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Medivh's The Grand Tournament Tavern Brawl Mage...

  • Last updated Aug 19, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)


  • 25 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • Deck Type: Arena
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7140
  • Created: 8/19/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Medivh's TGT Brawl Deck

This week, Medivh and Alleria are fighting in the name of the Grand Tournament! Medivh's deck is an inspire-oriented deck which makes use of the new TGT Mechanic Inspire, while his opponent Alleria's deck makes use of the Joust mechanic.

Playing as Alleria? Check out her guide!

The Inspire Mechanic

Your deck contains many Inspire minions, so having one of these on board can help you gain a wealth of bonuses.

  • Lowly Squire - Becomes a force to be reckoned with.
  • Boneguard Lieutenant - Trade more efficiently granting you tempo.
  • Dragonhawk Rider - Go for face and trade against an enemy minion, oh the value!
  • Kvaldir Raider - One of the more crazy cards you can gain value with. Getting this out with something that can let you play your hero power multiple times per turn will make Alleria cry. Just watch out for her two Hunter's Mark!
  • Nexus-Champion Saraad - You've only got a total of 5 spell cards in your deck, so this is quite helpful. Remember though, it isn't only Mage spells!
  • Kodorider - Great way to fill your board up if you can keep it alive. Trades into several of Alleria's minions if needed.
  • Frost Giant - Not really Inspire, but it does gain a benefit each time you use your hero power. Again though, watch out for those two Hunter's Marks.


Make sure you aim for low cost cards as not only will it actually let you play them early on, but it is more beneficial to keep your high cost cards in your deck so that you can win Jousts. Anything 4 mana and over should go right back into your deck.

Alleria's deck makes use of the Joust mechanics which means the more of the high mana minions you keep in your deck, the more often you can win, and the less advantages she will end up with. She can start jousting on turn 2 via King's Elekk, with some heavy damage potential on turn 4 through Armored Warhorse if she can win the Joust.

Suitable Mulligans:


Fireblast + Garrison Commander or Coldarra Drake

The most simplest of combos in this deck. You can wreck enemies with your Hero Power, or help give your cards more Inspire procs (See "The Inspire Mechanic" above).

This can also help get rid of the enemies King's Elekk or Hounds via Unleash the Hounds. Higher value targets require the use of Coldarra Drake, and a lot of mana, if you want to get rid of them via this method.

For even more destruction, figure out a way to get Fallen Hero onto the board as well!

Acidmaw + Fireblast

Alleria has Acidmaw in her deck which can give excellent value to your Hero Power. If Acidmaw is up on the enemy field and she has other minions as well, Fireblast to pick off the annoying ones.

You can also make use of Garrison Commander to pick off a couple of targets in a turn with this method, or Coldarra Drake, although that one requires a bit of setup.


  • Never be afraid to play a low cost Hero synergy card (Boneguard Lieutenant, Fallen Hero, Lowly Squire, Dragonhawk Rider) on curve without being able to Hero Power the same turn. It's not essential.
  • Try to bait out Arcane Shot with Lowly Squire turn 1, so that your Lieutenant and Fallen Hero are safer.
  • Hero Power as much as possible, but stay on curve. If Hero Powering messes up playing a strong minion, don't.
  • When you see a trap, assume it is Snipe. Play Maiden of the Lake or Garrison Commander into it if possible. Of course, if you can safely test for Bear Trap or Freezing Trap, do so.
  • While Coldarra Drake, Maiden of the Lake, Fallen Hero combo is fun to dream of, do not play off curve trying to achieve it. Alleria has efficient removal and will destroy you.
  • When in doubt, play Rhonin.