmg (16 from dreadsteeds) and 23 life on your board, and your face is  immortal.

Voidcaller - Such an amazing card, can comp with Power Overwhelming, Sacrificial Pact Baron Rivendare, hard to explain how this card is played but you should try to coin it on turn 3 or just play on turn 4 and get a Mal'Ganis or Dreadsteed on the board

Anima Golem - Anima Golem is normaly seen as a terrible card since you can just kill the rest of your minions and this will follow your minions to the grave. But that's obvioustly not the case here, if you have 2 or more Dreadsteeds in play this minion is almost guaranteed to live a long and happy life (OP). 

Twisting Nether - If you're behind and your opponent has somehow filled his board with a bunch of minions, this card will simply destroy him. the reasson theres not 2 of this card in the deck is because of it's high mana cost.

Mal'Ganis - This will most commonly be your game finisher, yet it has great use with or without Dreadsteed. just a great card over-all and you are almost guarranteed to have use for it aswell.



Knife Juggler - This card is very powerfull! This card is better than a taunt. Because it's extreme value the opponent will want to kill this minion ASAP, and so they will waste resourses that they wouldn't use most of the time on a regular taunt. Knife Juggler is really strong in late game if you have a board full with dreadsteeds and you kill all of them, you get an extra 6 damage split along all enemies, pretty strong.

Nerubian Egg - i decided to put it in the deck along because it's a very valueable cards and it's the only 2 mana minions in the deck, the rest 2 mana cards are there to get rid of the opponents 2 mana minions.

Sunfury Protector - This card is great in both late and early game if you wanna get some free Dreadsteed/Nerubian Egg/Voidcaller.

Earthen Ring Farseer - A 3 mana 3/3 with 3 heal, good in early game aswell as late game to maybe keep you or even your Mal'Ganis/Baron Rivendare Etc. alive. But mainly because it fits the slow playstyle perfectly.

Baron Rivendare - Works great with almost all the minions in this deck, it wont only see play for the Dreadsteed combo, you can also play it if you have a turn 3/4Voidcaller, and you have a Mal'Ganis and/orLord Jaraxxus + maybe Dreadsteed possibly, because then you will get 2 demons on the board instead of one, i've also heard that baron is pretty skilled in killing spider eggs ;)

Antique Healbot - This minions fits perfect into this decks slow playstyle, since the deck was both low on 5 mana cards, AND the 8 life heal never hurts.

Sludge Belcher - same as the above card, it's a great minion if you are playing a slow deck and the deck has very little 5 mana cards.

Dr. Boom - The only reasson that dr. boom can be in this deck is because he is so incredibly unbalanced. With other words dr. boom is a 7 mana 9/9 and when he dies he does from 2-8 damage randomly split along all enemies, verri gut.

EDIT 1: I removedEmperor Thaurissan andDemonwrath, and instead i added 2 anima golems and a Siphon Soul, the Emperor Thaurissan wasn't necessary for the combo to work so i removed it,Siphon Soul is great removal and survivability. Anima Golem works great with dreadsteed since the board will never be empty!

EDIT 2: I decided to addEmperor Thaurissan again and removeSiphon Soul again, dont ask why thanks :P

EDIT 3: decided to removeLord Jaraxxus andAnima Golem, two great cards with great value, but they just simply didn't fit the playstyle at all and were way to slow to actualy see any play. so i added Earthen Ring Farseer and Bolf Ramshield (you can put these back in your deck if you prefer playing with them, but i seemed to win more games with the deck when making this change).

EDIT 4: I removed Kel'Thuzad and Bolf Ramshield and replaced them with 2  Anima Golems. when playing with Kel'Thuzad and Bolf Ramshield i had alot of survival, but i didn't really have alot of ways to end the game. with the Anima Golems you get ALOT of extra damage, simply works better.

EDIT 5: Replaced Emperor Thaurissan for a dr.boom. Emperor Thaurissan is good, but only if you get Emperor Thaurissan before turn 6 (in mulligan or somewhere inbetween) along with Dreadsteed and Baron Rivendare and/or Anima Golem. so i thought it would be better to add Dr. Boom since he gives more guaranteed value.

EDIT 6: I added Sense Demons, Sunfury Protector and Knife Juggler

 If you enjoyed this deck, make sure to check out my other decks aswell! one is alot like this one but it has a more unique playstyle since i tried combining dreadlock with handlock, have fun! :) 

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Note that this might not be the apsolutely most effective deck to play in constructed, the deck isn't flawless and can improve but this is simply what i preffer to play the most (i would still like to hear your oppinions on what could make the deck better).

If you find this deck interesting, PLEASE leave a comment saying what you think about the deck or what could improve, i always read and answer comments. Thanks! ;)