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[Spark] Demonic Zoo (S9 + BRM Update)

  • Last updated Sep 20, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 26 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Demonlock
  • Crafting Cost: 4720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/4/2014 (GvG Prelaunch)
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The Deck has been updated with the League of Explorers release : Demonic Zoo


Hello everyone I'm Spark, Legend player from Hearthstone and today we are taking a look at Zoolock new look with the release of GvG.

This Deck and its many variants will certainly be the next evolution of Zoolock as the Mech synergies totally fits the aggressive playstyle of the Deck.

I feel like the concept is pretty obvious so don't be surprised to see this kind of design pollute the ladder, you will have to deal with a variant of that in the meta if you want to succeed ;)

Theorycrafting : Mech Synergies

The whole idea is to keep Deathrattle synergies to power up Undertaker and have sticky minions while adding some Mechs into the mix to make great use of Mechwarper and Tinkertown Technician.

Clockwork Gnome, Harvest Golem and Piloted Shredder represents the best this design as they are all Mechs that have a Deathrattle effect.

I was invited to Deck Talk with TheChiv during Theorycrafting process, this video can give you some insight into my initial thoughts ;)

The second part is about my first ideas on Deathrattle Hunter new look which changed a little bit since Theorycrafting phase, here is the write up for the final Decklist : Beasty Zoo

Revision History 1 : Back to Basics

After playtesting the initial build a little bit more, I've found that Mech interactions were kinda underperforming for the specific Zoo strategy so I thought about reworking it with a return to the basics : flat value minions !

I instantly thought about Ogre Brute for its solid and cheap body, and after reading a nice article from DarkFrost, a mate on another site, I've decided to tweak his list slightly according to my initial thoughts. So all the credits go to him ;)

The mana-curve and strategy remains the same but I feel like it's much more consistent since you don't rely anymore on keeping Mechs on the board to make value out of their synergies, which made me feel like I lacked reaching potential to close game with the initial list.
Undertaker is still in the Deck because I'm running some good value Deathrattle minions, just like before GvG but improved with the new cards.

Since I've included back Voidwalker to have a cheap taunt and protect my early threats, I decided to give a try to Darkbomb and I'm pretty satisfied with it. 
As I'm a conservative player, I often ended up keeping Soulfire for too long in my hand, therefore screwing a little bit with my Doomguard play. 
Obviously, this card is still very good for Zoolock and the change is most importantly aimed at adjusting the curve ;)

Revision History 2 : Return of the Demons

After the big success Xixo had with his list, I've decided to give a shot to Imp-losion as the card allows you to establish board presence while controlling an ennemy threat. Sea Giant fits perfectly this kind of strategy, especially in the current meta where board are often filled with minions.

I ended up tweaking the list and took a look back at interactions that I've already used back when Naxxramas got released to adjust it to my preferences. All the credits still go to him for the original idea ;)

Excluding Darkbomb felt pretty natural since you don't want to play too much spell in a Zoo Deck and I decided to give a new chance to Power Overwhelming to go along with all the swarm, which lead me to include the second Nerubian Egg and a Void Terror.

I already used these synergies in the past but the Deck is less reliant on those with this set up and therefore feels more consistent ;)

Revision History 3 : Removed Sea Giant for Loatheb because too many Decks are using Big Game Hunter.

Revision History 4 & 5 : Adjusted some tech cards to improve consistency.

Here are some Gameplay Videos with this variant, part of my Legend Grinding Session Series ;)

Revision History 6 : Rise of the Demons

As I didn't updated the Deck since the Undertaker, BRM is the perfect opportunity to do it now ;) Especially since Imp Gang Boss is such a perfect card ! I decided to try out some combos from my Demonic Void Midrange Demonlock with the solid core that Zoo always had and it's working perfectly ! 

Haunted Creeper, Nerubian Egg, Boom Bot, Imp Gang Boss and Imp-losion make sure you generate a lot of value from Power Overwhelming, Abusive Sergeant, Knife Juggler, Dire Wolf Alpha, Void Terror, Defender of Argus and Sea Giant

Voidcaller makes a return in the Deck to pull off some awesome tempo plays with Doomguard or summon the awesome Demonlord : Mal'Ganis
Dr. Boom increases the curve a little bit but is perfect at giving you the last steam you need to finish a game, since Boom Bot are so damn annoying, or simply baiting Big Game Hunter for the previously mentionned Demonlord ;)

Here are some Gameplay Videos with this variant, part of my Legend Grinding Session Series ;)


Although this variant is pretty consistent, feel free to experiment yourself with the new cards or try the initial/intermediate version and see what fits best your playstyle, there isn't one Deck to rule them all ;)

That's it for the guide guys, I hope you'll enjoy the Deck as much as I do ! 

Don't forget to show your support by upvoting the Deck if you liked and don't hesitate to discuss about it or ask any question in the comment section below ;)

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