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Supreme Archaeology (~80% WR)

  • Last updated Jun 18, 2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Quest Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 19480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/19/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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Ever since the Uldum Warlock Quest was released, I've been trying to make the deck work in multiple ways. From using a hyper draw deck utilizing Arch-Villain Rafaam, running a Handlock style deck, and many more, I tried to make this work. But it never happened, this deck always had a lower win rate than I hoped for. However, recently, I decided to give the deck another go, utilizing elements from the popular Cubelock deck, as well as making it more focused on the end result rather than the process of completing the quest, I believe I made a deck that is viable for climbing, and works well on the ladder. I played around 25 games while fine tuning, which turned out a win rate of around ~80% (Some games were not recorded, and for reference, this was in the low legend section, as I had already reached legend rank this season, so take that as you will). This deck has it all. Early game control, mid game plays, enough healing to survive the aggressive meta, and a late game that rivals most popular control decks. I bring you this iteration of Supreme Archaeology Warlock!

Explanation of Cards

Supreme Archaeology: Self explanatory for it's inclusion. It creates the deck, since the late game of the deck heavily relies on the hero power. To obtain the quest reward as quick as possible, Plot Twist is used best when your hand is nearly full, as it allows you to draw up to 9 extra cards. It can also be paired up with The Soularium, which allows you to draw 3 cards for 1 mana, only to not have to discard them since they get shuffled back into your deck through Plot Twist. This can allow you to complete the quest early in game, and enable you to start getting 0 mana large threats early. As for the hero power, try to use it as often as you can. Unless you're making a 9 or 10 mana play, it is worth it. Getting threats for 0 mana such as Voidlord or Mechanical Whelp, for example, really allow you to build a quick board, which your opponent often can't clear. It also works well with Fel Lord Betrug or Dollmaster Dorian, as you can generate the threat through those minions, and then summon another copy of the minion. Especially in the very long late games this deck is capable of, this hero power is vital in staying on top of the opponent.

The Soularium: Excellent draw engine. Can be used with Plot Twist to get a lot of quest draw completed, can be used with Fel Lord Betrug and Dollmaster Dorian for great value, or can be used on it's own if you're in a pinch and are looking for an answer to survive the turn.

Defile: Excellent early game board clear. Destroys most aggressive decks, and allows you to survive long enough into your mid game.

Plot Twist: The second reason this deck can exist. I talked about some of it's combos earlier, but essentially it allows for quicker quest completion, while enabling some absolutely crazy plays. It is used best in the late game with Dollmaster Dorian and Fel Lord Betrug to either get wide boards, or to clear the enemy's board in Betrug's case. Can also be used to look for Keli'dan the Breaker to get that full board clear, or Aranasi Broodmother for healing. But there is one more combo, which I will talk about in the Augmented Elekk section.

Augmented Elekk: This guy is far more potent than I originally thought him to be. He can be used with Plot Twist to get a full copy of your hand in your deck as well. With the fact that this deck basically draws 2 cards a turn in the late game, having extra resources, and extra copies of your valuable minions is essential in surviving the late game. If you're against aggro, this card can just serve as a tempo play, since you'd either be dead or defeated the opponent by the time you get to the late game. If you have both copies of this card and both copies of Plot Twist, you can go infinite, since you get your second copies of Elekk and Twist back essentially. This is Warlock's Dead Man's Hand, so in very slow matchups, you can outvalue the opponent by going infinite.

Dark Skies: Serves a similar purpose to Defile, in that it is a good early game board clear. It can also get rid of larger minions as well.

Voidcaller: Great early game card that will help you survive until the late game. It can pull out any of your big taunt demons, which will always be great in any stage of the game. If you get lucky and pull out Fel Lord Betrug with Plot Twist in hand, you can perform that combo as early as turn 5, which is 90% of the time an instant win.

Dollmaster Dorian: Great card to pair with any of your card draw, especially Plot Twist. Very good if you pull a great value minion such as Khartut Defender or any other deathrattle card. Also can be used with either hero power you have access to, since there's a more likely chance you'll pull a minion and not a spell.

