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Spare-Part spell Druid

  • Last updated Jun 23, 2020 (Twin Slice Nerf)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Spell Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 4560
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/2/2020 (Second DH Nerfs)
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    MCMitta #2600

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Hi fellow Hearthstone player,

I took a look through my Hearthstone card collection, looking for some old classics to make a deck with. When I came across the Spare-Part generating cards again, from GvG. And especially Mech-Bear-Cat, a card I always loved, but never really worked in a deck. With the addition of Glowfly Swarm in AoA, it has added value to have multiple spells in your hand. Thus, the Spare-Part's got way more value.

The goal of the deck is simple: generate spells from your minions and play the spells to buff your 'spell affected' minions. Like Red Mana Wyrm, Exotic Mountseller and minion generating spells like Glowfly Swarm.

A few of the card choices:
Spare-Part generating cards (Clockwork Gnome, Mechanical Yeti ect.) - The reason why I came up with this deck in the first place. The stats are fine and give you extra spells in your hand. I didn't take Toshley in the deck because I think he's too slow. Especially for his mana-cost. 

Extra spell generating cards (Secure the Deck, Banana Buffoon ect.) - Because a lot of cards work on playing spells out of hand, it never hurts to have some extra ones. Hence this addition.

Activated by spells cards (Red Mana Wyrm, Exotic Mountseller, Glowfly Swarm ect.) - These cards are THE reason why you want to have the many spells in your hand. No further explanation seems necessary to me ;).

Potential combos:
Mech-Bear-Cat + Wild Pyromancer - Not only clears the board but gives you so many spells. A win-win. The Spare-Parts give the Pyromanser extra health (could use the Bananas for that as well), stealth or the option to take it back to your hand.

(More will be added)

Hand mulligan 
It all depends on the deck you're playing against. But in general my good friend Clockwork Gnome is always good to keep against any match-up. 

Against aggro

  • Always keep: Clockwork Gnome, Wild Pyromanser and Anodized Robo Cub.
  • Depending on your hand:
    • Wispering Woods and Glowfly Swarm (only if you got a couple of spell generating cards in hand, and you have nothing better to keep).
    • Skaterbot(when you've got a mech tribe card in your hand that should be able to attack immediately - like Mechanical Yeti. Otherwise always back in mulligan).
    • Mulch (when there's a good chance your opponent plays a big minion early. Otherwise always back in mulligan).
    • Tinkertown Technician (very dependent on whether you expect to be able to keep a mech tribe card on the board. Or when you have two clockwork gnome's. At your own discretion).
    • Banana Buffoon (If you got a Pyromanser, keep. Otherwise mulligan).
  • Always back in the mulligan: Everything else that I didn't mention ;).

Against Control
These are the match ups the deck lives for. Mulligan is much much easier. Always keep Clockwork Gnome and one copy of Secure the Deck. Wispering Woods can also be held 9/10 times, as your hand is much bigger than against aggro.

  • Depending on your hand:
    • Glowfly Swarm (very dependent on whether you have spell generating cards in your hand. If you have them (for about 4 spells) you can keep them anytime).
    • Biology Project (you're usually fine with that, but only if you have other cards in your hand that you can play next. Like Mechanical Yeti, or Cobalt Spellkin. Otherwise it's not worth it).


The guide is not finished yet, so I often add some new parts to it. If you have ideas for cards to add, tips to play or (other) questions. Let me know in the comments! I will respond to your messages. And by the way, this might not be the most competitive deck to play, but certainly is fun.


Deck-edit 1:

Removed two copy's of Swipe - Added one copy of Wispering Woods and one copy of Questing Adventurer.



Posted this deck with the same guide on Outof.cards as well, under the same account (Just so u know ;)) https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks/15830-spare-part-spell-druid.