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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Convoke the Spirits Ability Druid1000
Gigantotem Minion Shaman1088
Sire Denathrius Minion101010
Stoneborn General Minion1088
Insatiable Devourer Minion944
Collateral Damage Ability Hunter800
Criminal Lineup Ability Shaman800
Nightshade Bud Ability Druid800
Artificer Xy'mox Minion Demon Hunter888
Kel'Thuzad, the Inevitable Minion Mage868
Party Crasher Minion879
Sesselie of the Fae Court Minion Druid888
Divine Toll Ability Paladin700
Huntsman Altimor Minion Hunter754
Red Herring Minion7312
Remornia, Living Blade Minion Warrior7410
Sinfueled Golem Minion722
The Countess Minion Paladin777
Topior the Shrubbagazzor Minion Druid755
Deathborne Ability Mage600
Bog Beast Minion636
Death Blossom Whomper Minion Druid676
Decimator Olgra Minion Warrior637
Imp King Rafaam Minion Warlock666
Kael'thas Sinstrider Minion647
Masked Reveler Minion644
Clean the Scene Ability Priest500
Relic of Dimensions Ability Demon Hunter500
Shadow Waltz Ability Warlock500
Ara'lon Minion Hunter545
Elitist Snob Minion Paladin534
Famished Fool Minion535
Lady Darkvein Minion Warlock536
Muck Plumber Minion555
Sinrunner Minion565
Steamcleaner Minion555
Stoneborn Accuser Minion555
Boon of the Ascended Ability Priest400
Burden of Pride Ability Warrior400
Cold Case Ability Mage400
Baroness Vashj Minion Shaman436
Buffet Biggun Minion Paladin424
Chatty Bartender Minion Mage444
Crud Caretaker Minion Shaman411
Demolition Renovator Minion444
Dispossessed Soul Minion445
Halkias Minion Rogue454
Kryxis the Voracious Minion Demon Hunter477
Mischievous Imp Minion Warlock433
Murlocula Minion434
Necrolord Draka Minion Rogue434
Orion, Mansion Manager Minion Mage435
Partner in Crime Minion Priest425
Private Eye Minion Rogue434
Scuttlebutt Ghoul Minion425
Stonebound Gargon Minion Hunter435
The Stonewright Minion Shaman454
Theotar, the Mad Duke Minion433
Widowbloom Seedsman Minion Druid432
Cathedral of Atonement Location Priest303
Hedge Maze Location Druid302
Nightcloak Sanctum Location Mage303
Relic Vault Location Demon Hunter302
Imbued Axe Weapon Warrior323
Magnifying Glaive Weapon Demon Hunter322
Identity Theft Ability Priest300
Plot of Sin Ability Druid300
Primordial Wave Ability Shaman300
Relic of Phantasms Ability Demon Hunter300
Service Bell Ability Paladin300
Stag Charge Ability Hunter300
Suffocating Shadows Ability Warlock300
Tome Tampering Ability Warlock300
Vengeful Visage Ability Mage300
Wild Spirits Ability Hunter300
Ashen Elemental Minion324
Creepy Painting Minion306
Dinner Performer Minion323
Forensic Duster Minion334
Ghastly Gravedigger Minion Rogue343
Invitation Courier Minion334
Muckborn Servant Minion Paladin324
Murloc Holmes Minion334
Party Favor Totem Minion Shaman303
Pelagos Minion Priest316
Prince Renathal Minion334
Shadowborn Minion Warlock333
Stewart the Steward Minion Paladin333
Suspicious Pirate Minion Warrior334
The Harvester of Envy Minion Priest343
Castle Kennels Location Hunter203
Great Hall Location Paladin203
Sinstone Graveyard Location Rogue202
Vile Library Location Warlock202
Carving Chisel Weapon Shaman213
Conqueror's Banner Ability Warrior200
Double Cross Ability Rogue200
Frenzied Fangs Ability Hunter200
Frozen Touch Ability Mage200
Impending Catastrophe Ability Warlock200