Skull of the Man'ari: Serves a similar purpose to how this card serves in Cubelock. It pulls large demons out of your hand each turn, creating great defense to aggro or big board to control. Also, if this card pulls Fel Lord Betrug, you can get so much value out of him, since even one minion off of him is, in most cases, very valuable.

Zilliax: All around great card. Healing, removal, taunt, just a very solid inclusion.

Aranasi Broodmother: To be honest, I'm hesitant on this card. Pulling it off of Voidcaller or Skull of the Man'ari feels really bad, but the healing it gives you, I believe, trumps that. With the fact you can get more copies of this card through Augmented Elekk, you're going to be healing a lot, which is amazing against aggro decks. In general, it's just great at keeping you alive, and has saved me a few games. If there is a better alternative, however, I would be keen on confirming whether it is better or not.

Keli'dan the Breaker: With the amount of cards you're shuffling and drawing in this deck, there's a good chance you'll be able to get his amazing condition off, and serve as a complete board wipe. But even if you use him without the condition, he is great at getting rid of big minions that could serve a threat to you.

Khartut Defender: Great card all around. Healing, taunt, and a great stopper to aggro. Getting him off of Fel Lord Betrug or Dollmaster Dorian feels great, and playing him on his own either on curve or late in the game is great as well. Plus, he's a great resummon for N'Zoth, the Corruptor, like all deathrattles in the deck.

Mechanical Whelp: Great stats for the cost, like a certain ogre, only they come after this dies, which works well in this deck. He's not as good a play on curve, but getting him off of Fel Lord Betrug or Dollmaster Dorian is amazing. He's also good to play on his own late game.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Absolutely fantastic late game card. Like usual for these late game cards, getting her off of Fel Lord Betrug or Dollmaster Dorian is amazing. She can essentially totally clear an enemy minion, opening you to attack the enemy minions or face. Plus, getting high value minions from the opponent is very pog. Later in the game, you can even use this with Keli'dan the Breaker, if one is discounted, to easily get an opponent's minion.

Lord Godfrey: The best removal Warlock has access to. He is essentially a Defile if Defile went to the gym 6 hours a day. Any board the opponent has? Deleted. Sure it takes some setting up, but you're more often in a good setup than a bad one.

Enhanced Dreadlord: Great deathrattle card. Works great in the Cubelock aspect of the deck, is a great summon off of Fel Lord Betrug or Dollmaster Dorian, and sometimes the lifesteal off of the deathrattle is more important than the taunt itself.

Fel Lord Betrug: I've already talked about this card a lot, so I'll keep it brief. Works well with any sort of card draw, especially Plot Twist, can create early game combos with Voidcaller or Skull of the Man'ari, and also works as removal to any board your opponent has through Plot Twist. Can create huge boards from the deathrattles that the opponent can't usually handle well.

Voidlord: Amazing card for the Cubelock package, and the Fel Lord Betrug or Dollmaster Dorian draw. Also one of the best minions to get at 0 mana, although to be fair a lot of minions here are amazing at 0 mana.

N'Zoth, the Corruptor: This guy creates some absolutely fantastic late game boards, since you have so many amazing deathrattles in the deck. If there's any card you want to get multiple copies of through Augmented Elekk, it's this one. The opponent just can't handle so much late game power.


If any of you mulligan away the quest...

Aggressive Decks: Defile, Dark SkiesPlot Twist (If your hand is great, don't use it early on), VoidcallerZilliaxSkull of the Man'ari, and large demons if you manage to get the Cubelock package parts.

Control Decks: Plot TwistVoidcallerSkull of the Man'ariAugmented Elekk (Sometimes going infinite isn't the best option), and any large demons for the Cubelock package. By the time you get going against control, you're going to have access to a lot of different tools.


As of right now, I do not have the time to make an in depth play guide, but if this deck becomes popular, I may set aside a good chunk of time to do so, since a lot goes into making this deck work. Thank you so much for reading all the way down here, and taking a look at this deck! I guarantee you that games with this deck will be fun, if anything!