WILD Deck Spotlight: Pain Warlock - Top 150 Legend


WILD Deck Spotlight: Pain Warlock - Top 150 Legend

As a player who has reached Legend many times, I "always" tried to create a lot of different decks myself rather than copying decks from other sources.

Today I went to my NA account, where I haven't been playing at all, I've only been there a few times just to get some rewards or card backs.


This is the outcome that I ended up with (68-11 score):


Deck guide

Deck code: AAEBAf0GAvoOmxAOwgjcCvHQAvLQAv3QAojSAteJA/2kA8u5A5XNA5vNA5/NA9fOA8HRAwA=

[LEGEND] - imik Pain Lock (top 150)
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  • Your best keep against every single deck is, of course, the one and only - Darkglare.
  • There are some other options that you want to keep in general - Flame ImpKobold LibrarianTour Guide and sometimes even a card like Raise Dead is a good keep if you have a one-drop to play on turn 1.
  • If you have The Coin in your hand, I like to keep Flesh Giant as well, because you can actually go off with your combo earlier and that 8/8 body can do a lot on turn 3-5, Molten Giants are often slower so you want to topdeck them later in the game.
  • If you're playing against any spell-based decks like -> Druids, Mages, Priests, Rogues, Spell Hunters, Big Paladins, Big Shamans, Reno/Mechathun Warlocks and Dead Man's Hand Warriors, I always keep Loatheb.




Interesting combos


Win condition

  • Your main win condition is cheating out giants early and pushing face, on turn 5 try to always drop down a Loatheb alongside with your giants for a lethal blow.

Editor notes: Please be aware that this is my first guide and I don't know what else I should write, so please, if you have any suggestions, ideas, or questions, feel free to ask me. Enjoy!




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